850+ Gifts for Her On All Occasions

Did you know selecting the right gifts for her no matter the occasion can bring tremendous satisfaction, especially when it is well received? Find hundreds of the best gift ideas for women at DadShop without all the fuss and research. From birthdays to Christmas and even Mother's Day, we've got all the right gifts for the different types of women. Leave a lasting impression the next time you gift her the perfect present.

Last Updated On: 22th June 2023

Understanding What Makes a Good Gift

Choosing the right gifts for her is most often about something other than money. It's about the emotion and significance behind your selected gift. There's a fine line between a dull and tasteful gift which can only be determined if you understand the person you are buying for. So you know her style, personality, hobbies or any passions in life? Understanding her is the first step to picking the perfect birthday gift, or Mother's Day gift, for that matter.

5 Tips On Selecting The Right Gifts For Her Every Time

We have a few great tips to help anyone with their gift-picking dilemmas. These are a guide to almost any type of occasion for most personalities.

1. Observe & Listen
One of the best-kept secrets is hidden in plain sight. The next time you spend time with the person whom you're buying for listen and watch them. You might pick up clues to things they want or need as a gift. Observer her habits, hobbies, conversations you have and the book she reads. Does she run? Does she collect plants? No matter her hobbies, you'll find a great gift idea just from watching and listening.

2. Consider The Occasion
Acknowledge the occasion, pay close attention to anniversaries and milestone birthdays, and remember Mother's Day. Matching your gift with the occasion can give it more meaning and significance.

3. Personalised It
Only a few people do this, but buying and personalising a simple item can make for a wondering yet satisfying present. For example, your best mother loves gardening. Why not get her a personalised notebook with a gardening theme? Remember that not all items can be personalised, so pick and choose wisely.

4. Quality Over Quantity
How often do we hear this saying but ignore it during our gift selection stage? Not all gifts should be expensive or extravagant. Consider your budget and the occasion before spending a pretty penny. Also, note the quality of the present you are about to buy. Is it worth getting the cheaper version over the slightly higher-priced one with a longer warranty? Again choose wisely depending on the item.

5. When In Doubt, Ask
No one's 100% sure that their presents will be liked, let alone loved. So when in doubt, always ask her if this is something she should like. For example, if she loves reading and you want to get her an eReader, but you're not sold on the idea, you should ask. She might say that she hates this type of reading and would instead stick to good old fashion books.

Looking for the secret to what makes the best gifts for women, then read our blog.

How To Select The Best Gifts for Different Occasions

Every occasion we celebrate requires a unique gift, especially on monumental events. Each unique occasion requires the right gift to celebrate that moment. From Valentine's Day to even retirement, a unique yet meaningful gift from our curated list can make your celebration unforgettable. 

Birthday Gifts for Her

Not every birthday is treated with the same delicate care; therefore, it's safe to say that only some milestone ages are worthy of an epic celebration. At DadShop, we cater for all significant milestone birthdays, from personalised gifts to exquisite hampers for women. No matter what age she turns 18, 21, 30, 50 and even 80, we've got the right birthday gifts for her

Anniversary Gifts for Her

So it's that time of the year again, and you're out to get an anniversary gift for your wife (or girlfriend, or parents). But what do you get? If you need clarification, head to our Anniversary Gifts section and read about the different traditional gifts you can get. Think and prepare weeks, even months, ahead of time for this special occasion. To make your celebration memorable, always stick to a few simple rules; Plan early, pick a budget, and decide if it's a physical gift or an experience-type gift. 

Valentine's Day Gifts For Women

February 14 is a day to share your deepest feelings and express or confess your love to someone extraordinary. On this particular day, if you're looking for a romantic gift that she'll love, DadShop is the right place to be. Our women's Valentine's gift selection is an easy way to find the perfect gifts.

Mother's Day Gifts For Women

A special day where we honour and celebrate a wonderful woman that has nurtured and guided us all our lives and has loved us unconditionally. It's the best time of the year to show our appreciation and love to our mums. Picking the right gifts for her that aren't flowers and chocolate will be well received, especially if you've been doing it every year. Make your mother proud with a gift from our Mother's Day gift guide today. If you want to pamper your mum, check out our Mother's Day hampers, the best presents for mum.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Women

The magic of Christmas is always warm, joyous and one of the best days of the year. When selecting the right Christmas gifts for her, most people find it challenging to come up with one idea. At DadShop, we have hundreds of great present ideas, from clothing to barware and even novelty gifts. Give something unique this Xmas, and remember we even have Kris Kringle gifts within all budgets.

