1300+ Gifts for Dad 2024 - All Occasions

We've spent years meticulously curating this extensive range of gift ideas for dads. We're proud to present our selection suitable for all types of dads, a variety of budgets and, best of all, for every occasion from Father's Day, birthday and Christmas. We provide fast delivery Australia-wide, making sending gifts directly to your dad's door now easier. Remember to check out gifts for Grandad, as they, too, have a special place in all our hearts.

Last Updated On: 20th June 2023

Gifts For Dad By Occasion

Where do you go when looking for that perfect gift for dad in 2023 but can't find it in-store or anywhere online? Well, you've come to the right place. At DadShop, we specialise in Father's Day gifts. From gifts for first-time dads to birthday gifts. No matter the occasion, DadShop can provide hundreds of fantastic gift ideas that your father would love. Let us help you find your dad's gift today, and we deliver Australia-wide, which means if you're looking for last-minute gifts for your dad, we can send them directly to him.

Understanding Your Dad's Interest

Before you step out and get a present, think about what type of gifts he'll like to receive and want to use. You can easily find a list of some fantastic gift ideas by listing his hobbies, interests and favourite past times. From your list, you can determine whether he's into a practical gift or a novelty gift. For example, let's say your dad has a passion for fishing. Wouldn't getting him a gift related to this hobby makes sense? Like a t-shirt, stubby holder or even a book? For a wide array of ideas, read our 21 fishing gifts Dad will love to use.

What Are Good Gifts For Dads?

With so many gift ideas and websites, it will be hard to pinpoint the best present for Dad; however, at DadShop, we've already arranged our collection of the top gifts for fathers. So how do you find suitable gifts? Read our in-depth guide to finding good gifts for dad and become an expert in just 10 minutes. Or read our quick tips below.

Quick Note: In case you're wondering what to get someone who's lost their dad, we've written a great article to help you pick the right gift for such a sensitive time.

Tips to Choose the Best Gift for Your Dad

  1. Consider His Interest: Hobbies, past times and passions.
  2. Be Open To Different Gift Options: You can consider food, experiences, thoughtful gifts, homemade or personalised Father's Day gifts.
  3. Budget: Your budget will help you pick the right gifts for you and or if you are group buying with others.
  4. Presentation Is Important: From wrapping, gift bagging and cards.
  5. Showing Appreciation: You can show your dad appreciation without buying him a gift, like spending quality time together or doing chores.
  6. Shipping Times: Always consider the time for delivery, and if you're late, send gifts to your dad directly.

Practical Gifts For Dad Vs Other Types

Practical gifts can range anywhere from a toaster, a perfume gift set, sneakers, a putting green, a shaving kit, or even a movie night. Practical gifts will always outshine even the shiniest of gifts.

What To Buy For Dads Who Have Everything?

Buying your dad a gift can be challenging, especially if he says he wants nothing. A straightforward trick to finding gifts for your dad can be upgrading what he has or something you notice is wearing out or broken. This is usually the easiest way to shop for the fussy dad in your life. Sometimes it's the thought that counts. In short, get him a practical gift because he will most likely use it.

Alternatively, if you are gobsmacked on what to get your father, we recommend doing something nice for him. We've tried to create an epic list of 50 Father's Day ideas that pack a range of epic gifts you can get your dad, especially when you don't know what to get him.

Note: Try our everything dad category for gifts with the words dad on them.

Types of Presents For Daddy

It's always a challenge when finding your daddy a gift because so many options are available. Fortunately for you, we've categorised some of the more essential types. Below are some examples of the various types. Feel free to use it to get some ideas.

Tech Gadgets

Some dads can't resist the latest phones, software, apps, and artificial intelligence tech. Maybe he's into noise-cancelling headphones or the latest in drones, or perhaps he wants a new computer? No matter what you know, he'll love a tech gift when all he does is talk about it.

Sports & Outdoor

Dads come with all types of hobbies and passions. Some fathers love spending time outdoors, and some love sports. Consider camping tools or equipment for outdoors dads and or perhaps sporting memorabilia. Try reading our 33 outdoor Father's Day Gift Ideas post for some impressive ideas. Another great example is if your dad is sporty or loves watching a particular sport, why not get him tickets to a game you can watch together?

Food & Drink / Hampers

Got a dad who's a foodie? Or he likes a good beer, wine or whisky to enjoy occasionally. Then he'll love a hamper with some of his favourites from cheese, drinks, snacks, beer, wine or spirits. No matter what you do, if you grab him a gourmet food hamper, he'll gobble it up in no time.

Tools Related Gifts

Is your daddy a tradie, or maybe he's handy around the home? Tools or tools-related gifts can be a great fun and inspiring gift idea he'll want to have. We have a great range of gifts for tradies that we can recommend—it'sthe perfect present for daddy who's always wanting more and more tools in his life.

Personalised Gifts

There's no better way to say I love you, Dad, than with a personalised gift. You can give him an apron, t-shirt, notebook and much more, all personalised with a message or his name. These custom gifts will make him smile from ear to ear, especially for first-time dads.

