USB Turntable and Cassette Converter

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Listen to your old vinyl records & cassette tapes directly or create copies in a convenient digital format ready to be copied to CD or your iPod/MP3 player. This analogue-to-digital converter is Mac and Windows compatible & features built-in speakers.

Not only will this system convert your vinyl records and cassette tapes to digital format, so you can burn them to CD for safe keeping, or listen to them on your mp3 player – but thanks to the in-built amplifier and stereo speakers you can also enjoy rocking out to your favourite music straight from the converter itself.

Or if you want to pipe your Elvis right through the house on your home entertainment system, the USB Turntable & Cassette Converter also functions as a component device with line output via RCA.

So instead of trying to buy new music for Mum and Dad, why not just give them their old music back! "Make a present of the past" so to speak. Or if you've discovered the wonders of 70's rock, this will help you play those treasures you find at the flea market!

No one wants to live permanently in the past, but it's definitely fun to visit occasionally! The USB Turntable & Cassette Converter will take you back – by bringing you forward.