Take 2 Wine Cooler Bag by Didgeridoonas

    Take 2 Wine Cooler Bag by Didgeridoonas

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    Why take one when you can take two?

    This two wine bottle cooler bag is ideal for BYO occasions.

    It holds two large bottles and the built-in, wool-padded divider means not only greater protection but also a chilled white kept cold and a red kept at room temperature. 

    Capacity: 14 litres – 2 large bottles or 6 cans or stubbies.

    Dimensions: 24cm (W) x 10cm (D) x 42cm (H)

    *Wine not included

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    Taking one is not much fun. Taking two is the thing to do.

    Variety is the spice of life, which means that if you put two different bottles of wine in this bag you can claim that the wine is for seasoning for your picnic or barbecue.

    Flip open the lid and open the Velcro seal that is steadying the temperature. Plunge into the bag: an insulated dividing wall separates and protects two bottles of wine, and allows them to be kept at different temperatures, or the same temperature, for up to 24 hours. Awesome. When you’re ready to go, tighten the carry strap and sling it over a shoulder.

    The 100% Australian wool within the bag will keep your wines the temperature you want them for up to 24 hours. The tough oilskin that the rest of the bag is made from will keep out the weather and make any spills really easy to clean.


    • Durable and waterproof oilskin keeps the rain out and makes it easier to clean any spills.
    • 100% Australian wool insulation can keep your drinks cool or warm for up to 24 hours.
    • While designed to fit two standard wine bottles, you could put other drinks in here too.
    • Insulated panel to separate and protect bottles, and can keep them at different temperatures.
    • Velcro seal and lid flap to keep the temperature and your drinks inside.


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