Gag Gifts - Funny & Useless Gift Ideas

Need a gag gift to play a joke on a friend, family member or colleague? Make them bust out laughing with our wide range of funny and useless gag gift ideas. DadShop has all the best funny, unique Christmas gifts for pretty much any occasion! Did we mention we also have a large range of novelty gift ideas that are just as funny?

Are Gag Gifts Are Good On Any Occasion?

The best time to buy someone a gag gift is usually around April Fools, however, there is not really the best time because making someone laugh can be on any occasion. We usually suggest a gag gift to complement your main gift. For example, it's your friend's birthday and you know they love Star Wars. Why not get them a birthday card which features Darth Vaders voice wishing them a Happy Birthday? You can then buy your main gift to accompany this awesome card.

Do You Have Gag Gifts To Suit My Budget?

A gag gift doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. In fact, sometimes the simplest gag gifts are the best. We've outlined an example in the previous question. Most of our gag gifts are priced below $30 as they are usually smaller items. For example, our novelty toilet paper is a great way to add some humour while on the can.

Are Gag Gifts Suitable At Parties

Of course, bring along the funniest prank gift you can find and show it off at the next party. If you hosting, you could even feature a bunch of these gag gifts around your home or apartment giving your guest a great laugh.

Gag Gifts Are The Perfect Way To Prank Someone

Gag gifts are the perfect way to prank someone and get a good laugh. They're usually small, easy to hide and pack a lot of punch when it comes to making people laugh. Whether you're looking for an April Fool's gag gift or just want to surprise your friends at a party, we've got the perfect gag gift for you.

Are Gag Gifts Dangerous?

Our gag gifts are not dangerous, they're just an expression of humour. It's one way to show you care about someone's happiness and want them to have a laugh. Most gag gifts don't feature any dangerous substances or are even considered weapons of any kind.

In Summary

A gag gift is something small and inexpensive that can be used in many different situations. You could buy gag gifts for your friends at their housewarming party or give them gag gifts as an April Fool's joke. No matter what the occasion may be, gag gifts are always a good idea if your intentions are good. Gag gifts can be as simple as a fart extinguisher (it's just an air freshener) or something more elaborate like emergency underpants (especially great if you know someone who's had something happen to them in this area). The options are endless!

When it comes to gag gift ideas, the sky is the limit. You can find gag gifts for almost any occasion, whether it's a birthday, Christmas, or just because. So, next time you're looking for a gift, don't forget the gag gifts! They're sure to please.