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33 Outdoor Father’s Day Gifts That Dad Will Use 2023

Dad Spending Time Outdoors

Updated on September 20th, 2023

When Father’s Day approaches, we get anxious because it’s that special time of the year, and our dads are also awaiting a cool and unique gift. Whether it’s your dad, a grandfather, or a friend who’s been like a dad to you, they all deserve recognition and maybe even an awesome present.

Before we get cracking on the best outdoor Father’s Day gifts, let’s first go through the way and hows to get a useful gift this Father’s Day.

The Beauty of Useful Gifts

Picture this. Your dad unwraps the gift, and his face lights up. Don’t get me wrong, he’ll be plenty excited that you remember a gift for Father’s Day, but he’ll be especially surprised that it’ll be something your dad wanted or would be very useful. That’s the beauty of a useful gift over something like a mug that he might have an oversupply of.

An example would be to imagine if your dad was out on his trip with a friend or the family, and he’s fishing, and when he puts on his fishing lures, he remembers who got them for him. This will help dad remember you when he’s out and about.

Making Sure Your Outdoorsy Dad Gift Gets the Spotlight

Outdoorsy Dad With Son

Now, we’re onto the crucial part. We’ve established that a useful gift is the ideal type of gift, but how do we ensure it’s the right useful gift?

First things first, understand your dad’s hobbies. Is he a fan of hiking? Fishing? Maybe he’s a grilling aficionado? Once you’ve got that part sorted, you’re halfway there.

Personalising the gift is a nice touch too. A monogrammed leather wallet, for instance, or a custom-made fishing lure. It’s these little things that make a gift unique and treasured.

Lastly, let’s talk about quality. No one likes a gift that breaks after the first use. Do your homework, read reviews, and compare brands by choosing something that will not just withstand the test of time but also the great outdoors.

The Joy of Outdoor Time with Dad

Remember those summer days when your dad taught you how to fish? Or those chilly winter evenings with hot cocoa around the campfire? Those are the moments you both will cherish the most.

Why not gift your dad something that can create more of these precious moments this Father’s Day? An outdoor gift is not just a material object but an invitation. An invitation to spend time together, create memories, and enjoy nature’s beauty.

Without further ado, let’s get cracking on these amazing Father’s Day gift ideas!

1.The Venturer Bag By Didgeridoonas

The Venturer Bag By Didgeridoonas

The Venturer Bag by Didgeridoonas is your trusty partner for every daring adventure you embark upon. There’s no better rugged Australia oilskin bag than Digeridoonas, not to mention it’s 100% Australia owned and made. So you’ll be supporting Australia every time you use it. It’s spacious and ready to go.

2. Camp Tool Card M020 By Tactica

This camping tool is tiny and versatile. The perfect gift for outdoorsy dad. It’s made by Tactica, a great reliable brand. It has 420-Grade Stainless Steel and Grade 5 titanium in PVD coating. This means it’s not easy to rust, and it’ll outlast most metals. It weighs 35g so, and it’s only 9.2cm by 5.6cm. A tiny little gadget is great for any outdoorsmen.

3. Baby & Toddler Adventure Carrier By Jumply

This is the perfect gift for new dads who still enjoys hiking, camping, and just being outdoors. It’s lightweight yet robust; this baby & toddler carrier is comfortable for both the parent and the child, with ample storage for all your trekking essentials. It’s designed for 6 months old and up. The max carry weight is 15 kg.

4. Wilderness Multi -Tool By Gentlemen's Hardware

This unique wilderness multitool has it all. This 9-in-1 companion is designed for every outdoor escapade, from sawing branches to opening bottles. It’s the only little tool you’ll ever want or need.

5. The Australian Walkabout Cooler Bag By Didgeridoonas

Another Didgeridoonas recommendation is the Australian Walkabout Cooler bag, which is perfectly designed for rugged weather conditions while keeping the contents cool. It’ll be the most loyal friend your dad will ever have when he’s out and about. The best thing about this cooler bag is that it can keep the contents cool for up to 8 hours and holds about 13 litres.

6. Camping Cutlery Tool With Acacia Handle By Gentlemen's Hardware

This cutlery tool has a beautiful handle made from Acacia wood and is your all-in-one culinary solution for the campfire. Its multifunctional design includes everything from a fork and knife to a bottle opener, all neatly folded into a stylish wooden handle.

7. All-Weather DriPouch - Water Resistant Smart Phone Pouch

The All-Weather DriPouch safeguards your phone against all elements – water, dust, sand, and snow. Take it to the beach, the mountains, or the desert, and keep your phone protected no matter where the adventure takes you.