Gifts For Your Boss

Need to show some respect or gratitude to your boss? Why not give her the present acknowledging her leadership and everything she does for you and your colleagues? With the right website, you can find the best gifts for your boss. You can find something at DadShop that will be sure to impress you. Find unique gifts for your boss on Christmas or any other occasion today.

Gifts For The Woman Who Has Everything

One of the most significant challenges is buying a gift for someone who says they have everything! However, it's always a great feeling when that remarkable woman is ecstatic when you make her feel special upon opening a gift she likes. We have a range of unique gifts for women, especially those who have everything. Inside you'll find a gift every woman will appreciate, whether you're the cooking type, a gardener, a plant lover, a fishing nut or even a foodie. Show her how much you can and make her smile with a gift from DadShop.

Gifts For Mum

Do you remember that your mum's always got the best TLC package for you when you're feeling unwell and down? This is why your mother has to be your best friend or one of the most influential people in your life. Why not give her something special on her birthday or any special event? Our carefully curated collection is the perfect way to find a gift for your mum. With Australia-wide delivery, you can also send it directly to her if you are apart. Our huge range of mum gifts ranges from wine glasses and homewares to cooking and novelty gifts.

Why Gifts For Grandma?

Besides being the most important person in the world, your mother, did you ever forget to get your grandma a gift? Remember poor old Nan on her birthday or Christmas, and find her the perfect gift here at DadShop. With such great wisdom and care, your grandmother has always been there. She plays an equal role in your life. Send amazing gifts for Grandma today!

Gifts for Girlfriend

Your girlfriend has to be someone you hold close to your heart, someone you want to share your happy dreams and moments with and eventually turn into the most incredible love story you know. If she means the world to you, give her a long-lasting memory of opening a gift that will impress her. We have plenty of great gift ideas for women of all ages and personalities. We even have something for every occasion. 

Gifts For A Friend

Looking for a present for a friend but you can't get it, right? Remember our top 5 tips above, and you'll be able to find one at DadShop quickly and easily. Sometimes we don't need a sophisticated gift, just a simple gift like a notebook with its name on it. With our wide range of gift ideas, we hope you find the right gift for your close friend or even just an acquaintance.

Gifts For Sisters

A gift for this wonderful woman in your life should reflect your deep understanding and bond. And if you can't find such a gift, you'll find something unique and novelty at DadShop. We've collected many gift ideas to tackle all types of sisters, from a cozy robe to a tasty hamper for her. No matter what she's into, we've got just the right gift. Our Christmas gifts for sisters are an impressive way to show them some love during the festive occasion.

Gift Ideas Based on Interests and Hobbies

One of the best ways to get the best gifts for women is to get something that is associated with her hobbies and interest. A gift that speaks to her favourite pastime will be well received and considered a special gift. So spoil someone special today with our one-of-a-kind gifts from our extensive range of ideas at DadShop.

Luxury Gifts for Her

On occasion, we all love to indulge our loved ones with a little class and luxury. A beautiful hand-picked luxury gift can convey your deep affection, admiration and love for someone you care about. Explore our range of luxury gifts for her and find one special gift she'll fall in love with.

Personalised Gifts for Her

When you need help deciding what to get someone try a personalised gift. Its unique and one-of-a-kind attribute can be an enticing way to impress someone on a special occasion. Find the perfect birthday present or anniversary gift for that special lady in your life, and she'll love you to bits. We have a wide range of personalised aprons, t-shirts and notebooks. Browse our collection of gift ideas today and find what you're looking for at DadShop.

Isn't She Lovely

Celebrating an occasion with so many amazing women in our lives is always a pleasure. Giving a gift is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to showing your appreciation and love. Just remember that finding the right gift is a process that requires a little time, effort and care. We've got Australia's most extensive range of gifts for her, so you'll always be included in giving the right gift, no matter the occasion. Remember our top 5 tips on selecting a gift, and you'll make the perfect choice.