Sphere Ice Mould - 1

    Sphere Ice Mould

    Processing Time: 1 - 2 Days

    Create large ice blocks that melt slowly and evenly for your whisky on the rocks or simply to chill your drinks; these ice moulds are functional, fun, most importantly they keep your drinks well-chilled and beautifully balanced down to the last sip.

    Fill with water, freeze till solid and add to your glass before adding your drink. 


    • 6 ice cube capacity
    • Spheres measure approximately 4.5cm in diameter each
    • Silicone Food Grade, 100% BPA free, non-toxic 
    • Sturdy, flexible silicone moulds release ice cubes quickly and easily.
    • Flexible for easy filling, release, and cleaning
    • Safe for dishwasher, freezer, oven, and microwave
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    Simply wash them and place them back in the freezer after each use.

    These spirit-cooling stainless steel cubes are definitely better than ice because it cools your drink without diluting it.

    Not just for whisky! Can be used in beer, soft drink and whatever else is best enjoyed chilled.

    Each rock is approximately 2cm in diameter.