8. Survival Multitools Set Of 3 By Gentlemen's Hardware

This is one of our best selling tools from Gentlemen’s Hardware. This survival tool has three of the most useful tools giving you the combination of the credit card multitool, backpack carabiner multitool and the pocket keychain multitool with a flashlight. It’s a great kit for any avid traveller or outdoorsy type.

9. The Big Mug & Double-Walled Travel Manly Mug

Forget your standard mug; pick up The Big Mug, and you’ll never need to worry about not having enough liquids. This class mug is made from stainless steel and is double-walled for temperature control, making it the ideal travel companion for home and the outdoors.

10. Survival Guide Enamel Mug With Carabiner

Does Dad need some survival guides? Get this enamel mug which features all the handy tips to survive the great outdoors. Not only is it a survival handbook that you can drink your coffee from, but it also holds your coffee or tea! And it comes with a handy carabiner.

11. Classic Harmonica By Gentlemen's Hardware

It can get rather boring when you’re outdoors, especially in the middle of the night by the campfire. Why now bring the rhythm of the blues to your next camp with this Classic Harmonica from Gentlemen’s Hardware. Whether you’re a fan of jazz, blues or honky-tonk, this harmonica will let your music soar. It includes a handy song sheet and polishing cloth. It comes in a beautiful and durable metal tin.

12. 3-In-1 Flashlight Lantern With Bottle Opener By Gentlemen's Hardware

Illuminate your outdoor adventure with this 3-in-1 portable flashlight and lantern. Designed compactly, it not only provides light but also doubles as a handy bottle opener. Perfect for hiking or anyone who’s space conscious. Comes with handy hanging loops for hands-free illumination.

13. A Life Full Of Adventure Manly Mug

This Manly Mug is not just a mug; it’s a mantra. It holds a great life quote; “A life full of adventure is a life well lived,” perfect for those who believe in living life to the fullest. Dad can enjoy his favourite beverage while reflecting on his epic adventures.

15. Campfire Poker

Ever wanted to play poker while camping by the fire? Well, now you can with this Gentlemen’s Hardware Campfire Poker set. Comes with 120 stackable bottle cap chips in red, black and silver and a deck of waterproof playing cards. Perfect for outdoor pit stops and adventures.

16. The Black Box Of Hard Body Lures

Does Dad enjoy fishing? If so this amazing black box of hard-body lures is going to be a much-needed gift idea! With a range of fishing lures to match the various types of fish and waters your dad will always remember who them the best set of fishing lures he’s ever used.

17. Mug With Multitool Card

If you know your boss well, then you might want to consider this thoughtful gift. It’s especially awesome if he’s into Star Wars. It says “best dad in the galaxy” which should also say the best boss in the galaxy. It comes in either a baby bodysuit or a kid’s t-shirt. The perfect present your boss can enjoy to celebrate their fatherhood.

18. Epic Adventures - Personalised Hardcover Spiral Notebook

Every dad can do with a great notebook, and there’s no better one than this Personalised Epic Adventures notebook. He can plan for his camping or fishing trips and also write about these trips in this hardcover spiral notebook. Just add Dad’s name or the name of your choice, and make this notebook uniquely his.

19. Bottle Opener Sunglasses By Foster & Rye

Being on of the most practical novelty sunglass, this has to be the most stylish Father’s Day gift for dads. Not will it look great on him, but you can also use the inbuilt bottle opener to enjoy a cold one. Equipped with two durable metal bottle openers integrated into each of the sunglasses’ arms, your dad will never lose his bottle opener again!

20. Monochrome Waves Bluetooth Wireless Speaker & Radio

Dad can now take his tunes where ever he goes with this compact, portable Bluetooth speaker. Connect it to your mobile or smart devices, or tune in to FM radio and enjoy the great sound quality. It uses Bluetooth V5, has a 10 meter range and has an operating time of around 2-3 hours. It’s tiny and compact, perfect for hiking.

21. Original 10-In-1 Credit Card Multitool By Gentlemen's Hardware

Carry 10 trusty tools in one compact, credit card-sized tool. Made from durable stainless steel, it includes a variety of wrenches, a knife blade, a screwdriver, and more. It’s beautifully presented in a tin box.

22. 13-In-1 Bike Multitool

Avoid trips to the mechanic with the 13-in-1 Bike Multi Tool by Legami. This compact tool features 13 different tools to help you make adjustments or repairs to your bike on the go. Includes: Various sizes of Allen keys, Phillips and Slotted screwdrivers, and a variety of wrenches sizes.

