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28 Cute First Father’s Day Gift Ideas For New Dads in 2023

First Farthers Day Holding Up Baby

Updated on April 1st, 2024

When Father’s Day is just around the corner, we all get a little stressed thinking about what to get. However, what happens if it’s his first Father’s Day? Let’s help celebrate those awesome new dads out there experiencing this special day for the first time. What can I get for a first-time dad who embodies the magnitude of this new journey? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve got a chock-full list of 28 irresistibly cute gifts guaranteed to touch his heart and maybe even squeeze out a tear or two. So, buckle up and prepare for a fun ride into the world of adorable gifts for Dad.

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First Time Dad Kissing New Born

6 Tips For Giving First-Time Dads A Gift

  1. Understand His Interests & Lifestyle: Pay attention to his hobbies, passions, and day-to-day routines. Is he a tech enthusiast, a fitness guru, a music lover, or a bookworm? Choose the best first-time dad gift that resonates with his interests and seamlessly integrates into his lifestyle.
  2. Consider Practicality and Convenience: Being a new dad brings many new responsibilities. Opt for the best gift to make his life easier or save time, like practical baby gear, high-tech monitors, or even home meal deliveries. If a gift can make his life more efficient or free up some of his time, that’s a well-bought gift.
  3. Cherish the Milestone: The first Father’s Day is special. Look for personalised items that capture this memorable moment, like a custom-made matching t-shirt and baby suit or a picture frame holding a snapshot of dad and baby.
  4. Promote Comfort and Relaxation: With all the hustle and bustle of parenthood, any gift that prioritises comfort or promotes relaxation can be a winner, from plush robes and high-quality pillows to a relaxing foot massager or even a beer hamper!
  5. Think Long-Term and Forward-Looking: Choose gifts that serve immediate needs and can be appreciated in the long run. Consider items that can foster future bonding activities or continue to be helpful beyond the baby phase. Here’s a juicy example, our Baby & Tolder carrier is a backpack with a baby carrier integrated into it. This could be a great gift for the outdoors dad who’s into hiking. But obviously not to be used with a newborn.
  6. Plan and Prepare: Start your search early, especially for custom or personalised gifts. Establish a budget, research, and consider your presentation options (wrapped or gift bag). Take into account any delivery times, especially if you are ordering from overseas. Our advice is to stick to Australian-based shops or websites like ours!

Clothing Gift Ideas

Becoming a dad is a badge of honour, and what better way for a new father to show off this accomplishment than with stylish and comfortable clothing? These clothing gifts are designed to keep first-time fathers feeling good and looking great!

Jedi Master & Young Padawan Matching T-Shirt, $44.95

In a galaxy far, far away, a new bond is formed between a Jedi Master and a young Padawan – and they have the shirts to prove it! These adorable Star Wars-inspired matching outfits make for the perfect gift for a Star Wars fan. The set includes a black t-shirt for the adult and a bodysuit or t-shirt for the little one. Embrace the force together with this delightful set!

Papa Bear & Baby Bear Matching T-Shirt, $44.95

Here’s a way to show off that unbreakable bond between a father and child: the Papa Bear & Baby Bear matching t-shirt set. Donned in black, this gift will put a smile on Dad’s face. If you’re feeling a little extra, grab the Mama Bear T-shirt to make it a full family affair! Perfect for baby showers, newborn gifts, or to celebrate being a family.

I Love Daddy This Much Apron, $34.95

Cooking up some love? Show him how much he means to you with the I Love Daddy This Much Apron. Crafted in thick cotton, it’s a cute gift and a functional one too! Its adjustable neck and waist straps ensure a good fit for most adults. Whether he’s a seasoned chef or a novice in the kitchen, he’ll be sure to whip up some smiles wearing this.

Drinking Buddies Father And Child Matching T-Shirt, $39.95

Trading in your usual pub spot for the cozy confines of your living room? Make your weekend evenings extra special with the “Drinking Buddies” matching clothing set. Clothed in fashionable black, your mini-me can flaunt their style in a bodysuit or a unisex t-shirt. This set guarantees applause at baby showers, laughter, smiles, and precious shared moments are all on the horizon.

