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45 Useful Gifts For Men They’ll Actually Want In 2024

Useful Gifts For All Men Collage

Finding a useful gift for any man in your life can sometimes feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether for your husband, father, brother, grandad or a good friend, the key is choosing something that combines practicality with enjoyment. We’ve compiled a list of 45 great gift ideas that will impress you. These selections are crafted to be both functional and delightful, making them perfect for any occasion. Explore our top picks and find the ideal gift to make every moment unforgettable for the men you care about.

 Key Factors to a Useful Gift

  1. Practicality: Choose gifts that serve a specific purpose and can be used regularly.
  2. Personal Relevance: Match the gift to his interests and daily routine for maximum utility.
  3. Quality: Opt for durable, well-made items that will stand the test of time.
  4. Innovation: Consider a gift that offers unique solutions to everyday problems.
  5. Experience Enhancement: Select gifts that improve his hobbies or daily activities, making them more enjoyable.

    Our Top Picks


    Hot Ones Trio Hot Sauce Pack – $59.95

    Hot Ones Trio Hot Sauce Pack

    What do you get the man who has everything? Well you can get him a gift that spits fire, and nothing does that better than this Hot Ones Trio Hot Sauce Pack is perfect for a fiery challenge. With sauces that have brought many to their knees on the show, you’ll work your way from hot to extreme heat. Featuring Blair’s Original Death Hot Sauce, Culley’s Firewater Hot Sauce, and Da Bomb Beyond Insanity, it’s a scorching test of endurance.

    The Australian Cooler Bag – 6 Bottle Size By Didgeridoonas – $109.95

    6 Bottle Holder

    Perfect for picnics or camping trips, this Australian Cooler Bag keeps your drinks chilled for up to 24 hours with 100% Australian wool insulation. It’s spacious enough to hold six large bottles or a dozen cans, ensuring you have plenty of refreshments on hand. Its robust design makes it an ideal companion for any outdoor adventure.

    The Grill Master Gift Set – $149.95

    Grill Master Set Hamper

    Know a guy who loves to grill? The Grill Master Gift Set is the perfect surprise! Packed with BBQ marinade, a mitt, and other goodies, he’ll be all set to cook up a storm.

    Craft Beer & Fun Socks Hamper – $89.95

    Craft Beer Hamper

    Looking for a gift that’s both fun and practical? This Craft Beer & Fun Socks Hamper is a fantastic choice. Featuring four pairs of eye-catching bamboo socks from Bamboozld and four craft beers, it adds a bit of flair to the usual gift combo. Presented in a sleek black gift box with a gift card, it’s perfect for any bloke. Add a personal touch by including a custom message for your recipient.

    Danny Balboa’s REHAB – Reaper & Habanero Damn Good Hot Sauce – $16.95

    Danny Balboas Chilli

    Got a taste for heat? Danny Balboa’s REHAB Hot Sauce packs a punch with some of the world’s hottest chillies and a sweet apple BBQ base. Perfect for spicing up burgers, wings, or anything that needs a fiery kick. Just a heads-up—this sauce might melt your face off!

    Argon Gas Wine Preserver By Zzysh – $199.95

    Argon Gas Wine Preserver

    This preserver is a must-have wine accessory for the wine lover who wants to savour every drop. Using 100% food-grade argon gas prevents oxidation and keeps your wine’s flavour intact for weeks. Each cartridge is good for up to eight uses. Seal the bottle, attach the handpiece, and press for a few seconds to preserve your wine like a pro.

    6-Pack Cooler Bag By Didgeridoonas – $109.95

    6 Pack Cooler Bag

    No Aussie BBQ is complete without the 6-Pack Cooler Bag. Designed for all types of stubbies and cans, this bag features 100% Australian wool insulation to keep your drinks icy cold. It is perfect for any outdoor gathering and for every beer lover.

    Premium Whisky And Gourmet Snacks Gift Set – $289.95

    Premium Whisky Hamper

    Looking for a gift that screams luxury? This Premium Whisky and Gourmet Snacks Gift Set is just the thing. It’s the epitome of sophistication, featuring the world’s most awarded single malt Scotch whisky, paired with tasting notes and delectable gourmet goodies. Add a personal message to make this gift even more special.

    Twisted Whisky Glasses With Ice Rocks – Set Of 2 – $39.95

    Twisted Whisky Glasses

    Ever wished your whisky stayed cool without getting watered down? This set of Twisted Whisky Glasses with Ice Rocks does just that! With a unique twist design, these borosilicate glasses will impress at any gathering. Freeze the granite rocks and enjoy your drink perfectly chilled.

