600+ Kris Kringle Gifts - Secret Santa Ideas

At DadShop, we understand that the best Kris Kringle ideas are often hard to find. However, we've curated over 600 unique and hard-to-find KK gifts. If you're here, chances are you've been invited to a Kris Kringle event or are planning one yourself. Rest assured that you're at one of Australia's best stores to find the perfect gift, no matter the budget or person in mind, Whether you're here for an office Kris Kringle, funny gift, small gifts or just a novelty wine glass. We have dedicated our time to present the best Kris Kringle gift ideas they'll love and want to use. Put the fun back into gift-giving this festive season.

Why Kris Kringle?

The tradition of Kris Kringle, also known as "Secret Santa", is a time-honoured event usually held during Christmas celebrations. The essence of Kris Kringle lies in the anonymity of the gifting process. Participants draw names to determine who they'll buy a present for, keeping it a secret until the moment of the exchange. There are also a few variations to how it's done, and in modern times, people will alter the rules slightly to suit their family or KK group.

But what sets Kris Kringle's gift ideas apart from typical presents? For one, there's often a budget limit, which challenges you to find something meaningful that complies with the budget. Moreover, you may be assigned someone you hardly know, requiring creativity and thoughtfulness in your choice. The beauty of KK is that it offers a unique avenue for showing appreciation and building relationships while maintaining an element of surprise and excitement.

Rules For The Best Kris Kringle Gift Exchange

The standard or common rules for KK can vary, but they generally follow a similar framework:

  1. Name Drawing: All participants' names are placed in a bowl or bag (if online, it'll be done electronically). Each person then draws a name, ensuring they do not reveal it to others.
  2. Budget Setting: A budget is set for all participants to adhere to, ensuring ease of fairness.
  3. Wish List: Some versions of Kris Kringle encourage participants to make a small wish list, providing guidelines for the gift giver. This can be especially useful if you need to know the person you're buying for very well. Online alternatives may include a function to request the recipient to give hints on presents they might like
  4. Exchanging Gifts: Everyone gathers on a predetermined date, and the giver's identity is usually revealed at this time.
  5. No Swapping: Swapping presents during the exchange is uncommon, but everyone can set different rules.

Understanding Your Kris Kringle Recipient

When you're faced with choosing a present, we understand that the process can be challenging for some. That's why we created DadShop, so save time and have a stress-free experience when shopping for a present.

The key to overcoming this hurdle lies in adopting a considerate and thoughtful approach. Start by looking for social cues or asking mutual acquaintances for hints. Sometimes, you can request a wishlist, or there might already be one. This can be a time saver for those who are really stuck.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid:

  • Too Personal: Overly intimate items like lingerie or bath products may only be appropriate if you know the person well.
  • Too Generic: Generic presents like gift cards or everyday household like candles or kitchen utensils can appear thoughtless.
  • Offensive Humor: Presents that include humour should be chosen carefully to avoid offending the recipient.
  • Ignoring Allergies or Dietary Restrictions: Edible presents are often popular, but ensure you know about allergies or dietary restrictions.
  • Impulse Buying: Last-minute choices often lead to poor gift selections, and rushing to pick a gift can lead to disappointment and regret.
  • Overstepping Budget: Respect the set budget. Overspending can make others uncomfortable and disrupt the balance of the exchange.

The Dos and Don'ts On KK Gifts


  1. Set a Budget: Agree on a spending limit with all participants to ensure fairness.
  2. Research the Recipient: Try to gather as much information as possible about the person you're buying for.
  3. Prioritise Quality: Choose a durable, high-quality gift that the recipient will find helpful or meaningful.
  4. Be Mindful of Presentation: Good wrapping can elevate even a simple gift.
  5. Be On Time: Make sure your gift arrives before your event date.
  6. Consult Organisers: When in doubt, the organisers are your best source of advice.
  7. Include a Receipt: This allows the recipient to exchange if it's not to their liking.


  1. Overspend: Going over the budget can make others uncomfortable.
  2. Overly Personal Ideas: Unless you know the recipient well, stay clear of presents that could be considered too intimate.
  3. Forget About Packaging: Poorly wrapped gifts can detract from the thoughtfulness of the gift inside.
  4. Wait Until the Last Minute: Rushed decisions usually lead to poor gift choices.
  5. Ignore Cultural Sensitivities: Be aware of the recipient's cultural background to avoid unintentional offence.
  6. Opt for Cash: Giving cash is generally considered impersonal but can be an excellent unisex Kris Kringle gift.


Types of Kris Kringle Gift Ideas

Unlike Christmas gifts, there's a wide range of Kris Kringle ideas to choose from. Each has pros and cons, so your choice should align with understanding the recipient's personality and needs. Consider some of these examples if it's a work or family event.