I Love My Dad Even Though He Farts Bodysuit, $19.95

Here’s something for those dads with a solid sense of humour. This adorable bodysuit is perfect for putting a big grin on Dad’s face as he changes the little one. The design is about showing love for Dad, even when he’s gassy-eyed. A fun little twist that’s sure to make Dad laugh some a ton of adorable photos.

Personalised This Awesome Dad Apron, $34.95

Dad’s grilling skills are on point, and so should his apron! Celebrate his awesomeness with this personalised apron that will let everyone know who’s the king of the BBQ. You can customise it with the names of his biggest fans—his kids. This apron is a recipe for laughs, good times, and plenty of tasty barbecues.

Personalised First Father's Day Bodysuit, $21.95

Dads deserve to be celebrated, too, especially the new dad in your life. This personalised bodysuit is an adorable way to make the occasion extra special. Imagine the surprise when Dad wakes up to his little one in this adorable outfit. This is the kind of gift that creates memories that last a lifetime.

Best Dad In The Galaxy T-Shirt, $24.95

This is the perfect gift if you’ve got a Star Wars-crazed dad. Let him know he’s the best dad on Earth and the entire galaxy! This t-shirt is a real treat with its high-quality material and design that’s as comfortable as it is witty. The 100% combed cotton fabric ensures it feels as good as it looks.

Mens Superdad Socks, $12.95

Sure, he might not leap tall buildings in a single bound, but your dad is pretty super in his own right. Show him just how much with these fun Super Dad socks. These socks are comfortable, unique, and made in Australia with quality combed cotton. Perfect for the dad who likes to kick back in style, these socks are a small gesture that’ll bring a big smile to his face.

Gamer Dad Level Up Matching T-Shirt, $44.95

Let’s take it up a notch, shall we? For the gaming enthusiast dads, this Gamer Dad matching T-shirt and Bodysuit/Kids T-shirt set is a total game changer! Also suitable for a baby shower. The kid’s wear includes a bodysuit or t-shirt to match Dad’s black tee.

I Have A Hero I Call Him Dad Bodysuit, $19.95

What better way to honour the hero of the family than with this charming bodysuit? The bodysuit is a heartwarming statement that will make dad’s day, also highly suitable for birthday, Christmas, or even a baby shower. Made for the smallest members of the family, this bodysuit will make everyone’s hearts melt.

Personalised Me & Mini Me Father And Son, $49.95

Your little one is your spitting image, mimicking your talk, actions, and mannerisms – an adorable, tiny reflection of you! To commemorate this special connection, this charming personalised ‘Me & Mini Me’ matching set is just the ticket. The coordinating ensemble is designed in a sleek black shade, offering a choice of a bodysuit or a t-shirt for your mini-me.

Personalised World's Best Dad T-Shirt, $29.95

He’s the world’s best dad – why not let him wear it loud and proud? The Personalised T-Shirt is more than just an article of clothing – it’s an affirmation of a father’s love since the birth year of his first child. It’s a great gift just because Dad is awesome.

Other Gifts For New Dads

Beyond clothing lies an abundance of other Father’s Day gifts for new dads in 2023. This section guides you to the diverse range of thoughtful gifts, novelties and hampers that will make the best first Father’s Day gifts unforgettable. If you want something that’s not a mug, or boring, then let’s get cracking.

#1 Dad Hamper, $69.95

Show Dad he’s number one in the best way possible with this No. 1 Dad Hamper. It’s a perfect blend of fun and sentiment. The set comes with “The Little Book of Dad”, a charming read bound to bring a smile to his face. It also includes playful “No.1 Dad” socks that he can sport around the house or even sneakily at the office. But what’s the cherry on top? Three craft beers for him to sit back and enjoy at the end of a long day. And all these goodies come neatly packed in a black gift box with a personalised message.

The Story Of Us - A Journal Through Childhood Journal, $39.95

The early years fly by so fast, but they don’t have to be forgotten. The Story Of Us – A Journal Through Childhood, beautifully bound in fabric and filled with colour illustrations, is the perfect place to keep those memories alive. From their first steps to their first day of school and beyond, this journal helps parents document those irreplaceable moments from the first to the eighteenth year. The best part? The paper is sourced from legally and sustainably managed forests, so it’s a gift that’s kind to the Earth as well.