Luxury Items

A luxury / expensive gift is usually something that might break your budget. However, it's among the most exciting gifts every dad will appreciate. However, it's only a nice gesture and not the only way to show some love to your dad on his special day. Expensive gifts can range from phones to holidays and even vehicles. Ensure you can afford it; otherwise, it can be unnecessary.

Experience Gifts

Got a dad who's never been in a Formula 1 car but loves the races? With an experience gift, you can give Dad an experience that'll have him speechless. These gifts are great for any occasion, and there is a range of different experiences. Check out our top 30 must-see outdoor adventure locations in Australia for a fantastic experience outdoors.

Unique and Personalised Gifts

Because we have a wide range of personalised gifts, the gift ideas below are some of the best sellers i023. Dad doesn't have to wear the same dull apron or t-shirt again. Here are our top 3 ideas.

  1. Personalised First Father's Day Bodysuit
  2. Personalised World's Best Dad Apron
  3. Personalised Me & Mini Me Matching T-Shirt

Here are a few more ideas that are interesting and unique that are personalised but not in a conventional way.

  1. Hire a photographer to take a family photo.
  2. Hire a celebrity (someone your dad wants to meet) to record a video wishing your dad on his special day.
  3. Book a restaurant, and have them bring out his birthday cake with his name and sing him a birthday song.
  4. Write an acrostic poem for your dad and frame it.
  5. Have an artist write your dad's name in the language of his origin.

Father's Day Gifts To Show Your Appreciation

If you're gift hunting for that one special day of the year besides his birthday, you've come to the right place. Visit our Father's Day Gift Guide for hundreds of gift ideas that'll help show Dad how much you love him.

Birthday Gifts for Dad: Make His Day

Every year you struggle to get Dad the perfect birthday gift. But you might be going about it the wrong way. Instead of thinking how hard it is to buy for your father, why not sit down and take the opportunity to understand his needs and hobbies a little? At DadShop, we know that every dad is unique, and we develop an extensive range of birthday gifts designed to cater for all types of father's out here. So why wait? Explore our collection and make your dad's birthday one he'll remember.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Dad

Christmas is a time of joy and celebration. It's also the best time of the year to give. What better way to celebrate this gift-giving event the by finding the perfect gifts for your dad at DadShop? We offer some of the best gifts he'll use and appreciate. No matter what type of dad you have, we have the right gifts for the handyman, tech geek, outdoorsy man, new dad, foodie dad or just the best dad. Don't let the Christmas rush overwhelm you this year; shop early to avoid crazy shipping times.

Gifts for the Sentimental Dad

The journey to getting Dad a sentimental gift can be an emotional and memorable experience. That's why we've been curating our excellent range of gifts that you will dad love to see on any occasion. From Father's Day hampers to personalised gifts, we have one of the best ranges in Australia.

Note: Finding sentimental dad gifts will make improvements to your relationship. Find out more in our detailed guide on the most ideal sentimental gifts for dad.

Budget-Friendly Gifts for Dad

At DadShop, showing Dad how much you care and love him shouldn't cost a fortune. That's why our carefully hand-picked selection of budget-friendly gifts is just right for any personality, style and budget, from birthdays to Christmas. You can afford a gift just right for your father at DadShop.

Top 10 Gifts For Dad On Any Occasion

Need more time to go through hundreds of ideas? We've done it for you, so just read our post and find the best 10 gifts for dad on any occasion.


So there we have it, folks! A smorgasbord of ideas for the perfect gift for Dad. Whether you opt for a tech gadget, a gourmet hamper, a personalised memento, or a memorable experience, the key lies in aligning your choice with your interests and personality. Happy gifting, and here's to seeing that priceless smile on your dad's face!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Bad To Forget My Dad's Birthday?

The short answer is yes! With mobile phones and smartwatches, it's not easy to forget. Getting a birthday gift for Dad before his actual day would be ideal, and it will show him that you care. We have a dedicated page that has everything that says dad on them. Another festive occasion you should buy presents is a Christmas gift for Dad. With hundreds of unique daddy gifts, you have a wide range of socks, coasters, aprons, mugs and much more.

What If My Dad Says Don't Get Me Anything?

Usually, he means you don't waste your money on useless gifts. If that's the case, you should consider what he needs. Instead of getting him a useless whoopie cushion, get him something to help trim his beard or polish his shoes (if he has lots). Alternatively, he loves fishing, so why not get a personalised fishing t-shirt? We have endless good gifts to buy, Dad, so be bold and venture forth. Lastly, it's an excellent idea to give a gift to dads that are from their children. This is usually because younger children won't have any money, and it's a very thoughtful way to show some appreciation to dads, especially on Father's Day.

How Long Does It Take For My Dad To Get His Gifts?

If you need more time, sending your dad his gifts directly from us is a great idea. To most major cities, it's around 2-5 business days. You can expect around 5-14 days for country and rural areas.