I Love Golf Gift in a Box

The perfect gift for those who eat, drink and sleep golf!

Gift box consists of
  • 1 x Golfanatic Enamel Mug
  • 1 x Golf Socks
  • 1 x Silver Golf Ball and Club Cufflinks
  • 1 x Golfer Hankies
  • 1 x Awesome Foursome Trick Golf Balls
    - 1 x EXPLODER (Blows up into a spectacular cloud of billowing smoke-like powder)
    - 1 x UNPUTTABALL (Jumps, baulks, skids and gyrates when putted! Hilarious and unpredictable)
    - 1 x JETSTREAMER (This ball changes into 12 feet of coloured streaming, spiraling ribbon on impact)
    - 1 x PHANTOM (This ball will vanish in a watery mist when hit)
Comes in a ribbon tied rustic look box. Include a personal message with the gift box by inserting the message under "product customisation" column below before adding item to the cart.



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