250+ Christmas Gifts for Kids

Find amazing Christmas gifts for kids at DadShop with ease. We've spent years creating our list of gifts perfect for any child. Discover the best Christmas present for kids of all ages without spending a pretty penny. Our range includes personalised to educational gifts; we are your one-stop shop for your Christmas gifts.

Find The Perfect Kids Christmas Gift

Choosing the right Christmas gift ideas for kids can feel like a maze of endless options and considerations. At DadShop, we aim to simplify key aspects like age-appropriateness, matching gifts with interests, and mindful budgeting. We offer a range of Christmas options that kids will love, and we'll also touch on timing, safety, and cultural considerations. Whether you're a seasoned shopper or a total novice, we'll help guide you to make your gift-giving experience thoughtful, meaningful, and stress-free.

Understanding Age-Appropriate Gifts

Choosing a gift that aligns with a child's age can't be overstated. An age-appropriate present appeals to the child and aids in their developmental milestones. Further down, we'll get more in-depth on gift ideas for boys and gift recommendations for girls across various age groups of kids aged from toddler to teen.

How Can You Select Age-Appropriate Gifts For Children?

  • Developmental Readiness: Is the gift designed for kids to help them develop cognitively, emotionally, or physically?
  • Engagement Level: Will the child stay captivated by the toys and games for over five minutes?
  • Safety: Does the gift have small pieces or require supervision?
  • Longevity: Consider if the toy or game will grow with them and if kids can make it a long-lasting part of their toy collection.
  • Technology vs. Tradition: Tablets or educational apps can be good but should only replace some traditional toys. Classic toys for Christmas, like puzzles or board games, can offer different types of skill development that kids will love to play.
  • Be Mindful of Siblings: When buying for one child in a family, consider if the toy could be shared or passed down to siblings. Family board games or craft sets can be enjoyed by different age groups within the family and make great gifts for boys and girls.

Gift Recommendations For 0-2 Years Old

Gift Type Pro Cons Interest Alignment Why Choose This? Learning Benefit Skill Development
Soft Plush Toys Safe and snuggly Can get dirty easily Sensory, Comfort Encourages tactile exploration Sensory Feedback Tactile Exploration
Sensory Balls Stimulates senses Choking hazard (if too small) Motor Skills Enhances touch and grip skills Hand-Eye Coordination Gripping, Throwing
Musical Toys Introduces to sound Might become noisy Auditory Cultivates musical interest Sound Recognition Auditory Stimulation
Cloth Books Washable & durable Limited interactivity Visual, Language Kickstarts early reading Language Introduction Visual Stimulation
Stacking Blocks Motor skill development Can scatter everywhere Cognitive Promotes hand-eye coordination Cognitive Development Stacking, Balancing
Teething Toys Soothes gums Needs regular cleaning Sensory Supports teething phase Pain Relief Oral Stimulation
Rattles Engages attention Could be noisy Auditory, Sensory Grasping and shaking fun Sound Association Motor Skill Development
Push & Pull Toys Encourages mobility Trip hazard Motor Skills Boosts walking and balance Movement Encouragement Walking, Pulling
Bath Toys Makes bath time fun Mould concern if not dried Sensory, Play Water play excitement Water Familiarity Grip, Pouring
Interactive Mats Stimulates senses Needs space Sensory, Cognitive Encourages floor-time activities Exploration Crawling, Touching

Unique Christmas Gifts For Kid Who Has Everything

The conundrum of selecting a present for the child who seems to possess an Aladdin's cave of toys and gadgets can be quite a task but don't lose heart. The key here is to think outside the box. Opt for experiential gifts or items that can enhance existing interests, things that kids will love.

  1. Think Experiential Over Material: An experience can be cherished long after it occurs, forming memories that last a lifetime. Consider gifts like a day at a children's museum, an art workshop, or a cooking class tailored for youngsters kids online can also explore.
  2. Personalise the Gift: A personalised gift shows that extra care and thought went into the selection. Look for items that can be engraved, embroidered, or customised with the child's name, initials, or a special date.
  3. Tackle a New Skill or Hobby: Learning something new is a reward and can provide a sense of accomplishment. Think of gifts introducing the child to a new hobby, like a musical instrument, a science kit, or cooking utensils for little chefs — ideas for girls and boys alike.
  4. Family Gifts: A gift that the whole family can enjoy adds a different dynamic and promotes togetherness. Find Christmas ideas like board games, a family movie night basket, a gift certificate for a family outing movie night basket, or a gift certificate for a family outing.

Safety Considerations

In the joyous whirlwind of gift-giving, it's easy to overlook safety considerations. However, this aspect is indispensable, especially for younger children. A toy that doesn't meet safety guidelines can pose risks ranging from choking hazards to toxic materials — something to remember when looking at your Christmas list.

