39 Gaming Gifts For Gamers 2024

Gaming is one of the most popular aspects of our lives. Considering only a few decades ago, nerds were the only gamers and gaming was not considered that cool. Today, we have young and old gamers from all over the world. Men and women all play games from their phones to their computers and consoles. At DadShop we've collected a bunch of unique gifts that you can buy for gamers, or even yourself. From branded merchandise to cool and hard to find stuff gamers could resonate with.

Choosing the perfect gaming gift in 2024 is challenging, navigating through a vast and ever-expanding universe of options. It's not just about grabbing the most popular game or picking the most expensive accessory. Truly impactful gifting comes from a deep understanding of the recipient's gaming habits and preferences. Gift ideas for gamers demand a blend of insight into whom you are buying this gift for, a keen awareness of the gamer's specific likes and dislikes, and a thoughtful consideration of each gift's value to their gaming experience. It balances personalisation and practicality, ensuring the gift surprises and enriches their gaming world.

If you need a comprehensive guide to gifting for gamers, check out our guide.

Understanding the Gamer of 2024

When embarking on the quest to find the ideal gift for a gamer, starting with a foundation of understanding is crucial. Much like the vast worlds they explore in their digital quests, gamers are a diverse group with varied preferences and needs. This list of gaming gift ideas offers insights to help you identify the perfect gift that resonates with his or her lifestyle.

Where Does The Gamer Play?

PC Gaming

These individuals appreciate the flexibility and power of PCs, often focusing on high-end graphics and performance. Gifts like high-performance gaming keyboards or the latest mouse can elevate their setup, ensuring they have the best experience.

Video Game Console

Loyal to brands like PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo, console gamers value exclusive titles and the convenience of their systems. Accessories specific to their console, like an Xbox controller. For a more personalised touch, consider a custom neon sign representing their favourite game or console.

Mobile Gamers

With gaming on the go, mobile gamers enjoy various games, from classic revivals like Game Boy to the latest mobile game hits. Power banks, phone cases, or even a wireless controller designed for mobile games can be thoughtful gifts. For those who enjoy playing games on tablets or phones, a device-specific beanie or a durable mouse pad can enhance their playtime and comfort.

Regardless of their preferred platform, all gamers appreciate gifts that cater to their specific needs and enhance their experience. Whether it's a wireless gaming keyboard for the avid PC gamer, a durable Xbox controller for the console enthusiast, or a sleek headphone stand to keep their setup organised, the best gifts for gamers for 2024 reflect their passion and enhance their lifestyle. Remember, the best gift ideas for gamers are those that consider the uniqueness of the recipient's habits, offering them an even more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.

What Does The Gamer Have?

  • Casual vs. Frequent Gamer: Casual gamers might appreciate gifts that enhance their sporadic sessions, like comfortable gaming chairs or stylish RGB headphones. On the other hand, frequent gamers might benefit more from performance-oriented gifts, such as high-quality headsets or the latest game releases. For those immersed in PC gaming, a cutting-edge keyboard or a wireless mouse could elevate their play to new heights.
  • Gaming Accessories: Knowing what the gamer already owns can guide you towards gifts that complement or enhance their collection. An ergonomic mouse pad or a durable headphone stand could be invaluable additions for PC gamers. Console enthusiasts might appreciate an extra wireless or custom Xbox controller that reflects their style. These can be excellent gifts if they're missing essential accessories, enhancing their gaming setup significantly.
  • Beyond Expensive Gifts: Not all gifts need to break the bank to be cherished. Consider items related to their favourite games, such as collectible figures, themed beanies, or even art prints from their most-loved titles. For instance, a "The Legend of Zelda" fan might love a meticulously crafted replica of Link's Master Sword or a beautifully designed Hyrule map poster. These gaming gift ideas offer a personal touch that resonates with the gamer's interests and passions.

