The 'Performer' Lure Fishing Gift Pack

This Gift Pack provides a broad range of capability. Whether jigging Buzzbaits around freshwater snags for Cod, throwing Blades and hard body lures at Mangrove Jacks, or stalking Trout in streams with soft plastics or Vibes rigged with Jig Spinners is your fishers thing, this pack does it all.

The low profile, tungsten round head jig heads in standard and weedless varieties, Texas Weedless rigging options, and Cheburashka ‘Clip-On’ Jig heads will set themselves apart for performance, providing more hook-ups and less snagging. Or simply laze around with some bait and the fish friendly circle hooks that are included.

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    Gift Pack Includes:-

    Buzzbaits and Jig Spinners

    • 1 x Artizan Inline Buzzbaits Green Pumpkin 
    • 5 x Swimerz Jig Spinner Sm Hammered Nickel
    Metal Vibes/Blades
    • 1 x Finesse ‘Feather Blade’ 55mm Bronze Stripe
    Lipless Crankbaits
    • 1 x Excaliber Lipless Crankbait Gold 55mm
    Floating/Diving Lures
    • 1 x Finesse 85mm ‘Madbass’ Herringbone 
    • 1 x Finesse ‘Naturals’ Stripey 100mm 
    • 1 x Finesse ‘Naturals’ Pilly 160mm 

    Surface Lures

    • 1 x Toppu Mizzu  ‘Walking Dog’ 80mm Twitchin Mullet
    • 1 x Toppu Mizzu ‘Jitterbug’ 40mm Cicada

    Jig Heads

    • 5 x Swimerz 4gm Cheburashka Clip-On Jig Head, Tungsten
    • 6 x Assorted Jig Heads, Tungsten

    Soft Plastic Lures

    • 8 x Swimerz 75mm Vibro Tail Yakka scented

    Hooks, Sinkers & Rigging Bits for Texas/Weedless rigging and Bait fishing

    • 12 x Swimerz 1/16oz Bullet Sinker, Lead
    • 5 x Swimerz 1/4oz Bullet Sinker, Lead
    • 10 x Swimerz 1/0 Long Shank Worm Hook, O'Shaunessy Style, Black Nickel
    • 10 x Swimerz 4/0 Long Shank Worm Hook, O'Shaunessy Style, Black Nickel
    • 6 x Swimerz 1/0 Wide Gape Worm Hook, Black Nickel
    • 6 x Swimerz 2/0 Inline Circle Hook, Black Nickel 
    • 6 x Swimerz 5/0 Inline Circle Hook, Black Nickel 
    • 12 x Swimerz 6mm Lumo Beads Orange Flouro

    Please Note: While the hard body lure models specified will not normally change, the colours featured in the selection are subject to change based on stock levels.  Accessories featured in images are not included.

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