Type Pros Cons Suitable For Example
Practical Useful, long-lasting May lack the 'wow' factor Co-workers, acquaintances Items like kitchen gadgets or office supplies
Quirky Gift Exciting, memorable May lack practical use Friends, family A quirky mug, a mini desktop game.
Experience Creates memories, unique Time-sensitive, scheduling Close friends, partners Tickets to events or cooking classes
Hampers Versatile, can be personalised Can be expensive Anyone, customizable Gourmet food basket, a pamper-me spa hamper.
Personalised Thoughtful and more personal Too personal for some Friends, family or partner Matching father & child t-shirt for a new dad.

The Budget

Establishing a budget is one of the first steps in participating in Kris Kringle and Secret Santa. A clearly defined budget helps set expectations and creates a fair playing field for all participants. Below are some aspects to consider:

  1. Set a Group Budget: Before your event occurs, talk with all participants to decide on a reasonable budget range that everyone can afford.
  2. Be Inclusive: The agreed-upon budget should consider the financial situations of all participants. The goal is to set a limit that's accessible to everyone while still allowing for thoughtful presents. The most common price is around $30.
  3. Stick to the Limit: Once a budget has been agreed upon, make sure your gift falls within this range. Overspending can create tension, while underspending can come across as lacking effort.
  4. Factor in Wrapping and Shipping: The budget isn't just for the gift itself. If you have to ship your gift or plan on using elaborate wrapping, consider these additional costs.
  5. Don't Just Pay For It: Remember, a budget is a guideline, not a target. Taking the time and effort to choose a considerate gift is more memorable than spending money to reach your budget.

Considerations for Work Kris Kringle

Selecting the right Secret Santa gift ideas for a work colleague poses unique challenges. The aim is to choose something appropriate for a professional setting but that also makes the gift feel personal and well-considered. Below are some guiding principles to navigate this:

  1. Office-Friendly but Not Sterile: While it's wise to pick something that won't look out of place in an office environment, this doesn't mean you have to choose something devoid of personality. Think of items that enhance the workplace experience without causing distraction.
  2. Functionality is Key: Usefulness is a highly valued quality in a professional setting. Aim for gifts that will serve a function in the recipient's day-to-day work life. This could help them stay organised, save time, or make their workspace more enjoyable.
  3. Neutral Yet Thoughtful: It's easy to stick to neutral gifts like generic office supplies, but the best gifts balance being neutral and thoughtful. Try to find something that you think your colleagues would love but aren't supposed to buy for themselves.
  4. Avoid Overly Personal Items: Office settings are diverse, so keep in mind personal boundaries and corporate culture when selecting your gift. Overly personal or intimate gifts can make the recipient—and others in the office—uncomfortable.
  5. Understand the Company Culture: Different offices have different cultures. Some might be more relaxed, allowing for playful or creative gifts, while others require a more conservative approach. Knowing where your office falls on this spectrum can guide your choice.
  6. Be Mindful of Individual Preferences: If your colleague is passionate about a particular cause, such as sustainability or recycling, a gift aligning with those values can make a meaningful impact.
  7. Avoid Controversial or Sensitive Topics: Steer clear of gifts that could be seen as making a political, religious, or potentially offensive statement. The workplace is a professional environment, and the gift should respect that.

Work-Appropriate Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Here's a short list of items that might help you choose the right gift or stir you into the right path.

Gift Type Pros Cons Suitable For
Desk Accessories Practical, useful Can be mundane Anyone
Gourmet Coffee/Tea Enjoyable, consumable May have dietary restrictions Coffee/Tea lovers
Stationery Sets Functional, always needed Lacks excitement Organized individuals
Novelty Mug Practical, fun and easy Can be generic The funny type
Plants Adds life and freshness to workspace Requires maintenance The Nature Lover
Lunch Box Set Encourages home-cooked meals, saves money Requires effort to fill and clean Frugal or health type
Digital Picture Frame Displays multiple photos, modern May require setup Family oriented
Novelty Apron Useful, fun and thoughtful They might not like it Someone fun and likes cooking / bbqing
Homewares Useful and practical Boring and generic New homeowner


Eco-friendly Kris Kringle Gift Wrapping Ideas

The joy of gifting often lies in the presentation, but traditional wrapping materials like gift box, paper and plastic ribbons are usually single-use and non-biodegradable. As we become more conscious of our environmental impact, it's worth exploring sustainable alternatives for wrapping gifts that are just as stunning but far kinder to the planet.