Are There Any Safety Considerations for Younger Children?

  1. Check Age Guidelines: Manufacturers provide age recommendations for a reason. This is your first line of defence in choosing a safe toy.
  2. Inspect for Small Parts: For children under three, avoid toys with small components that could be swallowed or choked on.
  3. Look for Certification: Ensure that toys have passed safety standards. Look for marks on the packaging, such as CE (European standard) or ASTM (American standard).
  4. Avoid Sharp Edges: Toys for younger kids should be smooth and of a colour that is easy to spot, with no sharp or rough areas.
  5. Beware of Strings: Toys with long strings or cords could be a strangulation hazard.

Gift Recommendations For 3-5 Year Olds

Gift Type Pro Cons Interest Alignment Why Choose This? Learning Benefit Skill Development
Art Supplies Fosters creativity Can be messy Artistic Enables self-expression Creativity Drawing, Painting
Puzzle Sets Enhances problem-solving Pieces may get lost Cognitive Strengthens logical reasoning Cognitive Skills Problem Solving
Pretend Play Sets Stimulates imagination Many parts to manage Imaginative Nurtures role-playing abilities Imagination Role-playing
Building Blocks Encourages structural thinking Choking hazard Motor Skills Develops spatial awareness Cognitive Development Building, Balancing
Interactive Books Engaging & educative Batteries might be needed Language, Cognitive Merges fun with learning Language Skills Reading, Interaction
Dress-Up Costumes Boosts imagination Size restrictions Imaginative Sparks role-play scenarios Role Identification Imagination, Role-play
Learning Tablets Introduces to tech Screen time concern Cognitive, Tech Interactive learning sessions Interactive Learning Touch, Listen, Watch
Kinetic Sand Sensory play Can be messy Sensory, Creative Moldable play without the wetness Sensory Play Molding, Shaping
Balance Bikes Prepares for cycling Safety concerns Physical Activity Introduces to biking without pedals Balance Riding, Balancing
Memory Games Enhances recall Depends on interest Cognitive Boosts memory and attention Improves memory Recall, Matching

Balancing Fun and Learning

Sure, toys that blink, squeak, and zoom are captivating, but what if a gift could offer both amusement and intellectual stimulation? Striking that golden balance between fun and educational value is more attainable than you might think.

How Can You Choose a Gift that Promotes Learning or Creativity?

Here's how to orchestrate this harmonious blend, a task that's especially important when considering gifts for kids in 2023:

  1. Explore STEAM Options: Gifts incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) are ideal for stimulating young minds. Activity sets in the STEAM categories make for a top Christmas gift for a child.
  2. Review Educational Apps: Kids love educational applications because they make learning interactive and fun.
  3. Artistic Ventures: Sketchpads, music instruments, or craft kits can promote creativity while providing hours of engagement. Fidget tools can also offer a creative outlet.
  4. Book Series: A set of books in a genre the child enjoys can be both entertaining and educational, making them great Christmas gift ideas
  5. Puzzles and Strategy Games: These provide entertainment and enhance problem-solving skills. They make great stocking fillers and they'll love to play with them.

Budgeting for Christmas Gifts for Kids

Budgeting is a skill that anyone can learn. You should adhere to core fundamentals to stay within your initial budget. Here are 8 excellent points to follow the next time you want to keep within your Christmas budget, especially when buying presents for girls and boys.

  1. Setting a Budget: Start by looking at your money situation well. How much can you spend on Christmas morning gifts without messing up your average spending on stuff like food and bills?
  2. Making a Gift List: Write down all the names of the little ones you want to buy gifts for. This helps you stay organised and makes sure no one feels left out. Put a spending limit next to each name, and consider how close you are to them, their age, and your overall budget.
  3. Comparison Shopping: Before you go shopping, do some research to get an idea of how much the gifts will cost. Loads of online tools let you compare prices from different stores. It's like having someone help you make wise money choices but for free.
  4. The Bargain - Getting the Best Deals: Your friends are black Friday and Cyber Monday. These are the days when stores have some epic sales. If you have a loyalty card for a store, check to see if you can use it for extra savings or points.
  5. Thoughtfulness Over Price: Sometimes, a homemade gift means more than something expensive from a store. Think about making something yourself, like a craft or some baked goods. Even planning a fun day out can be better than buying stuff.
  6. Avoid Last-Minute Shopping: Prices can go up the closer it gets to Christmas. Shopping at the last minute can force you to make quick decisions that cost you more.
  7. Track Your Spending: Keep track of your spending as you go. Some apps can help you do this and even alert you if you're getting close to spending too much.
  8. Planning for Next Year: Consider setting aside money each month for next year's fun Christmas gifts. After the holidays, you'll often find many sales, which is a great time to buy for next year. 

