Didgeridoonas Australia

Didgeridoonas® is an Australian Owned company that began in 1995, with just two sewing machines, the two of us, and a casual seamstress. Products were inspired by woolgrowers in Western Queensland to design products that utilised the numerous strengths of Australian wool. Didgeridoonas® products are designed to last a lifetime. By using the very best materials such as pure Australian wool, a durable oilskin fabric, strong leather handles and the toughest stitching, an extensive range of products are created which Australia can be truly proud of.

What Is Didgeridoonas?

They are an Australian based company that started in 1995 with only two sewing machines and two seamstress. With a vision to create high quality products that last a lifetime. By taking an approach of quality over quantity they are able to produce high quality bags, clothing and a whole range of other accessories.

Where Are Didgeridoonas Products Made?

The manufacturing begins in Fiji which enables Didgeridoonas to support our neighbouring islanders with jobs and to also help with donations where they are needed most. They strive to use 100% Australian materials such as oilskins and wool to produce high quality products that last.

How Long Will Didgeridoonas Products Last?

Generally between 10 to 20 years is an average lifespan for genuine Didgeridoonas products.

How Do I Care and Wash My Didgeridoonas Products?

There are care instructions on all items sold but in general you should never clean or wash with detergent or hot water as this will remove the special oil and wax coating that is used as waterproofing. For storage always keep in dry but well-ventilated places to avoid mould. The oils from your product can rub off on other items if they are touching so keep this in mind when storage or using.

Didgeridoonas Life Time Manufacturer's Warranty

As part of their mission they have this warranty in place. Please contact Didgeridoonas directly for warranty claims.