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Activity Tip Sticks for Mum and Son Age 10+

Activity Tip Sticks for Mum and Son Age 10+

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With Mum and Son Date 10+ you’ll be armed with lots of ways to grab his attention (and keep it) with exciting, creative and sometimes adrenalin boosting ideas for spending time together.

You can develop new, shared interests or delight in sharing the simpler things.

How you use Mummy/Daughter Dates/Activities:
1. Each stick has a fun activity you can enjoy with your child (i.e. Build a fort, bike ride, camping, do each other’s make-up).
2. Randomly select a stick from the bag and that’s the activity you will do together.
3. Each Tip, Reward or Dare will create a memory and tell a story.

Isn’t it time to start creating a lifetime of memories?

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