WeDo Game - Things We Do Together - Baby Edition, $34.95

Looking for a fun way to make beautiful memories with your baby? The WeDo Game  Baby Edition is just the thing! This box of surprises includes creative activities designed to help families bond, learn, and grow together. Just pull out a random card and follow the instructions for an engaging activity that lasts between 20 minutes to an hour. Proudly Australian, this game is a fantastic gift for baby showers, new parents, or to add some extra fun to family time.

Baby & Toddler Adventure Carrier By Jumply, $259.95

Who said adventures had to be on hold when you become a parent? Forget the stroller when you have The Adventure Carrier. It’s now possible for all adventure-seeking dads to go hiking with the new bub. This compact and lightweight baby & toddler carrier backpack allows parents to have their little explorers close, comfortably nestled on their backs. It doesn’t stop at carrying your child; it also offers storage space for all the baby essentials you need to tag along on your adventures. This one’s perfect for parents with a passion for the outdoors!

Surviving Fatherhood One Beer At A Time Wooden Bottle Opener, $14.95

For the new dads juggling fatherhood’s joys and challenges, here’s a little humour for your day! The “Surviving Fatherhood One Beer At A Time” Wooden Bottle Opener is the perfect gift that recognises the fun (and sometimes necessary) side of parenting. Made from quality beechwood and metal, it’s a handy tool and a fun conversation starter!

Welcome To Parenthood - Congrats! (And Good Luck!), $17.95

Buckle up for a rollercoaster ride known as parenthood! This book is a hilarious gift that tells it as it is, with all the joy, struggles, and unpredictable moments of being a new parent. With 160 pages of real talk, wisdom and observations, this book is the perfect antidote to those sugar-coated parenting myths. It’s a great new baby gift for first-time parents who could use a laugh (and a bit of insight) as they start this unforgettable journey.

I Love Daddy Kid Art Photo Frame, $16.95

Sometimes, simple and sweet is the way to go. And this charming photo frame does just that! Let your child express their love for Daddy with a picture they drew or a memorable moment frozen in time. It’s a beautiful, heartfelt gesture that will warm Dad’s heart whenever he glances at it. It’s classic, it’s timeless, and it’s filled with pure love and appreciation.

DIY Father’s Day Gift Idea 2023

There’s something extraordinary about a handmade gift, especially when it’s for someone as deserving as a new dad. Our DIY ideas are the perfect way to show appreciation with a personal touch. Get ready to unleash your creativity and craft a gift he will treasure forever.

Baby Footprint Art

Handprint or Footprint Art

Remember how we used to create colourful handprint turkeys in grade school? Well, this idea is an upgraded, more mature version of that. This simple yet precious DIY gift involves capturing the size of your little one’s hands or feet on canvas or high-quality paper. Use a safe, washable paint for the prints, and once it’s dried, add it to a chic frame. It’s a beautiful piece of personalised wall art that Dad can hang in his office or home. Every glance at it will remind him of this magical time.

Personalised Photo Album​

Personalised Photo Album

Ah, the power of photographs! They freeze our most treasured moments forever. Start by gathering all those cherished snaps of Dad and Baby’s firsts. Then, get crafty and create a unique photo album or scrapbook filled with love. You could add cute captions, jot down little notes of the day the picture was taken, or even put some stickers or decorations. It’s all about giving that personal touch that’ll make Dad say ‘Aww’ every time he flips through it. To make it more unique, why not get your child to doodle on the cover to add that extra personalised feel?

DIY "Best Dad" Certificate

A little appreciation goes a long way, right? What could be a more fitting gift than a certificate honouring his new role as a father? Just grab some craft paper, markers, and let your creativity flow. Personalise it with his name, a heartfelt message, and some fun illustrations. It’s a quirky, sweet reminder that he’s nailing this dad thing!

Best Dad Certificate

DIY Storybook

Let’s channel our inner author for this one. Picture this – a custom storybook that stars Dad and the baby going on grand adventures. Write a cute story, illustrate it (if you can), or even stick some relevant photos if drawing isn’t your strong suit. The more personal you make it, the more he will love it. Bedtime stories will never be the same again!

Diy Couponbook

DIY Coupon Book

This is a fun one. Consider all the things Dad might want to have a little break from or indulge in. It could be anything – an uninterrupted nap, a movie night where he gets to pick the film, a day off from diaper duty (a definite favourite!), or even a pizza dinner. Create ‘coupons’ for these little treats and compile them into a cute booklet. Whenever Dad needs a little pick-me-up, he can redeem one.

