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27 Fishing Gifts For Dad To Use & Love

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Updated on September 19th, 2023

Is your dad’s birthday around the corner, or maybe you need a Father’s Day gift, and you’re scratching your head thinking of the perfect present? Well, you’re in luck because we’re about to cover some of the best gift ideas for dads, no matter the occasion. If your dad is a beginner or an experienced fisherman, we still have gift ideas that impress fussy dads, and even dad’s who say they have everything. Before we get to the good stuff, here are a few tips and trips to aid you in finding Dad’s gift that he’ll use and love.

Our 5 Most Recommended Fishing Gifts

Best all-around gift: Gone Fishing Hamper, $109.95

Unique and hard to find: Personalised Man Fishing Apron, $34.95

Top in Novelty: 100 Fish To Catch Bucket List Poster, $34.95

A tool everyone can use: Fisherman’s Friend Fishing Multi-Tool, $49.95

Best range of lures: The ‘Performer’ Lure Fishing Gift Pack, $87.95

5 Key Takeaways (tl;dr)

  • Understanding your dad is essential: Before you purchase a gift, consider your dad’s fishing preferences, the gear he already owns, and how frequently he fishes. This understanding is critical whether you’re buying fishing gear or fishing-themed items.
  • There’s a gift for every level of fishing knowledge: Even if you don’t know much about fishing, there are plenty of fishing-related gifts like mugs, T-shirts, and novelty items that can make great presents.
  • Presentation matters: Make the gift memorable using creative fishing-themed wrapping and including a personal note or card.
  • Timing can enhance the gift: Consider presenting your gift at a time that complements its purpose, like just before a fishing trip or after a successful day on the water.
  • Variety is the spice of life: There’s a wide range of gift types, from practical gear and fishing lure packs to personalised apparel and unique novelty gifts. Be bold and think outside the box!
Dad And Daughter Thinking Together

Understanding Your Dad Before Getting A Gift

First off, it’s critical to have a sense of what kind of fishing your dad enjoys. Does he prefer a quiet afternoon at the local lake, or does he gear up for deep-sea adventures? He might enjoy fly fishing, or he’s only fishing by the beach. Understanding his fishing style will be your compass in navigating the sea of fishing gifts.

Remember to consider his existing gear. Does he have a fishing rod that he wouldn’t trade for the world? Or could he do with a new tackle box? Knowing what he already has can help you find a gift that complements his fishing experience rather than giving him more junk to store in his man cave.

And hey, if you need to get more familiar with the ins and outs of fishing yourself, that’s okay! Many fantastic fishing-related gifts out there don’t require you to know the difference between a sinker and a float. We’re talking mugs, novelty t-shirts, and even bar signs! And who could forget the joy of receiving a well-packed hamper full of goodies?

Wrapping Gifts Presentation

How to Package and Present Your Unique Fishing Gift

Once hooked on the perfect gift, you need to think about the presentation. Sure, you could stick it in a regular old gift bag, but where’s the fun in that? Why not wrap it on paper printed with fish or fishing rods? Or could a fishing net double as an innovative gift wrap?

Next on your presentation list is the card. Here is your chance to reel him in with your words. A handwritten note sharing why you chose this gift or a fond fishing memory can be a beautiful personal touch. Last but not least, timing is everything. Is there a memorable fishing trip coming up? Why not surprise him with the gift just before he sets off?


A beautiful men’s gift hamper can show Dad a great gift containing an incredible range of gifts he can use and consume. Here are our top hamper selections for fishing dads, and they are some of our best Father’s Day fishing gifts to keep dads happy.

Gone Fishing Hamper, $109.95

Add a new level of enjoyment to your dad’s fishing trips with the Gone Fishing Hamper. This thoughtfully curated box is a fisherman’s treasure trove. From a snazzy new cap to a handy fishing multi-tool, it includes craft beers and delectable snacks. It’s like a delightful picnic, ready to accompany Dad on his next fishing trip!

The Fisherman's Tale Hamper, $74.95

Delight your father with this unique hamper. It’s a heartfelt combination of craft beers, savoury snacks, and fun fishing-themed extras. This hamper is ideal for showing your dad how much you appreciate his love for fishing right down to his socks!

Personalised & Apparel Gifts

If your dad’s passion for fishing continues beyond the shoreline, this section is for him. We’re going to explore a range of apparel and personalised items. These gifts are about carrying the love for fishing into his everyday life.

Reel Cool Dad Socks By Bamboozld, $11.95

For the dad who’s as smooth as a perfectly cast fishing line, these Reel Cool Dad socks by Bamboozld are a catch! Bamboo-crafted for sustainability and comfort, these socks are a testament to your dad’s superb angling skills. The best part? They’re as soft and cozy as an afternoon spent fishing by the lake, boasting features that’ll keep Dad’s feet fresh and comfy as he waits to catch a fish.

