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Barbie, BBQ, Barbeque - Whatever you call it, however, you do it, how often you do it, whether its at your backyard or in the park, rest assured that at DadShop, you can find unique, funny yet practical BBQ gifts or aprons to complements that hobby of yours. 

The Best BBQ Gift Ideas For All Occasions

Finding the perfect unique BBQ gift ideas for any occasion can be a daunting task. But with a little bit of thought and planning, it can be easy to find the perfect gift for the grill master in your life. No matter if they are a bbq king or a complete novice on the grill, our grilling gifts will be sure to impress them. We even have fathers day gifts that are also perfect for any bbq boss.

Checkout our article 15 of The Best BBQ Food Ideas For Australia for the best tips on which foods to cook at your next bbq party.

What Type of Barbecue Gifts Are There?

Now that you know the different types of barbecue methods, it's time to start thinking about what type of gifts would be perfect for the grill master in your life. We also have great gift suggestions for the bbq beginner to the grill master so no matter what type of bbq lifestyle they have we've got you covered.

  1. BBQ Tools
    If your loved one enjoys grilling, then a set of high-quality grilling bbq tool is the perfect gift. This will ensure that they have everything they need to produce delicious grilled food every time. We highly recommend stainless steel for your bbq tongs and other grilling tools. You never want your tools to rust hence stainless steel is always recommended.
  2. Clothing
    Another great idea would be chef hats and aprons. These will not only help them look the part of a grill master, but they can also provide an extra level of protection from cooking accidents plus if a bbq apron can come in all sorts of unique colours and graphics to make them stand out even more. Another item of clothing to consider is bbq gloves as they will come in handy when handling hot charcoal. Keep in mind we do have a bbq king apron.
  3. Cookware and Utensils
    Another great gift idea is a set of cookware and utensils that can be used for both grilling and smoking. This way, your loved one can try out different styles of cooking without having to spend a lot of money on new bbq accessories.
  4. Seasonings and Sauces
    No barbecue is complete without the perfect seasonings and sauces. If you know your loved one's favourite flavours, then you can put together a custom gift basket of their favourite products. This will make sure that they're always able to create meals that taste great.
  5. Books and Magazines
    If your loved one is a true grill enthusiast, they may want to try creating their own bbq recipes at home. For this reason, you can't go wrong with giving them a collection of bbq recipe books and magazines full of new ideas for exciting flavours. Books are a great resource to get new bbq ideas on techniques and methods to improve your skills.

How To Choose The Perfect BBQ Gift For Anyone

There are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect BBQ gift for someone special in your life. We'll help you decide between bbq accessories, bbq tool set, a gift set and a bbq apron. Here are a few tips to help you make the best decision.

  1. Consider Their Skill Level
    When choosing a gift, it's important to consider the skill level of the person you're shopping for. If they're a beginner, then you'll want to choose something that's easy to use and doesn't require a lot of experience. On the other hand, if they're an expert, then you can go for something more advanced that will help them take their grilling to the next level.
  2. Think About Their Preferences
    It's also important to think about the type of food that your loved one enjoys eating. This will help you choose a gift that they'll actually use and enjoy. For example, if they love steak, then a set of steak knives would be a great gift. However, if they prefer chicken, then a set of grill-friendly cookware would be better suited.
  3. Consider Their Personality
    Finally, don't forget to consider the personality of the person you're buying a gift for. If they have a fun and outgoing personality, then look for unique products that will help them stand out at their next barbecue. If they're more laid back and low-key, choose something more subtle that won't be too flashy.

How do you know if a person wants a BBQ gift?

The easiest way to determine if a bbq gift would be suitable is how often do they bbq or invite you over for a barbecue? It the answer if frequent to an absurd amount then a bbq gift would be the perfect present for them. However, on the other hand, you can outright ask them if they like BBQ'ing.

What Gifts Should I Bring To A BBQ Party?

If you've been invited to a bbq party it's only polite to ask if they need anything or if you can bring a dish of some sort. If they don't request anything in particular then here are a few ideas on what you could bring to a BBQ.

  1. Appetizers such as chips, dips, or salad
  2. Drinks such as beer and wine
  3. BBQ Gift pack. Which would include sauces and marinades.
  4. A side dish such as coleslaw or potato salad
  5. Ice for drinks and watermelon to keep cool during the summer months. If you're still unsure, a gift card to a local grocery store is always appreciated.

What Do You Need For An Epic BBQ?

No matter what the occasion, every man needs a great set of grilling tools. This way, they'll be prepared for anything that comes their way. Here are a few must-haves for any grill master.

  1. A good quality grill. You might want to consider gas grill as electric ones are not nearly as effective.
  2. A bbq tool. Don't forget to also include your barbecuing apron. You might also want to include a barbecue grill light which will be very handy at night.
  3. A supply of propane, charcoal and top-quality steaks.
  4. A cooler for drinks.
  5. A comfortable lawn chair.
  6. Sunscreen because who wants an imprint of their single on their body.
  7. Bug spray.
  8. Music to set the mood.
  9. A few good friends.
  10. And of course, a great sense of humour!

What Types of Barbecue Methods Are There? 

Barbecue lovers all know that there are two main methods of barbecuing.

Direct / Grilling

Grilling is a type of barbecue method that involves cooking food directly over high heat, typically using gas or charcoal grills. This style of cooking can produce quick and flavorful results, making it a popular choice for many grill enthusiasts. Steaks and sausages are the most common types of food to grill.

Indirect / Smoking

Smoking is a type of barbecue where you cook the food indirectly. This means that the food isn't cooked over high heat like in grilling. It's cooked slowly using smoke. This results in a more tender and flavorful product that's perfect for those who want to take their time with the cooking process.

If you are a barbecue enthusiast we highly recommend smoking your meats as this is one of the best methods to get intense flavours

Before You BBQ

We hope you'll be able to find the perfect BBQ gifts at DadShop. Whether you need a gift for your grill dad, an idea for your bbq party or want to give a BBQ lover the perfect present, there's sure to be something at DadShop that will make them smile. We have a great line of bbq apron, bbq accessories, wide range of hamper gift set and our gift ideas are also suitable for women.

Common Questions About BBQ Gifts

What is a Grillmaster?

A Grillmaster is a person who is responsible for cooking on a grill. This can be done at a barbecue, tailgating party, or any other type of outdoor gathering. A Grillmaster typically has a lot of experience cooking on a grill and knows how to create flavorful meals.

How do you become a grill master?

There is no one specific way to become a grill master. However, there are a few things that all great grill masters have in common. They have a passion for grilling, they're always experimenting with new recipes and techniques, and they're always willing to share their knowledge with others.

What are the perfect bbq gifts to get a guy?

Before you head off and get that perfect bbq gift our first bit of advice is to first understand or know something about the person you are getting a bbq gift for. Consider the bbq skill level and personality first. If you are looking for a gift but you don't know enough about them then our top recommended bbq gift is our personalised apron "King of The BBQ."

What BBQ Hampers Do You Recommend?

We have a great selection of bbq hampers but one of our best sellers is the Gourmet BBQ Gift Set which features sauces, rubs, mitts and snacks. We also highly recommend The Grill Master Gift Set which features sauces, a bbq bible and mitts. All our hampers are beautifully gift packed in a black box.