Wine Chiller and Pourer - 5

    Wine Chiller and Pourer

    Processing Time: 1 - 2 Days

    Finally a gift for the wine lover who has everything. Chill, pour and enjoy!

    How it works

    1. Place Wine Chiller in the freezer for 2 hours.
    2. Pour off enough wine to allow the wine chiller to be inserted into bottle.
    3. Chills reds in 5 minutes or keeps whites perfectly chilled for up to an hour.
    4. Pour your wine through the pourer and enjoy the perfectly chilled wine. 
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    The powerful cooling properties of the stainless steel rod filled with the thermal gel combine to keep the rod cold and your wine perfectly chilled.

    No buckets! No Drips! The convenience of the dripless pourer means you don’t need to remove the Chill N Pour from the bottle. Your wine pours out beautifully without any drips or mess.

    A crucial and sometimes underestimated aspect of wine appreciation is the serving temperature.

    WHITE WINE – Maintain whites or Rose’ chilled to the perfect serving temperature for maximum enjoyment. RED WINE – Often red wines are served too warm. Chill N Pour cools down reds from room to cellar temperature. When a red wine is served chilled at the right temperature, its fruit and its subtle nuances reveal its personality to the great pleasure of the wine lover. 

    Tips:  When your bottle is finished, simply rinse off Chill N Pour, unscrew and re-freeze chill rod. Grab another chilling rod from the freezer for your next bottle. So get two by all means! Now you are ready to serve the next bottle and keep it chilled!