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Mini Galileo Thermometer - 15cm - 1

Mini Galileo Thermometer - 15cm

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This 15cm mini Galileo Thermometer is a captivating blend of history and science, taking inspiration from a 17th-century invention by the legendary Galileo Galilei. This petite thermometer is made of a sealed glass cylinder filled with a transparent liquid and an array of sealed glass orbs, each with its unique density. These orbs rise and fall as the temperature fluctuates, forming an easy-to-read temperature scale.

This compact version is perfect for young explorers, offering a fun and educational way to delve into the principles of density and buoyancy.

  • A timeless design that's been around for 400 years
  • Understand temperature changes through the ascending and descending glass balls
  • Meticulously crafted with hand-blown glass elements.

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