97 Office Gifts: Thoughtful Ideas for Every Occasion

Looking for something cool for your desk and office? Or perhaps for your colleague in the next cubicle or a friend? At DadShop, we have some really cool gift ideas to make your work place a little more interesting.

In the bustling world of office life in 2024, where deadlines loom, and Zoom meetings fill the calendar, giving a gift can transform an ordinary day into a memorable one. Gifts in a professional setting do more than mark special occasions; they serve as a token of appreciation, a gesture of goodwill, or a means to foster stronger connections within the team. Recognising the importance of these gestures, this guide aims to navigate the nuanced art of gift-giving. Whether celebrating a milestone, congratulating a colleague on a job well done, or simply wanting to brighten someone's day, this article is your go-to resource for finding diverse, inclusive, and budget-friendly gift ideas for every office occasion, from novelty gifts to personalised office accessories.

Understanding Work Gift-Giving Etiquette

The do's and don'ts are crucial to ensure your gesture is well-received. The essence of a great gift lies not in its price tag but in the thoughtfulness and consideration behind it, making it the perfect gift. Here's a breakdown of crucial etiquette points to keep in mind.

Australian Cultural Sensitivity

Understand and respect the diverse cultural backgrounds in your office. What may be a standard gift in one culture could be inappropriate in another.
Example: While a bottle of wine is a popular gift in many cultures, it might not suit colleagues who abstain from alcohol for religious or personal reasons. Alternatively, a desk accessory or a plant might be a fantastic gift that's universally appreciated.

Gender and Personal Preferences

Avoid gifts that are overly personal or could be misconstrued.
Example: Opt for a neutral, universally appreciated item like a quality notebook, a wireless charger, or a plant rather than perfumes or clothing. These can be great desk accessories that enhance one's workspace without crossing personal boundaries.


Ensure no one feels left out, especially during group celebrations or when gifts are given publicly.
Practice: When celebrating a team achievement, consider small, thoughtful items for everyone to acknowledge their contribution. A gag gift, puzzle, or novelty mug can add a light-hearted touch to the office environment, making for funny office gifts that keep the atmosphere positive.

Thoughtfulness Over Monetary Value

A meaningful gift reflects your appreciation for the individual, not the depth of your wallet.
Tip: Personalise where possible. A small, personalised gift, like a desk clock or a candle with a message, can have a more significant impact than a generic, more expensive one. Personalised gifts show you've put thought into making the gift special for the recipient, enhancing the sense of connection and appreciation.

Avoiding Awkwardness

If you need clarification on gift-giving policies or the appropriateness of a gift, consult with HR or a trusted colleague.
Safety Net: When in doubt, a handwritten thank you card can convey your appreciation without crossing boundaries. This gesture, possibly accompanied by a small gift set or a unique office gift like a desk lamp or a tumbler, can make a significant impact, showing your co-worker that you value their hard work and dedication.

What Are Good Office Gifts For Colleagues?

Here's our short and sweet list of gift ideas that won't break the bank. Read our 33 Christmas Gifts for Co-workers & Colleagues if you need more ideas.

Various Occasions: Gifts for the Office

Gift-giving in the office isn't just about acknowledging the traditional holidays or personal milestones like birthdays; it's about recognising the variety of occasions contributing to the team's spirit and cohesiveness in 2024. Understanding when giving a gift is appropriate can foster a positive and inclusive office environment. Here are some of the most common, as well as a few less considered, occasions for gifts that can enhance your workspace and work-from-home experiences:

  • Celebrations of Personal Milestones: Birthdays, engagements, weddings, and the arrival of new family members are all significant events in your colleagues' lives that can be celebrated with thoughtful gifts. Consider unique gifts or personalised office items that resonate with the recipient's tastes, such as a novelty mug or a customised desk accessory for their home office.
  • Professional Achievements: Promotions, project completions, retirements, and work anniversaries mark essential milestones in a colleague's career journey and are perfect opportunities for gift-giving. A gadget, desk clock, or a high-quality stationery set can serve as a memorable and unique gift, commemorating their professional growth.
  • Seasonal and Holiday Gifts: Christmas, New Year's, and the end of the financial year are traditionally times for exchanging gifts in many workplaces. It's also worth considering celebrations from other cultures in your office, such as Diwali, Eid, or Hanukkah, to promote inclusivity. Gift sets, candles, or tumblers can make excellent presents, reflecting respect for diverse traditions and contributing to a more welcoming office space.
  • Welcome and Farewell Gifts: A small gift can make a new team member feel welcomed or offer a warm send-off to a departing colleague, showing them they were a valued part of the team. A funny gift or a gag gift could lighten the mood, while a practical item like a USB or a wireless charger is helpful for both in-office and work-from-home setups.
  • Support and Empathy: Sometimes, a colleague might be going through a tough time, whether it's a loss in the family, illness, or any personal challenge. A thoughtful gift can show your support and empathy during their difficult period. A comforting candle or a custom puzzle can offer solace and show you care.

Less Common But Worthy Occasions

  • Work Anniversaries and Achievements: Celebrating the day someone joined the team or marking a significant work achievement can boost morale. A desk lamp or a novelty desktop could remind them daily of their valued contributions.
  • Personal Achievements Outside of Work: Recognising a colleague's marathon run, charity work, or hobby-related accomplishment shows that you value them as a person, not just as an employee. Funny or cool gifts that reflect their interests or a fantastic gift that supports their hobby can foster stronger personal connections and show genuine appreciation.

