The 'All Rounder' Hard Body Lure Gift Pack

This kraft paper gift wrapped box of 20 hard body lures can be delivered direct to your favourite fisher. Included are diving, topwater, sinking & suspending lures suited to a wide range of fishing conditions and species.

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    The twenty quality hard body lures comprising this collection suit a broad cross section of fishing styles and, more importantly, many of our favourite Australian fish species across fresh and salt water habitats just love eating them. Included are Diving Minnows, Crankbaits and Flatfish, and a range of Toppu Mizzu, top water lures, like Critters, Bent Minnows, Swimbaits and Poppers.  They all feature environmentally friendly, high performance, tungsten ball bearings in their rattles, and perma-steel or black nickel coated trebles.  The included double sided tackle box, accepts all these lures with space to spare for those other important items, and provides a compact and durable storage solution particularly suited to kayak fishing and other situations where space is limited.

    Included in this set –

    • BSTC MK09 Bomber Minnow
    • BSTC MK06 Minnow
    • BSTC MK10 Minnow
    • BSTC MK23 Minnow
    • BSTC MK21 Minnow
    • BSTC MK88 Minnow
    • BSTC MK22 Popper
    • BSTC MK13 Grasshopper
    • BSTC MK50 Swimbait
    • BSTC MK34 Excalibrer Lipless Crankbait
    • BSTC MK54 Big Vibe Lipless Crankbait
    • BSTC MK42 'Stumpy' Flatfish
    • Finesse Toppu Mizzu 'Wakebait'
    • Finesse Toppu Mizzu 'Jitterbug'
    • Finesse Toppu Mizzu 'Sidewinder' Bent Minnow
    • BSTC 'Popper' 38
    • Finesse 'Tubby' 55mm Suspending Lure
    • Finesse 'Tubby' 65mm Suspending Lure
    • Finesse 'Madbass', Diving Lure, Qty 2 in different colours
    • BSTC 2 Layer Hinged Tackle Box

    More information on the lure types included can be seen on their individual listings.

    Tackle Box

    Double sided and with up to 44 configurable spaces, this tackle box provides a compact and durable storage solution. Particularly suited to kayak fishing, and other situations where space is limited. 29.5cm Long x 21cm Wide x 6cm Deep.

    This gift pack comes gift wrapped with a ribbon.

    Please Note: While the hard body lure models specified will not normally change, the colours featured in the selection are subject to change based on stock levels.

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