What To Get For A 6-9 Year Old Child

Gift Type Pro Cons Why Choose This? Duration of Engagement Budget Range
Science Kits Educational & fun Supervision might be needed Makes learning science interactive Several hours $$
Board Games Social & strategic Competitive nature Teaches teamwork & problem-solving 1-2 hours $$
DIY Craft Kits Enhances creativity Can be messy Provides a sense of accomplishment Several days $$
Reading Books Vocabulary & knowledge boost Needs sustained interest Encourages a love for reading Weeks $
Digital Drawing Tablets Modern art medium Requires tech familiarity Bridges traditional art & technology Hours to months $$$
Adventure Kits Outdoor exploration Safety considerations Encourages nature interaction Full day activities $$
Magic Kits Fosters performance skills Parental help might be needed Introduces to magical illusions Hours to days $$
Cooking/Baking Sets Practical life skills Supervision needed Encourages culinary interest Hours $$
Model Building Kits Detail-oriented task Requires patience Achieve mini architectural feats Days $$
Educational Apps Interactive learning Screen time concern Blends tech with education Hours to months $-$$$

Recommended Gifts For 10 -12 Year Old Kids

Gift Type Pro Cons Popularity Interest Alignment Duration of Engagement
Gadgets Tech-savvy & modern Screen time concerns High Technology Hours to years
DIY Robot Kits Introduces to STEM Complexity might frustrate Moderate Science, Tech Days to weeks
Musical Instruments Cultivates musical skills Steep learning curve Moderate Music Years
Novels Enhances comprehension & empathy Requires deep reading High Language, Empathy Weeks to months
Outdoor Equipment Promotes physical activity Requires open spaces Moderate Sports, Nature Hours to days
Jewelry Making Kits Boosts creativity Small parts concern Moderate Artistic, Creative Days
Video Games Engaging & interactive Can be addictive High Tech, Adventure Hours to months
Sports Gear Encourages physical health Requires practice Moderate Sports Hours to years
DIY Art Kits Allows expression Can be messy Moderate Artistic Hours to days
Astronomy Kits Explores universe Weather dependent Moderate Science, Space Hours to nights

Involving Kids in Gift Selection

The thrill of ripping off wrapping paper to reveal a surprise is unparalleled, but what if the child could be part of the gift-choosing process? It makes the event more collaborative and ensures that the gift will be well-received, especially when they've mastered the art of wishing.

How Can You Involve Kids in the Gift Selection Process?

  1. Window Shopping: Take a stroll through a toy store, allowing the child to point out toys like race cars or dolls they find interesting
  2. Online Browsing: Browse online stores together, a present idea for kids that keeps them involved.
  3. Wish Lists: Encourage the child to create a wishlist, making you almost wish you were a kid again.
  4. Gift Certificates: Offer them a gift certificate from their favourite store, which they can use to pick their ideal present.

Consulting Parents or Caregivers

Though you might be armed with all the zest to find the perfect gift, consider the valuable intel parents or caregivers can offer. They can provide crucial insights into a child's needs, wants, and current interests, making the selection of toys for kids much easier.

Why Is Parental Input Important?

  1. Current Interests: What the child found interesting last month might not hold their attention now. Parents can provide real-time updates on the best Christmas gifts for kids.
  2. Practical Needs: Sometimes, the gifts for a kid who has everything can be something the child needs for school or extracurricular activities. Parents can pinpoint these necessities.
  3. Avoiding Duplication: The last thing you want is to gift something the child already owns. Parents can help you avoid this on Christmas Day.
  4. Allergies and Sensitivities: If you're considering food items or fun toys, parents can guide you on any allergies or sensitivities the child may have.

Cultural and Religious Sensitivity

Cultural and religious considerations can't be sidelined in today's diverse tapestry of families. Gifting a Barbie might seem like a safe bet, but what if the family follows a tradition or belief system where such unique Christmas gifts for kids are inappropriate?

Why is Cultural and Religious Sensitivity Important?

  1. Inclusive Celebrations: Being culturally sensitive ensures that everyone feels included and respected during the festivities.
  2. Avoiding Offense: A well-intended gift for teens could inadvertently offend if it clashes with religious or cultural beliefs.
  3. Personalisation: A gift that aligns with a child's cultural background, especially for tweens, can be more meaningful.

Guidelines to Consider

  1. Do Your Homework: Research or ask about the family's cultural and religious norms.
  2. Check Symbols: Avoid gifts with religious or cultural symbols unless you're sure they align with the family's beliefs.
  3. Food Sensitivities: Be cautious with edible cheap Christmas gifts for kids, as dietary restrictions can be linked to religious practices.

Do's and Don'ts of Kids Christmas Gifts

Gift selection, especially for children, is often an emotional experience laden with the joys and jitters of the holiday season. To navigate this labyrinth, here are some quick tips for choosing a great range of gifts for kids in need.