Choosing the Right Gift for the Occasion

  • Personal Milestones: Opt for something that reflects the individual's interests or needs. A personalised office accessory for their home office or a unique mug can make a memorable birthday gift, showcasing thoughtfulness and personal connection.
  • Professional Achievements: These occasions call for more formal gifts or items that can be used professionally. Consider desk accessories, a high-quality stationery set, or a sleek desk lamp that can enhance their office space, making it a perfect gift for women and men.
  • Seasonal Gifts: While these can be more generic, they should still be carefully chosen to ensure inclusivity. A beautifully designed candle or a tasteful gift set and can be a beautiful coworker gift idea, reflecting the festive spirit without assuming specific cultural preferences.
  • Empathy Gifts: Should be thoughtful and personal, showing that you've taken the time to consider what might bring them comfort. A comforting puzzle to distract and soothe or a custom gag gift to lift spirits can be meaningful and supportive.

How To Budget: Spending On Gift For Coworkers

Setting a budget for your presents is crucial for maintaining financial balance while showing appreciation and building relationships with colleagues. Here's how to approach budgeting for gifts, ensuring you can give thoughtfully without breaking the bank:

Establishing a Gift Budget

  • Annual Budgeting: Consider setting aside a small portion of your yearly income for gifts. This could be a percentage of your salary or a fixed dollar amount that feels comfortable and manageable. Allocating this budget can help you prepare for upcoming occasions, such as work from home anniversaries or seasonal celebrations, without financial stress.
  • Per Occasion Limit: Decide on a maximum spend per gift occasion. This helps keep individual gift expenses in check and ensures fairness if you buy gifts for multiple colleagues throughout the year. It also encourages creativity in selecting unique gifts or funny gifts that don't necessarily have a high price tag but are high in sentimental value.

Budget-Friendly: Christmas Gift or Birthday

Finding the right gift means spending less money. Here are some budget-friendly ideas that are sure to be appreciated:

The Importance of Sticking to the Budget

  • Equality and Fairness: Keeping to a budget helps ensure that all gifts, no matter if they are home office gift ideas or Secret Santa gifts, are roughly equal in value, avoiding any potential for perceived favouritism and ensuring no work colleague feels left out.
  • Financial Wellbeing: It's important to remember that the primary goal of gifting is to show appreciation and strengthen relationships, not to impress with expensive items. Maintaining a budget protects your financial wellbeing while allowing you to participate in the culture of giving with thoughtful, inspirational items that elevate the desk space or workspace without breaking the bank. Considering options with free shipping can also help you stay within budget.

Inclusive Gift-Giving: Respecting Diversity in the Workplace

In a modern Australian workplace, embracing diversity and ensuring inclusivity in all practices, including gift-giving, is not just important—it's essential. Here's how to approach selecting gifts that respect the varied cultural, religious, and personal preferences of your colleagues, ensuring every office manager and team member feels valued:

Tips for Selecting Universally Appropriate Gifts

  • Research and Awareness: Take the time to understand your colleagues' cultural and religious backgrounds. This doesn't mean you need to know every detail, but knowing significant no-gos can prevent uncomfortable situations, making the office space more attractive and harmonious for everyone.
  • Non-Alcoholic and Dietary Considerate: Opt for gifts that don't assume the use of alcohol or specific dietary preferences. Many people abstain from alcohol, and dietary restrictions vary widely, so consider vegan options or items like coffee mugs that are refillable and can be enjoyed by everyone.
  • Gender-Neutral Options: Choose gifts that are not gender-specific unless you are sure of the recipient's preferences. Items like desk mats, books, eco-friendly office supplies, or a pen holder are generally safe and appreciated by most. Consider a magnetic sand timer or a scent diffuser for a unique touch to make their office environment more pleasant. For those who enjoy gaming or love Star Wars, themed keepsakes or organisers can add a personal touch to their home office gift ideas.

The Impact of Thoughtful Gift-Giving in the Office

Giving and receiving gifts, especially in a professional setting, goes beyond mere transactional exchanges; it's a powerful tool for enhancing workplace dynamics and fostering a positive environment. Understanding the psychological and social impacts of thoughtful gift-giving can help you appreciate its value even more.

  • Boosting Morale and Engagement: Thoughtful gifts, especially those that are vegan or eco-friendly, can significantly boost morale, making recipients feel valued and recognised for their efforts and presence within the team. This recognition often translates into increased motivation and engagement at work, with every solar system model or magnetic sand timer serving not just as an item of interest but as a morale booster.
  • Strengthening Relationships: When chosen with care, corporate gifts can play a crucial role in strengthening bonds within the team. A wooden desk organiser or a pen holder might seem simple. Still, when selected thoughtfully, they demonstrate a level of care and understanding, which is crucial for building trust and camaraderie in the team.
  • Creating a Culture of Appreciation: Regularly acknowledging colleagues' milestones, achievements, and personal challenges through thoughtful gifts contributes to a culture of appreciation and support. This culture, perhaps symbolised by a shared solar system decor for the office for each team member, encourages positivity and resilience, even in tough times.
  • Psychological Insights: Psychologically, giving and receiving thoughtful gifts can increase a sense of belonging and reduce feelings of isolation. It reinforces the idea that individuals are an integral part of the team and their contributions are valued. Whether it's a Secret Santa gift that brings a smile or a keepsake that commemorates a "senior moment," these gestures make employees feel like a favourite part of the family.