    On The Go

    The Big Mug – Double Walled Travel Manly Mug – $31.95

    The Big Mug

    Upgrade your travel game with The Big Mug, styled like a classic beer mug and perfect for on-the-go. This double-walled stainless steel mug keeps your drink at the ideal temperature for up to 12 hours. It holds 470 ml and features a matte finish and cover lid, making it stylish and practical for your daily commute or outdoor adventures.

    The Australian Dilly Bag By Didgeridoonas – $59.95

    Dilly Bag

    Need a tough, stylish bag for your travels? This bag is made from oilskin and Teflon-coated cotton, making it water-repellent inside and out. It’s perfect for carrying toiletries, cosmetics, or anything else you need.

     Travel Tech-Tidy Black By IF Bookaroo – $39.95

    Travel Tech Tidy Grey

    Keep all your tech essentials organised with the Travel Tech-Tidy Black by IF Bookaroo. It has various loops and pockets and neatly stores everything from cables and chargers to earphones and phones. Made from high-quality, soft leather-look PU, it rolls up for easy storage and lays flat for quick access. Perfect for students, commuters, travellers, or anyone who loves keeping their gadgets tidy.

    Head Massager With Bamboo Handle – $9.95

    Hand Massager Bamboo

    Feeling a bit stressed? This rainbow head massager with a bamboo handle is just the ticket for instant relaxation. It stimulates nerve endings and acupressure points on your scalp, temples, and neck, providing immediate relief from tension. Perfect for those moments when you need to unwind and de-stress.

    Campfire Poker – $39.95

    Campfire Poker

    Up the ante on your next camping trip with this poker set. This set includes 120 stackable bottle cap chips and waterproof playing cards, each featuring a different survival tip. Housed in a compact tin with Texas Hold ’em instructions, it’s perfect for outdoor adventures.

    5-In-1 Wine Tool Gift Set – $29.95

    5 In 1 Wine Tools

    Imagine the delight on your mate’s face when they open this cleverly disguised wine bottle to find all the essentials for a perfect wine night. This 5-in-1 Wine Tool Gift Set is the ultimate companion for any wine lover or party host. With strong magnet clamps keeping everything secure, you’ll always have the right tool at hand. Cheers to never scrambling for a corkscrew again.

    Tools and Gadgets

    Pocket Multi-Tool With Flash Light – $19.95

    Pocket Multi Tool

    Ever been caught in the dark needing to open a bottle or fix something? This pocket-sized multi-tool includes a screwdriver, bottle opener, and flashlight. Packed in a stylish tin, it’s perfect for the man on the go, with a handy key ring to keep it close.

    Wallet Ninja – $19.95

    Wallet Ninja Meet the Wallet Ninja, the ultimate gadget for the everyday warrior. With 16 tools packed into one sleek device, you’ll be ready to tackle life’s little challenges effortlessly. It includes three screwdrivers, six hex-head nuts and bolts, bottle, can, and letter openers, a box cutter, ruler, phone stand, and peeler. Made from 1.5mm of heat-treated steel, it’s tough enough to never chip, rust, or bend, and it’s even TSA-approved for carry-on during flights.

    Golfer’s Buddy Golf Multi-Tool – $29.95

    Golfers Buddy Tool

    Pack the Golfer’s Buddy Golf Multi-Tool in your caddy bag for your next round. This compact gadget features six titanium-finish tools, including a divot tool, T-spike, groove cleaner, spike tool, screwdriver, and bottle opener, all in a stylish speckled paint design.

    It’s small but strong, ready to handle any on-course challenges. Whether fixing a divot or cracking open a cold one, this multi-tool is the perfect companion for any golfer.

    Hammer Multi-Tool – $39.95

    Hammer Multi Tool

    This unique hammer hit the nail on the head. Crafted from solid stainless steel and Acacia hardwood, this high-quality tool is built to last. It includes seven convenient attachments: pliers, claw hammer, screwdriver, bottle opener, knife, serrated knife, and wire cutter. It’s the perfect gift for any tradie.

    Fisherman’s Friend Fishing Multi-Tool In Titanium Finish – $49.95

    New Fishing Multi Tool

    Heading out for a fishing trip? This versatile gadget is packed with all the essentials for a successful day on the water. It features needlenose pliers, a shot splitter, a line cutter, a knife, a fish scaler and hook remover, a screwdriver, and a bottle & can opener. Each tool is coated in scratch-resistant titanium, ensuring durability, and all fit seamlessly into one compact device. The multi-tool’s handles boast a speckled paint finish for a touch of style. Packaged in a beautiful branded box, it’s the perfect gift for any fishing enthusiast. Get ready to cast off and reel in your next big catch!

