Hard & Soft Body Lure Fishing Gift Pack

This gift pack contains 50 pieces. Included are Hard and Soft Plastic lures & related terminal tackle, a rig tidy, and Head Socks; bringings some of the best of hard body lure technology and soft plastic lure design together.

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    The Swimerz 75mm VTail soft plastic lures featured in this pack have been matched with a range of high performance terminal tackle and complimented with a selection of hard body lures that use low profile tungsten ball bearings for balance as well as noise generation to attract the attention of the target species.  These include the Finesse ‘Madbass’ and BSTC Flatfish, Critters and Diving Minnows; all lure types that are well known for their action and great noise characteristics. So, whether chasing Cod, Trout or Bass in the fresh, or Flatties, Snapper and Barra in the salt, the range and capabilities of the lures and rigging options provided in this gift pack will enable any fisher to get amongst the action. Also included is a polyester microfiber BSTC Head Sock to keep the sun off.

    Each Gift pack comes wrapped and tied with a ribbon, for that special fisher. 

    Included in this gift pack -

    • Head Sock (Qty 1)
    • MK42 'Stumpy' Flatfish (Qty 1)
    • MK06 Minnow (Qty 1)
    • Finesse ‘Madbass' (Qty 1)
    • BSTC MK 13 Grasshopper (Qty 1)
    • 1/0 Long Shank Hook (Qty 10)
    • 75mm Vibro Tail scented lure (Qty 8)
    • 1/8oz Lead Worm Sinker (Qty 8)
    • Jig Head Sample Pack (Qty 6)
    • Assorted Beads Pack (Qty 12)
    • Ezy Rig Line Keeper (Qty 1)

    Please Note: While the hard body lure models specified will not normally change, the colours featured in the selection are subject to change based on stock levels.  As the soft plastics are scented lures (and so colours cannot be combined) 1 colour will be selected at random from the Swimerz range.  Accessories featured in images are not included.

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