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Complete Spanish Paella Making Kit

La Vida Buena!

A fun, easy and delicious way to share the flavours of Spain with friends and family.

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    Perfect to treat yourself, or as a thoughtful gift for a food lover in your life, this Kit contains only carefully sourced, excellent quality and exceedingly tasty ingredients that are guaranteed to add that certain panache to your hot, steamy and delicious dish.

    This is one of our biggest selling products all year round, as it is packed with perfection for you to enjoy both in the kitchen and at your dinner table.

    Paella. The name alone conjures up images of wide shallow pans, brimming with rice, seafood, meats and more. The hustle and bustle of narrow Spanish streets. The cacophony of city life.

    Our favourite way to entertain friends and family is with delicious paella, full of fresh seafood, vegetables and smoky chorizo. This famous rice dish has been at the centre of celebrations in Spain for centuries, prepared by farmers in the field and famous chefs alike. Add your favourite seafood, vegetables or meats to make it your own.

    What makes paella so special? Our paella pan is wide, round, and shallow and has splayed sides. It does not have a lid. It has two looped handles and dips slightly in the middle so the oil can pool there for the preliminary sautéing. The shape of the pan, which is called either a paella or paellera, helps ensure that the rice cooks in a thin layer. The Valencians say that the cooked rice should be only as thick as "un ditet", or the width of one finger. The key is to maximize the amount of rice touching the bottom of the pan because that is where the flavour is.

    All the key ingredients are included, all you do is add chicken, fish, vegetables, or even some lobster and you are set for an unforgettable evening. Invite some friends over and bring the tantalising tastes of Spain into your kitchen! The paella pan can also be used as a serving dish. When your paella recipe is cooked, simply place the delicious pan of food in the middle of the table. Yum!

    Your Complete Spanish Paella Making Kit contains:

    • A 34 cm paella pan, large enough for up to six generous paella serves – just add ingredients. These beautiful pans have been made in Valencia for many centuries and can be used on gas and electric stoves, on open flames, on charcoal grills and even in your oven.
    • A one kilo bag of the finest Spanish white paella rice - this product is D.O. Calasparra certified, guaranteeing its origin and quality. For the very best paella you need to use paella rice, and ours is known as the "king of paella rices". The rice will absorb 3 times its own volume of liquid (as opposed to 2 times of normal rice). The grains expand in width like an accordion to form little "bombs", but still remain distinct. This means that the rice is able to absorb even more of the succulent flavours of your paella stock, making that paella even more special. Each kilo should make about 10 generous portions of paella. The rice comes in a traditional cloth bag, which a bit like a bean bag, you can't stop holding! Each bag is also individually numbered with  D.O. label (Denominación de Origen or Denominacio D'origen as it written in Valenciano!!) confirming both its quality and provenance.
    • Four paella spices: Paprika, Cayenne, Turmeric and a pack of prized, rare and expensive Saffron filaments.
    • Beechwood spatula to serve the paella.
    • A bottle of Elefante Castillo Blanco - A flavoursome and food-friendly Spanish white wine –– for the cook to enjoy whilst making the paella.
    • Your personal gift message written on a lovely card attached to a bonus gift – a charming cocktail ‘miniature’ bottle.

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