The Novelty & Funny Gaming Gift Approach

The pursuit of the perfect present is wider than the latest hardware or the most sought-after titles. Sometimes, the key to a gamer's heart lies in the whimsical and the notion. Novelty and funny gifts, such as a game controller-shaped neon sign or a quirky mobile game-themed mug, offer a unique avenue to celebrate the lighter side of gaming culture, providing laughter and joy without breaking the bank. Often more budget-friendly, these gifts can be as memorable and appreciated as their more expensive counterparts.

Why Choose Novelty & Funny Gifts?

  • Uniqueness: These gifts stand out for their creativity and uniqueness, offering something the recipient likely still needs, like a humorous mouse pad or an RGB light-up beanie.
  • Personal Touch: A humorous or novelty gift, such as a neon sign or a beanie with game icons, can show you understand the recipient's personality and lighter side, making the gift feel more personal.
  • Stress Relief: Gaming can be intense; a funny or quirky gift, like a gaming-themed mug or a novelty game boy-shaped phone case, can offer a welcome moment of fun and stress relief.
  • Budget-Friendly: For those who want to gift something special without the high price tag of gaming hardware, novelty items like a handheld game console-themed keychain or a game controller neon sign are fantastic options.

In selecting the best gifts for gamers of 2024, casual or frequent players, it's essential to consider both the practical and the playful. From the latest keyboard to a lighthearted novelty item, each gift holds the potential to significantly enhance their gaming experience or bring a smile to their face, making every session a little brighter.

Ideas for Novelty & Funny Gaming Gifts

  • Themed Mugs: Getting a mug that's themed from a popular game, like a Minecraft mug and sock set can be very novel
  • Funny Gaming Socks: Socks with humorous sayings or designs, like "Do not disturb, I'm gaming", can be a hit.
  • Parody Game Merchandise: T-shirts, hats, or posters that playfully parody popular games or gaming tropes. Or a tee like the evolution of man gaming.
  • Retro Game Coasters: Coasters that mimic the design of classic game cartridges or discs.
  • Custom Gamer Loot Boxes: Create a personalised loot box filled with small gaming-related trinkets, candies, and novelty gaming clocks.
  • Gaming-themed Desk Accessories:  Novelty items like a pen holder shaped like a famous game character or a mouse pad with a cheeky design.
  • Themed Jigsaw Puzzles: There are so many great puzzles out there, just like our range of Minecraft puzzles.

Top Gaming Gifts To Consider

Embarking on the quest to find the perfect gift for the ultimate gaming enthusiast is a journey filled with excitement, creativity, and a sprinkle of personalised magic. The key to unlocking a gamer's heart lies in the vast expanses of their interests, from the cutting-edge technology of PC upgrades to the charming nostalgia of old-school gaming collectibles. Each realm is rich with potential treasures, ready to captivate and thrill. As we delve into the diverse universe of gaming gifts, let's explore how to hit the bullseye and bring a beaming smile to that particular gamer in your life.

PC Upgrades and Accessories

The right upgrades and accessories can dramatically elevate a gamer's experience. Imagine the delight of seeing games come to life with a high-end Graphics Card or the satisfaction derived from a Mechanical Keyboard's precise and customisable keystrokes. A Gaming Mouse with high DPI and programmable buttons offers a competitive edge, while SSDs promise lightning-fast load times for seamless gameplay. Adding more RAM enhances multitasking and game performance, and a top-notch Cooling System ensures the gaming rig stays cool under pressure. For the content creator looking to stream on Twitch, adding a USB microphone can significantly enhance their audio quality. Each upgrade is a testament to the thought and care of selecting a gift that gives gamers every dimension of a gamer's passion.

Consoles and Accessories

Stepping into the console arena, the allure of Next-Gen Consoles like the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, or Nintendo Switch offers gamers the latest in cutting-edge entertainment. Custom or special edition Controllers, like those from the Xbox Design Lab, add a personal touch, reflecting the gamer's style and personality. At the same time, Charging Docks provide a convenient and organised solution for keeping game time uninterrupted. For those looking to play a game that supports mobile gaming, the Switch Lite becomes the best handheld option with its impressive battery life. Accessories like a high-quality Xbox wireless controller or a VR headset if you have the cash.

