Mother's Day Gifts - Over 480+ Gift Ideas For Mum

All mums deserve to feel loved on Mothers Day that's why at DadShop we've curated the best mother's day gifts that are unique and even personalised. Let your mum feel extra special on this occasion with our range of amazing gifts that are not flowers and chocolates. And remember to give her lots of hugs and kiss.

Mother's Day Is On Sunday, 12 May 2024

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How To Make Your Mum Feel Special On Mother's Day

Have you been spoiling mum each year with Mother’s Day gifts? If the answer is no, then you need to start doing a better job at showing her how much she means to you. On this extra special day can give her the most important gift, that’s remembering to celebrate and honour her. You could start the day with a home-cooked breakfast followed by some flowers and one of our amazing mother's day gift ideas. Don't forget that kids also play an important role in their mum's life and make her feel loved. They could write and draw a mother's day card to add to your ever growing collection of gifts.

You can also check our mother's day gift guide for an even wider range of gifts.

When Is Mother’s Day In Australia?

It is usually on the 2nd Sunday of May. So this year it will be on Sunday 12 May 2024. In case you are wondering yes many countries are celebrating this day except the UK which is on the 4th Sunday in March. 

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The Importance of Celebrating Mother's Day In Australia

The main reason we celebrate mother's day in Australia and the rest of the world is to honour our mother and the efforts she has put into maintaining our homes and keeping the family united. We won't go into the history of mothers day but mothers today have very different roles to what their predecessors had in the early 1900s (which is around the time Anna Jarvis started mother's day).

Mother's Day has become a global celebration of the vital role that mothers play in their families. Mothers all over the world are just as hardworking, dependable, and absolutely the greatest, which is why we should honour this unique day to appreciate all her efforts.

How To Find Gifts That Mum Would Love On Mothers Day

The first step is to understand your mother. Sit down and list down all the things you know about her. For example her hobbies, interests, what she's passionate about and a list of her favourite foods. Once you have this list it will be your mothers day gift ideas list, it will serve you well many years from now because you'll have an endless list of gift ideas not only for mother's day but on her birthday as well including all the best Christmas gifts you can buy her. So go ahead and make mum happy this year with a special gift.

Are Flowers A Good Mother's Day Gift?

Flowers used to be the go-to gift for mothers day, but as time has passed and mothers have become more diverse with their wishlist, flowers have become more like the additional gift that accompanies your main gift. So it is still a necessary part to complete your mothers day gifts and you could also shop online for them.

What Type of Flowers Are Good on Mother's Day?

In Australia, Chrysanthemums are one of the most popular flowers during mothers day. It is a sign of respect. However, there are many other types of flowers like tulips, carnations, roses and orchards that are just as popular and would make a lovely addition to your mothers day gifts.

Should I Wrap My Mother's Day Gifts Or A Nice Box Will Do?

Yes most defiantly! Your mothers day gift will be something she'll love even more once you have found the perfect gift wrapping. Place a nice bow on it and your heartfelt gifts will be spectacular. And Yes, even if you choose to put your gift into a nice box or bag, it will be perfectly acceptable and still look thoughtful and amazing.

When Should I Get My Mother's Day Gifts?

Depending on where you live you should always buy your gifts 10-14 days prior to the date you need them. There may be shipping delays or stock issues and even damages along the way. All our deliveries are tracked no matter which courier it goes with.

Should I Also Get My Grandma A Mother's Day Gift?

Absolutely! However, with this gift, you could also ask your mum to join in so you both can do something special for your grandmother. And the same goes, you should list out all your potential mother's day gift ideas before shopping online. Your nan is just as important as your mother so why not celebrate both of their motherhood together with the whole family.

When Should I Shop Online For Mother's Day Gifts?

Ideally, you should allow at least 3 weeks for your gifts to be delivered. Australia is such a vastly large country that it can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks for gifts to be delivered. If you already have the best gift idea don't let your celebration be a waste with the late delivery of her gift. We are located in Sydney so please keep this in mind on where we are sending your presents.

How To Write The Perfect Mothers Day Message?

Mother's day is the perfect opportunity to let your mum know how much you love and appreciate her. The best mothers day messages are simple, yet heartfelt. You don't have to overthink your special message, just dig deep and think about what you want to say to her, it could be a message about how much you appreciate the time she spends with the family or how much support you've received from her. No matter what your mother will absolutely be thrilled to receive a thoughtful message from her child.

