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At DadShop we don't just stock up on the usual ties and cufflinks. These are some exquisite stuff that we sought and some are designer material too. 

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Kangaroo Leather Belt by Adori Leather
Adori Leather

Kangaroo Leather Belt by Adori Leather

Sometimes when it comes to gift for men, the best gift is the most basic and pratical gift.This quality kangaroo leather belt's presented in a cool tin container. Buckles (available in two colours) are easily removed to adjust length. Ideal gift for the businessmen or for any formal occasions.  Size: 110cm (L) x 3cm (W)Fits : up to 40 inch waist
Sneaky Tie Secret Flask
Novelty Gifts

Sneaky Tie Secret Flask

This inconspicuous tie design is perfect for sneaking in a drink when nobody's looking. It works just like an ordinary tie until you start sipping on it. Now you can suit up and still have fun... secretly.Drinks is completely self contained and concealed within the tie itself.
Happy Hour Attire Set - 1
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Happy Hour Attire Set

$9.95 $12.95
Attire suitable for the office or party! Set includes bottle holder tie made from neoprene to keep your beer cold and easily accessible and a pair of bottle opener glasses. The perfect secret santa gift in the office.
Wests Tigers NRL Tie and Cufflinks Set - 2
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Wests Tigers NRL Tie and Cufflinks Set

Official NRL Wests Tigers Tie and Cufflink Set featuring Tigers colour and logo. Official NRL Licensed Merchandise.
Surfing Cufflinks with Box
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Ties, Cuffs & Belts

Surfing Cufflinks with Box

$16.95 $22.95
Golf cufflinks featuring a gold ball and a golf club made of brass with silver and gold coloured rhodium plating. You’ll love these silver cufflinks if you love your game.
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