390+ Novelty Gifts For 2024

When you're in need of novelty gift ideas we hope you think of DadShop. We specialise in unique gifts that can really put a smile on your face. Our range of quirky gifts is highly unusual, funny but yet practical and best of all they are suitable for men, women and kids.

What Are Novelty Gifts?

Novelty gifts are something that is unique, and weird and was only made to do a specific task. It’s an object or item that has limited practical use in your daily life. It’s made to simply entertain and humour the person receiving it. It’s sometimes made for a single one time use and occasionally used more than once. These types of inappropriate gifts are usually bought for someone whom you know would get the joke and burst out laughing. Our range of unusual gag gifts can be suitable for men, women and kids of all ages.

Novelty gifts can come in a form of mugs, gadgets, clothing, bar accessories, glass related gifts, office stuff, drinking games and even educational toys.

When Is A Good Time To Get Buy Novelty Gifts?

Most people usually buy novelty gifts during an event like an 18th or 21st birthday, bucks or hens night, and or even as a joke around the office. There are no specific occasions so pick the right time like the next party you attend. Just use your imagination when looking for the right gift. You can even just buy these novelty gifts for fun, for a good laugh among friends or even for that special someone.

If you're wondering when would be a bad time for a gag gifts it would be around any serious occasion like funerals and maybe even a wedding. Not everyone will appreciate your fun and novelty humour which is why you should always know whom you are getting these types of gifts for. A friend of a friend that you don't know well is a good example. Buying the right novelty gifts is like an art. Always find out if the person receiving your novelty gifts would actually find it humours if not you could seriously offend someone.

What's the Difference Between Novelty Gifts and Practical Gifts?

The main difference is that novelty gifts are bought to make someone laugh and have fun while practical gifts are usually more sensible. They are both great types of gifts but you should always know the difference. A good example of a practical gift would be a book, clothes or maybe even a new gadget. An inappropriate gift example would be an inflatable sumo suit, willy warmers or a fake toilet roll.

Practical gifts are usually more expensive and meant to last longer while novelty gifts are cheaper and made for a single use. However, you can buy both types of gifts for someone, for example, your practical gift can be accompanied by a novelty gift because it's a fun gift it can be cheap and will help make the person laugh or remember a joke or moment that you share.

How Do I Cheer Up Someone With A Novelty Gift?

Before you buy your recipient gifts, you should consider a few facts. Is this present tactful? Will the person find it funny? Is this gift suitable for kids? Is this a fun gift?

Sometimes it could backfire on you if it's the wrong gift at the wrong time. For example, if your recipient has had someone close to them pass away, this would be a bad time to give a funny gift.

It should be done with the right amount of finesse. Cheering up someone with a novelty toilet roll because they spend so much time on the can would be a perfect example.

Are Your Novelty Gifts For Men & Women?

Most of our novelty gift ideas are suitable for both genders. However, gifts in our shop can be gender-specific. We even have novelty clothing just to mix things up. It's always important to know that your recipient gifts should have the right amount of fun and not be offensive. Gag gift prices range from $5 - $50. At this price, you can easily purchase more than one.

We have a wide range of Christmas gift ideas on our website that are funny and cool even a baby would enjoy them.

From our extensive range of novelty gifts in Australia, we would recommend the following types of gifts:

  • A funny mug of their favourite animal
  • A quirky gadget like a multi-tool or fishing tool
  • A unique piece of personalised clothing
  • Fun drinking games
  • An educational toy for young kids
  • A collection of beers gifts in a hamper you put together

How Do I Buy Kids Novelty Gifts?

Finding the right present can be tricky. Most of the time toys are a great gift however with so many online stores you can easily find a huge collection of unique toys, gadgets and accessories that will be well received by many young children.

Here are a few tips to help you purchase the right gift:

  • Stay away from mainstream brands like Disney or Mattel as these gifts are very practical and common
  • Never pay too much for novelty gifts. If the price of a gift is over $100 then you're spending way too much.
  • Is it age-appropriate? Is this toy funny?
  • I bought it online is there a warranty?
  • Will this make the child smile or just be more junk to their toys collection.
  • Is there glass inside that could hurt them?
  • What is this stuff made of, will it be harmful?
  • Does he already have this game?
  • What type of toys does he like?
  • The price range should be around $10 - $30
  • What Types of Gifts Would You Recommend?

These are just a few types of presents that are great for any occasion and most of them are also great for kids as a birthday gift.

Do You Offer Buy Now Pay Later Options?

Yes, we have AfterPay and Zipay to help spread out your payments for all gifts in our store. It's the perfect way to get your gifts for birthdays, Christmas or for any special occasion. You can select one of our buy now pay later options at the checkout on our website. Buying higher price items is now made easy especially when shopping locally in Australia.

We are always looking to add new buy now pay later vendors so check our website often for updates.

What Are Your Delivery Times In Australia?

Since we are located in Australia delivery times will vary depending on how far you are from our Sydney warehouse. Most deliveries to major cities take 2-6 business days. Getting your gag gifts on time is important to us so always shop early to avoid disappointments. You may experience more delays leading up to Christmas.

A quick note, shop around 3 weeks before your event / occasion. It would be silly to shop for Christmas gifts 3 days before the 25th of November.

With Over 10 years of experience, we're positive you will find the perfect gift ideas at DadShop.

Do You Sell Impractical Quirky Gifts?

Yes, of course, we do! However, at DadShop we believe in both impractical gifts that are also useful. For example, novelty toilet rolls have an impractical cost yet it’s very useful and would be used daily. And then we have a Fart In A Can which you can only use once.

Have a good look through our unusual and weird gifts range and have a laugh or two. There are plenty of novelty gifts for men or women and they are great for all occasions. With the price of fuel and materials increasing you can really save on delivery fees if you combined your order with other gifts and only pay $9.90 for our flat delivery fee. Get all your presents in a single delivery instead of having to pay multiple delivery prices.

To Sum It All Up

The range of gifts in Australia has grown immensely. Buying the perfect gift used to be an art however with such a wide range of gifts online it's easy to discover great gift ideas that are not your average quirky gift. So the next time you celebrate at a party grab your quirky mug, glass, toys or game and put a smile on everyone's face.

Common Questions When Buying Novelty Gifts

Are Your Novelty Gifts Appropriate For Kids?

It depends on the age of the kid you are buying for. Some fun gag gifts may not be enjoyable to most kids. Just make sure you use your common sense when shopping for novelty kids gifts and pick something that is age-appropriate.

Are Novelty Mugs A Good Gift?

A novelty mug can be a great gift idea however it depends on the person receiving it. Find out a few things about your recipient for example are they into unicorns, dogs, cats, etc? If so we may have the perfect mug for them. Most of our novelty gift ideas are geared to specific themes like star wars from Disney.

Should I Get A Novelty Gift For A Birthday Party?

Most birthdays can be a little boring or simple. So to mix things up yes we highly recommend something fun to put a smile on everyone's face. As an example, if you're attending a party held by your university mates why not purchase a few drinking games. These silly games will help brighten the mood and life of everyone around.