Should I Get A Mother's Day Gift For New Mums?

Yes, yes yes! Since it will be her first mother's day a very special gift is in order. Find unique mother's day gifts that will showcase her new motherhood status. There are plenty of gifts for a new mum. A personalised gift could do the trick along with some simple flowers, wine perhaps, and some pampering too.

Should The Husband Get A Mothers Day Gifts?

Most men are horrible at organising things, however, if you're children are still at a young age then yes. The role of a husband is to also honour new mums and older mums on this day by helping to organise the best gifts from the kids to their mothers. Our range of gifts also includes gifts from children to their mums.

Gift Vouchers Can Be A Good Mother's Day Gift Ideas

If you are thinking of a gift voucher this mothers day then please note that it's only a good gift idea on in some situations. If mums the type of person that loves shopping and buying almost everything they ever wanted then no, but if your mum is very conservative and doesn't spend on herself, a big gift card could give her the ability to go on a shopping spree. In other situations, a last minute gift would be the perfect time to also buy one. Note that if you are out of ideas and can't find a gift to suit, this gift card could be a sign that you don't care enough about her to plan a celebration or gift.

5 Tips To Find The Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts

Life gets busy, and we need to adapt by planning ahead. So avoid feeling sad if you forgot your mum's gift this year and read on.

  1. Set a reminder. With so many ways to remember things why not put a reminder on your phone or online calendar to remind you 2 weeks before mothers day to buy a gift.
  2. Shop locally. To avoid any disappointments and delays, shop within Australia. There are many great online shops and marketplaces to buy mum her present.
  3. Set your budget(s). Get mum something she has her eyes on. Maybe it was a new phone or even a new dishwasher. If your gift is expensive you can always combine your budgets together with your sibling(s) and father.
  4. Something extra. Go all out this year and prepare a home-cooked meal or visit a restaurant or even home delivery. You'll want to do some or all her chores for the day so she can sit back relax and enjoy that present of yours.
  5. Lastly, don’t forget to give your mum a huge hug, a big wet kiss and a mother’s day card with some warm and heartfelt words.

In case you didn't know we also feature super mum, hampers for mumeverything mum and top mother's day gifts. We wish you all the best in your gift hunting experience and we hope to see you back here on the next special occasion.

Now It's Time To Celebrate ...

There are so many reasons to celebrate mothers day, and we've only just scratched the surface. Whether you're a child, spouse, or a parent yourself, mothers day is a special time to come together and appreciate all that mothers do for us. This year, don't forget to show your appreciation with a thoughtful gift, gesture of love, or simply by spending time together. Thanks for being part of our mothers day celebration.

Common Questions About Mother's Day Gifts

What is the best gift for mother's day?

The short answer is simple. You need a gift that comes from the heart. To spoil mum on Mother’s Day you just simply need to be there and show her you care. Simple gestures from, "I love you" to a meal of her favourite food and even one of our unique gift ideas as the icing on the cake. That is one of the best presents you can give her along with something unique or personalised from DadShop. For the very best gift ideas don't forget to check out our top mother's day gift and everything mum section.

What Other Mother's Day Ideas Can You Suggest?

At DadShop we strongly advise all our customers to go with their hearts. If you feel that taking your mother on a trip is the best mother's day ideas you can come up with then you and your family should go with it. You know your mother the best and no matter what you decide if it comes from the heart your gifts are as good as gold.

What is the best surprise gift for mum?

A good idea for a surprise gift would be something she does not expect. For example, if you are a horrible cook, then your surprise could be learning how to cook her favourite food and then cooking this for her.

How can I make Mother's Day special?

All women love to feel special, so spending extra time with your mother is one way to ensure she feels loved. If you are not with gifts you could handmake a gift for her or do something together with your mother. For example, if she really loves visiting the art museum why not take your mother there and spend the whole day out with her.

What do mums really want for Mother's Day?

Most mums just want to feel appreciated and unlike other occasions Mother's Day is a very special day so you can at least do something nice for her if you can't find a suitable gift. Otherwise, ask her what she needs or observe her and list down some things that should need or might need an upgrade for.