23. Amphibi-Glass Floating Sand Beach Glass

Have you ever wanted to drink wine at the beach but never had anywhere to place your wine glass? So you end up using a flask or mug? Well, Dad will be pleasantly surprised to get this Amphibi-Glass Floating Sand Beach Glass. This unique ‘glass’ defies the odds by floating in the water and sticking in sand or grass, reducing spillage on uneven terrain. Perfect for beach outings, park picnics or backyard get-togethers. Made of BPA-free acrylic with a generous capacity of 400ml.

Classic Recommendations

Spending time outdoors with the best gift ideas is one thing but these classic items below we just have to include because we wanted to present you with the best outdoor gear as well.

GoPro Hero 10 Black


Capture your dad’s most thrilling outdoor adventures with a GoPro. With super high resolution, hyper-smooth stabilisation, and the ability to live stream, it’s an absolute game-changer for the thrill-seeking dad. Whether it’s mountain biking, kayaking or a peaceful hike, this device ensures every second is captured in stunning detail.

25. Leatherman Wave+

Leatherman Wave

The Leatherman Wave+ is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. With 17 tools in one compact design, it’s the Swiss Army Knife of the 21st century. It includes a range of screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters, a knife and even a bottle and can opener. Every tool locks securely into place, ensuring safety while being used. Give him the gift of the king of multi-tools.

26. Camping Water Purifier

Camping Water Prurifier

Staying hydrated in the great outdoors is crucial. A Camping Water Purifier is a valuable asset on any camping trip, turning potentially unsafe water into a clean, drinkable resource. No more lugging around heavy water bottles – with this, Dad has a constant supply of water, as long as there’s a nearby stream or lake.

27. An Esky


An Esky is a time-tested classic for outdoor excursions. Perfect for keeping food and beverages cool during camping trips, beach outings or long road trips. Its robust design ensures it can handle the rough and tumble of outdoor adventures while the insulated interior maintains the right temperature for hours. It’s a classic gift that should be overlooked.

28. A Hatchet

Man Carrying A Hatchet

For the dad who enjoys camping, a decent hatchet is more important than you think. Perfect for chopping firewood, clearing a campsite, tent pegging, or even emergency situations. It’s compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry along on any outdoor journey.

29. Ultralight Waterproof Jacket and Pants

Waterproof Wet Weather Gear

An Ultralight Waterproof Jacket and Pants set is essential for any outdoor adventure. This is one of the most essential items you’ll never use camping or hiking. It’s perfect for those unexpected rain showers, windy mountain tops or morning dew. Being ultralight and breathable, it won’t add extra weight to your gear, and it packs down small, saving valuable space in your backpack.

30. Waterproof Boots

Waterproof Boots

A good pair of Waterproof Boots is a must for any outdoor-loving dad. Perfect for navigating through muddy trails, crossing shallow streams, or simply keeping feet warm and dry during a downpour. These boots are designed to take a beating while providing maximum comfort.

31. Camping Chair

Camping Chairs

A Camping Chair offers a much-needed rest spot after a long day of outdoor activities. It’s the perfect seat for a fireside chat, a place to enjoy a meal, or simply to kick back and stargaze. Lightweight, portable and easy to set up.

32. AeroPress Coffee Maker - Go

AeroPress Coffee Maker Go

For the dad who loves his coffee, the AeroPress Coffee Maker – Go is a game-changer. It’s lightweight, compact, and incredibly easy to use. All you need is hot water and your favourite ground coffee, and you’re all set for a barista-quality brew in the wilderness.

32. Decent Binoculars

Decent Binoculars

Binoculars are an indispensable tool that is essential for the outdoorsy dad. Whether bird watching, surveying the landscape from a mountaintop, or keeping an eye on the trail ahead, a decent of binoculars will be much appreciated. Depending on your budget, they can range from clarity and magnification strength. Compact and durable, binoculars are designed to withstand the rigours of outdoor use, making them a perfect companion.

33. Dry Snacks For Camping

Dry Snacks

Dry Snacks are an excellent choice for outdoor adventures. They’re lightweight, non-perishable, and packed with energy-boosting nutrients to keep Dad going. From trail mix to beef jerky, there’s a vast range of options to suit any taste. It’s the perfect pick-me-up when out on the trail.

Gifts For Outdoorsy Dads: A Final Note

Now that we’ve listed a decent list of Father’s Day gifts for outdoorsy dads, we hope you’ll never have to panic or worry about Dad’s present. With a bit of time and effort, you can turn your gift into something Dad will appreciate. This Father’s Day, let’s celebrate our dads with gifts that are more than just objects. Give your Dad the gift that he’ll want to use; that way, he’ll be constantly reminded of the bond that you share. Here’s to a wonderful Father’s Day, my friends!

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