Daddy's Fishing Buddy Father And Child Matching T-Shirt, $44.95

Celebrate the bond between father and child with the Daddy’s Fishing Buddy matching t-shirt set. It will help Dad share his passion for fishing and gain priceless memories spent fishing together. Whether for Father’s Day or to honour their special bond, this set is a perfect gift for father and son!

Personalised Man Fishing T-Shirt, $29.95

Help your dad catch fish in style with this custom top. Here’s a perfect fishing tee with a personalised touch! This t-shirt is his and alone; he will be eager to wear it on his next fishing expedition!

Good Pole Dance Fishing T-Shirt, $18.95

A dash of humour mixed with a love for fishing that’s what you get with this tee. Emblazoned with the cheeky phrase “Gotta Love A Good Pole Dance,” it also features a fishing pole graphic. Not only does it make a statement, but it’s also comfortable to wear on any fishing trip.

Men's Fishing Hankies By Rosdale, $34.95

Who says hankies can’t be a fashionable fishing accessory? These Men’s Fishing Hankies by Rosdale, presented in a tin box, are functional and express your dad’s love for fishing. They’re a subtle yet significant nod to his favorite pastime.

Evolution Of Man Fishing T-Shirt, $18.95

A fun twist on the concept of human evolution. It suggests we are naturally predisposed to fish, and it’s bound to bring a smile to his face. The shirt, which comes in a navy blue colour, is a comfortable and stylish addition to his fishing attire. Perfect for wearing on fishing trips or simply for showcasing his love for the hobby.

Personalised Man Fishing Apron, $34.95

This custom apron is an ideal gift for your dad if he loves to cook as much as he loves to fish. It can be personalised with his name, making it a unique and practical addition to his cooking attire. Perfect for the angler dad in your life.

Gone Fishing Cap, $19.95

This Gone Fishing Cap is an excellent accessory for his next fishing session. The adjustable Velcro straps make it suitable for most sizes, and it can clearly communicate where he’d rather be!

Totally Hooked Fisherman Feet Speak Socks, $12.95

These fun fishing socks keep his feet warm and comfortable on those early morning fishing trips. They are blue and feature a fisherman and his catch, with anti-slip words saying “TOTALLY HOOKED” at the bottom.

Fishing Lures & Other Accessories

We’re moving into slightly deeper waters here. This section will focus on gifts not only themed around fishing but also serve a practical purpose in your dad’s fishing expeditions. Give your dad a fishing lure kit or fishing tools to enhance his trips. With these awesome gift ideas, it’ll make his fellow anglers green with envy.

The Fisherman's Toolkit Gift Pack, $112.95

Prepare for a fun fishing experience and a boatload of fish with this Fisherman’s Toolkit Gift Pack. It’s the catch of the day for your dad, who loves to fish. This bait pack has it all – from soft plastic, and hard body lures to various hooks and sinkers; it even comes with a Squid Jig. The included scissors with hook remover and a fish-holding bag add an extra layer of safety for handling his catch.

Fisherman's Friend Fishing Multi-Tool In Titanium Finish, $49.95

Don’t let the size of the multi-tool fool you; this compact gadget is a powerhouse. Encased in a scratch-resistant titanium shell (better than stainless steel), it combines needlenose pliers, a shot splitter, a line cutter, a fish scaler, and a hook remover – everything an angler could need in a pinch. There’s even a screwdriver, and bottle & can opener, making it the Swiss army knife of the fishing world.

The 'Performer' Lure Fishing Gift Pack, $87.95

For the dad who enjoys a strategic approach to lure fishing, The ‘Performer’ Lure Pack is one of the best fishing gifts, regardless of your level of experience. It offers various jig heads, paddle and curly tail soft plastic lures, bent minnow and popper surface lures, metal and hard body sinking vibes, and more. Whether he’s chasing Bream, Bass, Barra, or Flatties, this gift set has the perfect lure for the task.

Bass Fish Bottle Opener, $9.95

This Bass Fish Bottle Opener is a practical and whimsical gift. Designed to look like a bass, this bottle opener is an excellent tool for any fishing enthusiast who enjoys a cold beer.

Fishing Beer Holder, $12.95

Here’s a gift that checks two boxes at once – a fishing-inspired beer holder that makes your dad’s fishing and drinking experience all the more fun. If he’s not fishing, he’s thinking about it – and this beer holder is the perfect companion for such moments. It will keep his beer cold, his hand warm, and his fishing spirit alive.

The Man The Myth The Fishing Legend Mug, $16.95

This fun and unique mug is perfect for the man, the myth, and the fishing legend. Double-sided printing makes it an excellent gift for any fishing enthusiast, whether right or left-handed.

Novelty Gifts

Buckle up because this is where we dive into the unique, the unusual, and the downright extraordinary. We’re talking about gifts that are so distinctively ‘fishing’ they could only be appreciated by a true enthusiast like your dad.

