The Australian Utility Swag by Didgeridoonas

    The Australian Utility Swag by Didgeridoonas

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    Designed to hold all your toiletry/cosmetic needs in five zippered compartments, the Utility Swag is the perfect travelling companion. 

    *shaving tools not included

    Dimensions: 27cm (W) x 17cm (H) 

    Unfolded: length 64cm 

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    Rolled or unfurled, hung or laid flat, the Australian Utility Swag is the perfect companion for your adventure, wherever that may take you.
    Whether you’re headed for the bush or a hotel, the Australian Utility Swag has your back. It’s designed for both for transport and organisation, featuring a roll-up design with four zippered pockets to keep everything neat.

    It is spacious enough to fit anything you might possibly need on your adventure, from soap and shaving cream to compass and map. A fifth pocket on the back allows the whole length of the Utility Swag to be used for storage.

    The whole swag can be rolled up for transport, and secured with a leather fastener. At your destination, it can be unfurled and hung from a bathroom doorknob or even a tree branch for easy access.


    • Tough yet stylish, the Australian oilskin keeps the weather out and the contents in.
    • Waterproof lining makes it easy to keep the inside of the pockets clean.
    • Four zip-up pockets on the inside provide plenty of space and allow you to easily locate what you need.
    • Large back pocket runs the full length of the Utility Swag to fit larger items.
    • Rolls up and fastens with a leather strap to keep everything contained for traveling.
    • Leather handle so you can hang the Swag from a doorknob or tree branch for easy access.


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