The Black Box Hard Body Lure Selection

A gift boxed collection of quality tested hard body fishing lures suitable for all Fresh & Salt water lure fishing. The set includes top-water, suspending, and diving lures suited to a wide range of fish species and conditions.

Great fun whether chasing Whiting, GT’s, Bass, Mulloway, Flatties or Barra.

Awesome gift for the experienced lure fisher, also a complete starter pack for those just getting into it.

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    The capabilities of the lure pack include a range of Minnow type lures of various lengths from 55 to 130mm that have shallow to deep diving capabilities and features like holographic skins for light reflection, tungsten rattles and black nickel or perma-steel coated hooks for rust resistance. Included for those difficult snaggy areas is the ‘Stumpy’, a traditional Flatfish design for chasing the likes of Cod and Barra in the rough.

    These lures are complemented with a top water capability that includes the classic ‘Popper’ and ‘Sidewinder’ models that are deadly on any species that will take a surface lure, from Whiting to Barra.  The lipless crankbait and suspending lure that top the kit off are a favourite of Bass and Bream and will perform well across a range of conditions.

    So, whether you like a fresh fillet of Flathead for dinner, or just enjoy the sport and practice catch and release, this set of hard body lures will provide a wide range of options when out on the water, ensuring many hours of quality fishing time.

    A selection of ten hard body lures, packed in two layers in a black gift box, including -

    •          BSTC MK46 Sidewinder Bent Minnow, Top Water Lure (Qty 1)
    •          BSTC MK23 Minnow, Diving Lure (Qty 1)
    •          BSTC MK38 Popper, Top Water Lure (Qty 1)
    •          BSTC MK88 Minnow, Diving Lure (Qty 1)
    •          BSTC MK09 Bomber Minnow, Suspending/Sinking Lure (Qty 1)
    •          BSTC MK06 Minnow, Diving Lure (Qty 1)
    •          BSTC MK34 ‘Excaliber’ Lipless Crankbait (Qty 1)
    •          BSTC MK42 'Stumpy' Flatfish, Diving Lure (Qty 1)
    •          Finesse 564P02 ‘Tubby’, Suspending Lure (Qty 1)
    •          Finesse 549X3 ‘Madbass’ Opaque Red, Diving Lure (Qty 1)
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