Daddy Survival Kit

Daddy Survival Kit

This one’s both practical and fun. Find a nice box or basket and fill it with all sorts of ‘dad essentials.’ Think coffee for those sleepless nights, earplugs for when the baby’s having a concert at 3 am, yummy snacks for quick energy boosts, a couple of craft brew beers to destress, and perhaps even a hilarious guide to fatherhood. It’s sure to bring a smile to his face.

Dad And Daughter Wearing Benie

Knit Something Cool

This is an absolutely adorable idea if you’re skilled with knitting needles or a crochet hook. Create a cozy beanie for Dad that matches one for the baby. It will keep them warm, and have the both of them looking amazing. Something this cute may earn an endless number of hearts on Instagram.

Hand Painted Tshirt

Hand-painted T-shirt

Dad’s wardrobe could always use more cool t-shirts, right? You can create a unique t-shirt design just for him with some fabric paint and a little creativity. It could be a funny quote, a cute message, or even a handprint design of the baby’s hand. It’s a unique gift he can wear with pride.

Our Top 13 Dad Jokes

To round up this ultimate guide for first-time dads, we’ve compiled a list of our top 13 dad jokes. Because what’s a dad without his repertoire of cheesy, groan-inducing jokes, right? Get ready to laugh (or cringe!) as we dive into this hilariously classic dad humour collection. On a side note, these jokes are also great to add to your Father’s Day card!

Because he heard the drinks were on the house!

It was two-tired, and Dad was too tired to help!

It’s “punny”, so it’s always on the house!

Because they’re always up to something!

Because the sports section is in the middle of the newspaper.

Because it said, “Concentrate”.

He feels like he’s in the “mid-dad crisis”.

He wanted to listen to some cool music.

Enjoy Each Moment From Here

Isn’t it just marvellous when life steers you onto a brand-new path filled with joy, laughter, and sometimes sleepless nights? That’s fatherhood for you! Embrace this magical journey, new dads. Like a surfer catching the big wave or an explorer on an exciting trail, this new chapter of your life is bound to be one hell of a ride! And to all those fab friends and family ready to shower first-time fathers with gifts, remember, it’s not just about the gift itself but the love and thoughtfulness behind it. Let’s celebrate the laughs, the tears, and yes, even those terrible dad jokes that will eventually be funny! To more adventures ahead, dads! Enjoy every moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Celebrating Father’s Day with kids can be a wonderful bonding experience! It’s all about making the day special and showing appreciation. For instance, starting with a homemade breakfast, maybe some of dad’s favorites, like pancakes or bacon and eggs. Then, perhaps plan an activity you know he loves – it could be a family hike, a movie marathon of his favorite films, or even a simple backyard game of catch. It’s also a cool idea for the kids to make handmade gifts or cards expressing their love for dad. Remember, the most important thing is spending quality time together and making the day all about him!

well, that’s really up to you! Some people do celebrate Father’s Day before the baby’s arrival, especially if it’s the first child. It’s a sweet way to acknowledge the upcoming changes and the new role the expecting father is about to embrace. A nice dinner, a thoughtful gift or even a heartfelt letter expressing your excitement about the journey ahead can be wonderful ways to mark this occasion.

With a newborn, the day might be a bit more low-key, but it can still be special! You could consider creating a time capsule with some items related to the baby’s birth. You can also have a photo shoot with the baby, and gift the new dad a framed picture. However, remember that the best gift can simply be a quiet day at home, with plenty of time for the new dad to bond with his baby.

The first Father’s Day without a dad can be a challenging time. It’s important to honor and remember him. Perhaps you could visit his resting place, or a location that was significant to him, if it’s possible. You might want to look at old photos and share memories with family members. Doing something he loved, such as watching his favorite movie or cooking his favorite meal, can be a beautiful tribute. Everyone grieves differently, so do what feels right for you.

Making a new dad feel special is all about acknowledging his efforts and showing your love. Surprise him with a gift that symbolizes his new role, like a personalized “Dad” mug or a book about fatherhood. Let him have some quality one-on-one bonding time with the baby. Write a heartfelt note expressing your appreciation for his hard work and dedication. These gestures, no matter how small, can make a big impact!

In Australia, Father’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of September. Therefore, Father’s Day in Australia in 2024 will be on Sunday, September 1st.

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