    Pocket Bicycle Multi-Tool Acacia Wood & Titanium Finish – $19.95

    Bike Multi Tool

    Even pro cyclist Cadel Evans would appreciate the Pocket Bicycle Multi-Tool. This handy kit comes in a stylish wooden box and includes all the essentials, such as a ball-end hex key set, chain breaker tool, spanner set, and socket tri-tool. Perfect for quick fixes on the go, it’s a must-have for any cyclist who wants to ride like a champion.

    Key Tidy With USB Flash Drive – $29.95

    Tidy Key Tool

    Have you ever been in a rush only to find your keys and USB are nowhere to be found? This Key Tidy & Flash Drive is your perfect solution. Its black faux leather and antique brass finish keep your keys looking sharp and your digital files secure with the included 16GB USB Flash Drive and handy carabiner.

    Phone Spinner – 360° Spin Phone Stand – $19.95

    Phone Spinning Top

    Need a versatile phone stand that keeps your hands free? The Phone Spinner is perfect for you! It offers 360° rotation, so you don’t have to keep repositioning your phone—ideal when Nanna wants to see her favourite grandchild. Perfect for taking 360° photos and videos, streaming, or watching movies. It includes four silicone dots to prevent slipping and to adjust for phone thickness.

    Portable Refresh Fan – $8.95

    Portable Fan

    Sweating like a pig in summer? Not anymore with this portable refresh fan! It’s the ultimate summer sidekick, with 2 speeds and a handy clip for attaching to your bag. Just pop in 3 AA batteries (not included), and you’re ready to beat the heat wherever you go.

    Pocket Fish Penknife – $22.95

    Pocket Fishing Tool

    Keep your friends and your anemones close with the Pocket Fish Penknife. This brass 2.5″ penknife sports a unique fish-shaped design, adding a bit of fun to your everyday carry. Packaged in a smart tin, this penknife makes an excellent gift for any aspiring angler or keen fisherman. It’s a handy little tool that combines practicality with a quirky design, perfect for your next fishing adventure.

    For The Home

    Rocking Whisky Glasses – Set Of 2 – $29.95

    Rocking Whisky Glass

    Impress your mates with these rocking whisky glasses. Designed to rock and rotate without spilling, they’re perfect for a night in with the boys. Each glass holds 230ml and measures 88 x 90mm, making them fun and functional.

    Teardrop Fitzroy’s Storm Glass – $109.95

    Teardrop Storm Glass

    Predict the weather in style with this nifty weather-predicting tool. Popularised by Admiral Robert Fitzroy, this scientific marvel changes its appearance with atmospheric conditions. It comes with a stand, making it a unique gift for anyone fascinated by weather patterns or barometers.

    Foucault’s Pendulum – 55cm – $99.95

    Pendulum 55

    Imagine coming home after a long day and watching this elegant Pendulum create mesmerising patterns in the sand. Not only is it a stunning piece of decor, but it also demonstrates the rotation of the Earth. The Pendulum’s gentle swing and ever-changing designs make it a fascinating addition to any room. It is perfect for anyone who loves science or appreciates unique art.

    Large Super Bright LED Clip-On Book Light – $34.95

    Book Light

    Brighten your reading experience with this Large, Super Bright LED Clip-On Book Light. Lightweight, portable, and adjustable, it clips onto almost anything, not just books. Its ultra-flexible neck directs the super bright, evenly spread LED lights exactly where you need them. Perfect for home, office, travel, and reading.

    Hobbies & Stuff

    Retro Arcade Controller With 200 Built-In 8-Bit Games – $29.95

    Retro Arcade Games Console

    Imagine the joy of reliving your childhood with this retro arcade controller! Packed with 200 built-in 8-bit games, it’s a delightful blast from the past. Just plug it into your modern TV and prepare for endless hours of fun with shooting, arcade, puzzles, and sports games. It is compact and portable and perfect for family gatherings and nostalgic gaming sessions.

    Espresso For Two – Love You, Love You More – $19.95

    Esspresso Mug Two Love

    Share the joy of a perfect Italian espresso with your special someone using the Love You, Love You More espresso cups. This set of two Bone China porcelain cups is stylish and practical, dishwasher—and microwave-safe. It’s the ideal gift for couples who enjoy coffee time together.

    Terribly Cheesy Dad Jokes – $16.95

    Cheesy Dad Jokese Book

    Have you ever groaned at a joke so bad it’s good? That’s exactly what you’ll get here! This book is packed with toe-curling, laugh-out-loud dad jokes that’ll have everyone wincing and chuckling simultaneously. Whether it’s wordplay, puns, or plain silly humour, these jokes are perfect for any dad who loves to make people laugh.