Accessories and Peripherals

Beyond the core gaming setup, Accessories and Peripherals like Headsets offer crystal-clear audio and voice chat, enhancing the social and immersiveness of playing games. An Ergonomic Gaming Chair supports long sessions comfortably, and a high-quality Mouse Pad, perhaps with a non-slip rubber base, ensures smooth, precise movements. Streaming gear, including webcams, USB microphones, and lighting, for gamers interested in content creation opens the door to sharing their gaming exploits with the world, potentially helping them earn a following. Additionally, gear like a Bluetooth speaker or a small enough organiser for their desk can keep their space functional and thematic.

Merchandise and Collectibles

For gamers who love to showcase their fandom, Merchandise and Collectibles offer a way to bring their favourite virtual worlds into the physical realm. Apparel like T-shirts, hoodies, and hats featuring beloved games or characters allow gamers to wear their passions proudly. High-quality Figurines and Statues, along with Posters or framed Art from favourite game universes, decorate their space with memories and inspirations from their digital adventures. Board Games that adapt popular video game titles provide a fun, offline way to experience gaming narratives and mechanics.

Subscriptions and Gift Cards

Lastly, Subscriptions and Gift Cards open up a world of possibilities, offering access to vast libraries of games, ad-free viewing on platforms like Twitch or YouTube Premium, and the freedom to choose the next great game or in-game content. Gaming Services like Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, or Nintendo Switch Online extend the gaming experience with online play and exclusive content. At the same time, gift cards for digital storefronts like Steam or the Epic Games Store let gamers dive into new worlds at leisure.

Popular Gaming Genre

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Role-playing games (RPG)
  • Strategy
  • Simulation
  • Puzzle
  • Horror
  • Sports
  • Fighting
  • Party
  • Open world
  • Survival
  • Battle Royale
  • Sandbox
  • Massively multiplayer online (MMO)

How To Budget For Your Gaming Gift

Finding the right gaming gift within your budget requires a blend of savvy shopping and insight into the gamer's world. Here are key strategies to ensure your gift packs a punch without emptying your wallet:

  • Set a Clear Budget: Start with a firm budget to guide your shopping decisions.
  • Value Perception: Focus on personalised and meaningful gifts, which often hold more value than their price tag suggests.
  • Explore Marketplaces: Look into online marketplaces for gently used gaming hardware and accessories, which can offer significant savings.
  • Compare Prices: Use online tools and apps to compare prices across retailers for the best deals.
  • Timing is Key: Take advantage of sales during holidays or special promotions to stretch your budget further.

Who Are Gamers (Australia)?

The Australian gaming landscape is a vibrant and evolving sector, characterised by its inclusivity and broad appeal across different demographics. The video games market in Australia is not just thriving; it's projected to grow significantly.

Australian gamers defy the outdated stereotypes, with an average age of 34 years and a nearly balanced gender representation—48% are female. This diversity also extends to older Australians, with 42% of those aged 65 and over identifying as gamers, showcasing gaming as a pastime transcending age barriers.

In terms of engagement, Australians are deeply invested in gaming, with a staggering 81% of the population playing video games—an increase of 21% since 2021. These gamers are not just spending significant time in digital worlds (an average of 90 minutes daily across various platforms) but are also using gaming as a medium for social connection. A remarkable 75% of Australians play video games with others, and 91% of parents view gaming as a way to connect with their children.

What Is The Gaming Demographic

The global gaming community showcases a diverse and nearly balanced gender distribution, challenging long-standing stereotypes about gamers. Here's a breakdown of the critical statistics highlighting gender diversity within the gaming world:

  • Gender Distribution Among Gamers Globally:
    • Male gamers: Approximately 1.7 billion
    • Female gamers: Approximately 1.39 billion
  • Engagement by Age and Gender:
    • Among female internet users aged 16 to 24 worldwide, 89.6% engage in video gaming.
  • US Gaming Community:
  • By March 2023, the gender split among video gamers in the US was:
    • 49% female
    • 51% male
  • Global Gaming Population:
    • Estimated at around 3.24 billion, indicating a vast and inclusive community.