The Do's

  1. Consult Parents: It is always a good idea because understanding their likes and dislikes will be the difference between a good or lousy present.
  2. Include Receipts: This makes it easier for the gift to be exchanged if needed.
  3. Prioritise Safety: This is non-negotiable, especially for younger children.

The Don'ts

  1. Avoid Fragile Items: Children play hard, and delicate items may not survive long.
  2. Steer Clear of Controversial Topics: Politics, religion, and other sensitive subjects are generally best avoided.
  3. No Loud or Obnoxious Toys: Parents will thank you for this!

Timing Your Gift Purchases

While the allure of last-minute shopping has its adrenaline-pumping charm, it often leaves you with restricted choices and higher prices. Timing is pivotal to both your budget and gift quality.

When's the Best Time to Shop?

  1. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are bargain bonanzas where you can score Christmas gifts for a kid.
  2. Early December: Most stores have their full holiday inventory out, offering a wide selection.
  3. Mid-week Shopping: Weekends are bustling. Opt for a weekday to navigate stores at a leisurely pace.


Finding the perfect gift for kids can often feel like trying to solve a complex puzzle, but you're no longer alone now that you've found us! You're now equipped with a robust toolbox of tips and tricks - from choosing age-suitable gifts, aligning them with kids' unique hobbies or passions, keeping an eye on your budget, and even taking safety measures into account. Each piece of wisdom is designed to pave the way for a holiday season that's not just filled with gifts but meaningful experiences.

And why not make your gift-buying quest even easier? At DadShop, we take the guesswork out of your holiday shopping with our wide range of products that tick all these boxes - age appropriateness, interest alignment, budget-friendliness, and more. You can find that perfect gift that makes your Christmas celebration as unique as it should be

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a gift that a child will like?

Start by considering the child's age, interests, and needs. It's crucial to align the gift with the recipient's developmental stage and hobbies, from educational toys for tots to gadgets for older kids. Doing so will increase the odds in finding a special Christmas gift for kids.

Do you have any suggestions for a unique present for kids who have everything?

For kids with every toy in the book, consider gifting experiences rather than physical items. Tickets to a zoo or a cooking class (experiences as a gift) that align with their interests can make for a delightful and unexpected gift.

How can I find a balance between educational and fun gifts?

Look for toys or experiences that marry the best of both worlds. Science kits, art supplies, or even tech gadgets can stimulate the mind while keeping the fun meter high. The key is to ensure the gift will engage the child while imparting some knowledge or skill.

Average Amount Spent on Kids Christmas Gifts?

The amount spent on Christmas gifts for children can fluctuate substantially based on various factors such as family budget, traditions, and even geographic location. Nonetheless, a commonly cited average falls within the $20-$80 per child. It's crucial to remember that these are averages, and spending should align with your budget, how close the child is to you and also how many gifts they already have.

How many Christmas gifts should a kid get?

The number of presents a child should receive is truly a matter of personal preference and cultural norms. If you wish to spoil your child, then this number is up to you, but if you want to keep your kids humble and unspoiled, try giving them a single gift. Ultimately, it’s not the quantity but the thoughtfulness and appropriateness of the gift that counts.

What are some strategies for budgeting during the Christmas shopping season?

Establish a budget early on and stick to it. Make a list of everyone you must buy for and allocate funds accordingly. Remember to consider delivery costs. Utilize price comparison tools and seize opportunities like Black Friday sales to maximize your budget.

Is it a good idea to involve kids in the gift selection process?

While it may spoil the surprise, involving kids in the gift selection can ensure they receive something they want or need. For smaller children, this might mean paying close attention to the toys or activities that excite them. For older kids, a direct conversation can be effective.

How can I consult parents or caregivers without spoiling the surprise?

Trying to find out what is the best gift for a kid shouldn't be that hard. To make it easier, we recommend discreetly reaching out to the adults who know the child best. Ask broad questions about the child's current interests or any needs they might have. Parents or caregivers will appreciate your thoughtfulness and may provide insights you hadn't considered.

What are some pitfalls to avoid during gift selection?

Steer clear of toys with small parts for younger children, as they could pose a choking hazard. Be sensitive to the child's cultural and religious background. Avoid last-minute shopping, which often results in poor choices and budget oversights.

When is the best time to do my Christmas shopping?

The earlier, the better. Shopping well in advance allows you to take advantage of sales, better selections, and less stressful shopping environments. If you're an eleventh-hour shopper, online retailers with fast shipping can be a lifesaver.

Can I return or exchange gifts easily?

Yes, especially if you shop with us at DadShop. We offer a 100-day change-of-mind policy, making returning or exchanging items hassle-free. We aim to make your holiday shopping experience as smooth as possible.