Fishing Mug Set, $29.95

Does your dad love a good cup of coffee as much as he loves fishing? Then the Fishing Mug Set is the perfect gift. This playful mug, shaped like a big fish, can hold hot beverages or store little fishing gear. Plus, it comes with fishing essentials, making it a unique combination of fun and functionality to make your dad’s day.

Wishing I Was Fishing Premium Drink Coaster (5), $7.95

These Wishing I Was Fishing Premium Drink Coasters perfectly blend your dad’s passion for beer and fishing. This pack of five coasters, boasting a striking design, is an excellent addition to any baiter’s den. It’s a subtle way to celebrate his love for fishing, even when he’s just chilling at home with a cold one.

100 Fish To Catch Scratch Off Bucket List Poster, $34.95

If your dad is a dedicated angler, this poster is the perfect fishing challenge. As he catches each fish, he can scratch it off the poster, marking his achievement. It’s an engaging, exciting gift to keep your dad entertained and planning his next trip.

Fishing Guide Enamel Mug With Carabiner, $29.95

Fueling up for the day’s fishing adventure just got much better with this Fishing Guide Enamel Mug. Not only does it hold your dad’s favourite morning brew, but it’s also covered with practical skills and tips for making the most of his fishing journey. Handy, right? And with the added carabiner, he can clip it to his fishing kit for convenience.

Billy Bass Singing Fish Wall Mount Plaque, $74.95

No man cave is complete without a unique piece of memorabilia, and what could be more unique than our 15th Anniversary Edition Billy Bass Singing Fish Wall Mount Plaque? This isn’t just any fish on a plaque; it’s a vibrant character, serenading all who pass with his rendition of “I Will Survive.” This charming fellow’s mouth synchronises with the tune as he turns his head and wriggles his tail, bringing laughs to all who see it. It’s the perfect quirky touch to entertain Dad and his pals.

I'd Rather Be Fishing Novelty Number Plate, $24.95

What better way to celebrate your dad’s passion than with this Novelty Number Plate? Emblazoned with the phrase “I’d Rather Be Fishing,” it’s a fun decoration for his garage or man cave.

Reel Cool Dad Can Cooler, $6.95

This Reel Cool Dad Can Cooler will keep his drink chilled for hot summer fishing trips. A fun and practical gift for any father who loves to fish and a terrific budget-friendly idea.

Keep Calm And Fish On Tin Sign, $24.95

A fun and stylish decoration for his favourite hangout spot, this Keep Calm And Fish On Tin Sign is a definite conversation starter. The sign is non-embossed, lightweight, and pre-drilled for easy hanging.

The Little Book Of Fishing, $14.95

The Little Book Of Fishing is a delightful gift for fishing lovers. It includes amusing observations, inspirational quotes, wise sayings, and fascinating facts about fishing. It’s the perfect compact read for any fishing trip.

Warning: Dad Catching Stuff All Stubby Holder, $7.95

Keep your dad’s drink cold longer with this funny stubby holder. It comes with a humorous quote, “Warning: Dads Catching Stuff All.” A must-have for all fishermen because who wants to hold a cold beer can and get itchy fingers?

It’s A Wrap!

So, there you have it, a treasure chest full of fishing gift ideas to give Dad a gift he’ll surely want to use. Remember, the best gift shows you know and appreciate him, and what better way to do that than a gift that reminds him of his favourite pastime? Whether it’s a quirky novelty item, a stylish piece of fishing apparel, a practical piece of gear, or a Father’s Day hamper, you’ll find a gift he’ll cherish. Because at the end of the day, it’s not about the size or the price tag, and it’s about the thought and effort to make Dad feel special.

Still Looking For More Gift Ideas For Dad?

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Frequently Asked Questions

I know nothing about fishing. Can I still buy a fishing gift for my dad?

Absolutely! Not all fishing gifts require in-depth fishing knowledge, and plenty of fishing-themed items, like mugs, T-shirts, and novelty items, can make great gifts. If in doubt, grab a hamper, which usually contains snacks and beverages and fishing-related gifts like mugs, books, and aprons.

What if my dad already has a lot of fishing gear?

That's okay! Consider focusing on personalised items or novelty gifts that relate to fishing. If you still want to buy gear, do some snooping to find out what he might be missing or what he could do with an upgrade. We suggest a personalised apron, mug or our famous Billy Bass singing fish.

How do I tell a good quality fishing gift?

If you need clarification on an item, always check for reviews online. There are plenty of brands and types of fishing items that are well-made. You'll be able to find reviews and even video reviews and recommendations on top-quality items. If in double, visit your local fishing shop and inspect the quality in person.

My dad is a catch-and-release fisherman. Are there specific gifts suited to him?

Definitely! Many gifts support this philosophy, like dehooking devices or fish-friendly fishing nets. Plus, any catch-and-release fisherman would appreciate art or decor that emphasises the beauty and respect of the sport.

I want to get a really unique gift. Any ideas?

You can try a personalised gift, an experience gift, a hamper or even something novelty. Try Etsy for a handmade fishing gift. That's one of the best places to go and find something that is truly one of a kind.

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