Tradie's Lunch Box by Didgeridoonas

    Tradie's Lunch Box by Didgeridoonas

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    The early bird gets the worm, and with this bag you can take it to work and keep it cold (or warm) all day. Regardless of if you’re headed for the classroom, office, or the build site, the 100% Australian wool can keep your food and drink the right temperature all day.

    A sturdy base and adjustable strap for travelling makes this the perfect Lunch box.

    It has a removable drink holder and a side zip up pocket to hold keys, phone and wallet.

    Inside are elastic straps to hold your cutlery.

    Dimensions: 27cm(h) x 30cm(l)

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    The early bird gets the worm, but with the Tradies’ Lunch Box you can take the worm with you and keep it cold all day.

    Even if you don’t have to get up as early as our country’s tradies it’s still a great bag.

    It’s made from Australian oilskin which is both tough, long-lasting and water proof. And it’s insulated with 100% Australian wool, so whether you’re headed for a day of work outdoors, in the classroom or in an office, your lunch will be kept cool for up to 24 hours. And if you fancy something hotter it’ll keep your lunch warm – perfect if you don’t have a microwave.

    The lunch box also comes with a detachable drink bottle cooler that can be attached to the outside of the bag so it’s there when you need it, as cool or warm as you want it. Three elastic straps inside keep your cutlery nice and organised. An insulated flap folds over and fastens over the bag, sealing the cold air in, and then the whole thing closes with a lid providing two layers of insulation.

    The bag also has an adjustable carry strap so it’s easy to carry to the next job, and a zippered pocket on the back for extras like tea bags or even your phone, wallet and keys.


    • Durable and waterproof oilskin to keep the rain out and the cold (or warmth) in.
    • Detachable drink cooler attaches to the outside for easy access.
    • Insulated flap seals in the temperature.
    • Zip pocket on the back for extras like tea bags, or even your phone, wallet and keys.
    • Easy to carry: the Tradies’ Lunch Box has a tough, adjustable shoulder strap.