  • Fabric Gift Wraps: Inspired by the Japanese tradition of Furoshiki, fabric wraps are the epitome of form meets function. Use a stylish scarf, a vibrant bandana, or a colourful tea towel to wrap your gifts. The recipient gets a 'two-in-one'—a beautifully wrapped gift and a reusable fabric item with multiple uses, from fashion to home decor.
  • Recyclable and Recycled Papers: Move over, glossy wrapping paper; recyclable brown paper is in vogue. It's compostable and recyclable, and it pairs well with natural elements like pinecones or sprigs of rosemary for an elegant, earthy look. If you're feeling creative, you can also stamp or paint designs on it. You can even repurpose materials like old newspapers or maps as wrapping paper. They're quirky, unique, and a conversation starter, proving that recycled can be chic.
  • Natural Fiber Ribbons: Skip the shiny plastic ribbons and bows this year and opt for something more organic. Twine, jute, or cotton ribbons add a rustic charm to your gifts while being fully biodegradable. These can also be saved and reused, making them a gift for the crafty recipient.

What To Do If You're Stuck

Even with the best intentions, you may need help choosing the right Kris Kringle present ideas. If you're at a loss, seeking help is okay.

  1. Consult the Organisers: If your event has someone managing it, approach them for some ideas. They might have a good sense of what might work for each participant.
  2. Gift Cards: When in doubt, a gift card to a store that aligns with the recipient's interests is a safe bet.
  3. Ask for Help: Don't hesitate to consult friends, family, or colleagues who might know the recipient better than you do.

Why Buy From DadShop?

DadShop is more than just a store; it's a curated experience designed to make gift-giving as joyous and stress-free as possible. Here are 5 reasons to get great gifts online at DadShop.

  1. Quality Assurance: We take great pride in offering products that are not only unique but also of high quality.
  2. Our Vast Range of Gift Ideas: Only a few Australian-based stores offer an extensive range of gifts that are great for all personality types and occasions. We have novelty gifts, personalised gifts, hampers and much more.
  3. Customer Support: Our customer support team is always ready to assist you in your shopping journey, providing recommendations and solving any issues.
  4. Fast Shipping: With reliable and speedy shipping options, you can rest easy knowing your gift will arrive in time for the fun Kris Kringle exchange.
  5. Experience: We know what people want with over 12 years of curating gifts in Australia. Shopping with us is an easy way to find gifts your recipient will be happy to receive.

Having A Great Kris Kringle 

The tradition of Kris Kringle is a wonderful way to celebrate the joy of giving and receiving gifts. With a bit of thought, a dash of creativity, and a sprinkle of love, you can choose a gift that fits within any budget constraints and brings a smile to the recipient's face. Remember, it's not just about the present but the spirit of community and togetherness that makes Kris Kringle truly special. This special holiday gift always brings the best out of people, and we hope you, your friends and your family have a great Secret Santa this year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Play Kris Kringle?

Kris Kringle, also known as Secret Santa, is a popular holiday game. Participants draw names to become someone's "Kris Kringle" and then buy gifts for that person. The identity of the gift giver is revealed during the gift exchange event.

Who is Kris Kringle?

Kris Kringle is another name for Santa Claus. It's a character derived from the Dutch name for St. Nicholas, "Sinterklaas."

What Does Kris Kringle Mean?

The term "Kris Kringle" originates from the German word "Christkindl," which means "Christ child." Over time, the term has evolved and is commonly associated with Santa Claus in many English-speaking countries.

When is Kris Kringle Day?

Kris Kringle Day is not universally standardized, but the concept of Kris Kringle or Secret Santa is generally celebrated around Christmas time.

Where Did Kris Kringle Come From?

The concept of Kris Kringle originated in Germany and was popularized in America by Dutch and German immigrants. The name comes from "Christkindl," which means "Christ child" in German.

Can I Do a Virtual Kris Kringle Gift Exchange?

Yes, virtual gift exchanges have become popular, especially when in-person gatherings are limited. Various online platforms can help you organize a virtual exchange.

Are Stocking Fillers The Same As Kris Kringle?

No, stocking fillers are usually more minor, insignificant, and less important gifts.

Are Gift Cards a Good Idea for Kris Kringle?

Gift cards can be convenient, especially if you need clarification on the recipient's preferences. However, they may lack a personal touch.

How Much Should You Spend On A Kris Kringle Gift?

The budget for the best Kris Kringle gifts is usually around $20-$30. However, there is no hard and fast rule regarding how much you should spend. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide how much they want to spend on a Kris Kringle gift.

Can I Regift A Gift For Kris Kringle?

Yes, you can regift a Kris Kringle gift. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:
  • You should make sure that the gift is still in good condition. This means that it shouldn't be damaged, used, or expired.
  • You should ensure that the gift is something the person you are regifting it to will like.
  • You should remove any tags or labels that have your name on it.