Da Vinci's Catapult - 1

    Da Vinci's Catapult

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    When Leonardo da Vinci wasn't busy painting, sculpting or being brilliant, he spent his free time drawing mechanical throwing machines. Now you can match wits with da Vinci and put your coordination skills to the test with this build-it-yourself, working re-creation of his 15th Century catapult. This bad boy can hurl a small clay ball over 4 meters; comes in handy for ambushing pesky brothers or protecting cubicles from annoying coworkers.

    • This is a working re-creation of Leonardo da Vinci's catapult and is assembled from pre-cut and pre-drilled wooden pieces
    • Easy to follow instructions included
    • Recommended Age : 12+
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    Pathfinders designs and manufactures wooden science kits that capture the imaginations of children and adults alike with their functionality and historical accuracy. Da Vinci Catapult –Catapults were first invented in Ancient Greek and Roman times, but Da Vinci redesigned the catapult around 1485. From Pathfinders’ Leonardo Da Vinci series, this model is based on the inventor’s drawings from the Codex Atlanticus. His modern catapult used the power stored in the tension of bent wood, which was a spring-like propulsion system. This working recreation of the 15th century machine can fling a clay ball over four metres! Look out castle-dwelling knights, you’re under attack!

    All the pieces in this model are pre-cut from natural, untreated wood from sustainable forests and they’re pegged for extra strength. This fun activity will catapult imaginations! It’s easy to follow with the help of detailed instructions and can be made by beginner siege-makers in about an hour.

    Assembled dimensions: 45cm (h) x 42m (l) x 16cm (w).

    Age guide: from 12 years.