    The Black Box Of Hard Body Lures – $91.95

    Black Box Lures

    The Big Black Box of Lures is the ultimate gift for the angler who loves variety. This collection of quality-tested hard-body fishing lures is perfect for both freshwater and saltwater adventures. Whether you’re jigging for squid, trolling, or casting deep-diving lures, this set has you covered. It includes a versatile mix of topwater surface lures, sinking vibes, crankbaits, and a Chatterbait skirted lure for endless fishing fun.

    Golf Ball Finder Glasses (Sports Edition) – $24.95

    Golf Ball Finder Glasses

    Say goodbye to lost balls and wasted time with the Sports Edition Golf Ball Finder Glasses. These glasses, designed with specialised lenses that illuminate white objects, help you easily spot your golf ball in tricky terrains. Crafted for durability and comfort, they are a game-changer for any golf enthusiast, ensuring you stay focused on your game.

    Gentleman’s Vegan Leather Toiletry Bag – $44.95

    Vegan Leather Bag

    Stay organised with this amazing toiletry bag. It’s the perfect size for all your daily essentials and even has an extra zip pocket in the base for those small items. Made from high-quality vegan leather, it offers a sophisticated look. This toiletry bag ensures everything is within reach, whether at home or on the go.

    Key Tidy With USB Flash Drive – $29.95

    Tidy Key

    Have you ever had that moment when you’re fumbling for keys and important files? The Key Tidy with USB Flash Drive is here to save the day. With its antique brass finish, this black faux leather organiser holds your keys neatly and includes a 16GB USB flash drive. Whether heading to the office or out for a weekend adventure, this key tidy keeps everything in place and within reach.

    Grooming and Personal Care

    The Beard Catcher – $19.95

    Beard Catcher

    Are you tired of cleaning up after trimming your beard? The Beard Catcher is your answer. Attach the suction cups to your mirror, loop the apron onto the hooks, and catch all those pesky trimmings. It’s made from polyester and comes in a handy pouch. Choose black for grey or blonde hair and white for brown or black hair. It’s a thoughtful and practical gift for any bearded bloke.

    Shoe Shine Cigar Box – $59.95

    Show Shine Kit

    Imagine the satisfying feeling of slipping into a pair of perfectly polished shoes. The Shoe Shine Cigar Box brings that dream to life, repurposing a classic wooden cigar box into a sleek shoe-shine kit. Featuring black polish, neutral cream, a dauber brush, and both hard and soft buffing brushes, this kit provides everything you need for a sharp, polished look. Each tool fits neatly into its compartment, and the guide under the lid ensures your shoes will always shine bright.

    Head Tickler And Extendable Back Scratcher Set – $14.95

    Head Tickler

    Picture this; you’ve had a long day and want to relax. The Head Tickler is the perfect duo for unwinding. The head tickler gently massages away stress and tension while the back scratcher extends up to 53cm to reach those tricky spots. With a pen clip for easy storage, this set is a simple pleasure you’ll use repeatedly.

    Fashion and Accessories

     King Of The BBQ Apron – $39.95

    King Of The Bbq Apron

    This personalised apron, complete with a glittering gold crown, is just the thing! Let your BBQ master know how much he’s appreciated with this stylish apron. Available in black or beige, it’s a fantastic gift for Father’s Day, Christmas, or any birthday celebration.

    Custom Head Chef Sous Chef Adult And Child Apron Set – $59.95

    Custom Head Chef Apron

    Picture this; you and your little one, whipping up a storm in the kitchen, wearing matching aprons. This Head Chef Sous Chef Apron Set celebrates your shared love for cooking. Customise it with your names for that extra special touch, and let the culinary adventures begin!

    Kangaroo Leather Belt By Adori Leather – $69.95

    Adori Leather Belt

    Are you looking for a practical yet classy gift? This versatile belt is made from premium kangaroo leather, which is durable and stylish. It has removable buckles for an adjustable fit and is perfect for any occasion. It comes in a stylish tin container, making it an ideal gift. The belt measures 110cm long and 3cm wide and fits up to a 40-inch waist. Add a touch of sophistication to any outfit with this versatile belt.

    Gentleman’s Vegan Leather Travel Wallet – $39.95

    Vegan Leather Travel Wallet

    Heading overseas? Keep your travel essentials in order with this stylish vegan leather travel wallet. It’s long enough for your boarding pass and documents, with compartments for coins, a pen holder, and more. The zip-around closure keeps everything secure.

    Reusable Stainless Steel Travel Cutlery Set Of 6 – Black In Black Case – $19.95

    Reusable Travel Cutlery Set

    Caught between the guilt of using plastic cutlery and the hassle of carrying your own? This stylish reusable black stainless steel travel cutlery set by IOco solves the dilemma. Perfect for dining out or office takeaway, this set comes in a sleek neoprene pouch and includes everything you need—from chopsticks to a straw cleaner.

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