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28 Ideal Father’s Day Gifts for Employees 2023

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Updated on September 20th, 2023

Father’s Day is more than just a day to honour our individual fathers or fatherly figures. It’s also an occasion to appreciate the hardworking fathers amongst our employees. Choosing the ideal Father’s Day present can be challenging, especially if you aim for something minimal yet perfect and different from the typical corporate gifts, gift cards or big brand names. To help ease this process, we’ve assembled a roster of 28 extraordinary and heartfelt gift, and if that’s not enough check out our Father’s Day gifts section, it’s guaranteed to wow your employees. These thoughtful tokens are an excellent way to make workers feel recognised and valued. Without further ado, let’s delve into this carefully curated list and find the perfect Father’s Day gifts for the fantastic dads in your office.

Working Dads

5 Easy & Useful Tips For Buying Gifts For Staff

Here’s a quick tip to guide employers looking to find the perfect present; remember that you’ll also have to use your judgement to pick an appropriate gift.

  1. Know Your Employees: Take the time to get to know your employees you seem them every day at work. Their hobbies, interests, and tastes can give clues about what they might appreciate. For example, if an employee is a coffee lover, a bag of fresh coffee from their favourite cafe could be a fantastic idea.
  2. Consider Their Needs: Consider what your employees might find helpful in and out of the workplace. This could be anything from a high-quality planner to help them stay organised to an insulated mug to hold their coffee or tea and keep it warm.
  3. Quality Over Quantity: It’s not about how many gifts you give but the thought and care that goes into selecting them. The perfect gift can have more impact than a bunch of less personal items or gift cards.
  4. Be Aware of Cultural / Religious Differences: Be mindful of the cultural backgrounds of your employees. Something that might be considered a great gift in one culture could be less well-received or even inappropriate in another.
  5. Seek Input From Their Peers: Colleagues often have unique insights into what a person might like. If you need help with what to give, feel free to ask for ideas from your peers. They can offer suggestions you haven’t considered.

The List of Gifts

The Dad Book - Quizzes, Puzzles, Life Hacks, And More!, $24.95

When it comes to Father’s Day gifts for coworkers or employees, there’s nothing quite like the gift of joy and laughter. Enter “The Dad Book,” a powerhouse of fun and amusement designed to keep dads entertained. This book is a treasure chest, filled to the brim with mind-stimulating quizzes, ingenious life hacks, and of course, dad jokes that are so bad, they’re actually good! Whether they’re in the mood for some trivia or just a good old hearty laugh, this book delivers. It’s like having a pocket-sized carnival that promises endless entertainment and a barrel of laughs on his special day.

Cheers Mate Beer, Jerky & Nuts Hamper $49.95

Who says gift hampers are outdated? This epic hamper is affordable and its the ultimate way to celebrate. Not only does it give fathers the much needed beer boost but it is also the equivalent of hitting a snacking jackpot. It features a tantalising trio of craft beers – Newy Pacific Lager for the classic palate, Little Creatures Pale Ale for the adventurous taste buds, and Balter Easy Hazy for the discerning drinker. And when hunger strikes, they’ll appreciate the Tiger Buck Beer Jerky and Wicked Nuts Kettle Roasted Chocolate Stout Peanuts, delivering the perfect blend of sweet and savoury. Our top recommended gift for dads.

Deluxe Double-Walled Stainless Steel Stubby Holder, $24.95

Is there anything more comforting than savouring a chilled beverage after a long day? Add a touch of sophistication to your employee’s relaxation ritual with the Deluxe Double-Walled Stainless Steel Stubby Holder. Unrivalled in design and functionality, this holder showcases a sturdy double-walled construction, ensuring their drink stays refreshingly cool. It’s versatile too – whether they’re popping open a can or uncapping a bottle, this holder adapts with a snug fit. Thanks to the secure screw-on rubber seal, no more worries about accidental spills or drips. Durable, sleek, and practical – it’s a small token that shows how much you value their efforts.

Super Dad 12oz Glass Coffee Travel Cup, $34.95

Got a super dad on your team who’s forever dashing from meeting to meeting and still manages to have an unwavering zest for life? They likely owe their infectious energy to their trusted companion – a cup of piping hot coffee. Why not make their coffee experience even better with the Super Dad Glass Coffee Travel Cup? Crafted from premium borosilicate glass, it’s more than just a mug – it’s a lifestyle statement. Doubling up on its insulation, this travel cup keeps its precious brew hot for that much-needed caffeine kick. It mirrors the look of a takeaway cup but with an added touch of elegance and an eco-friendly edge. Help celebrate Father’s Day at work with this dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and completely recyclable, it’s the gift that shows you care – about your employees and the environment.

Key Tidy With USB Flash Drive By Gentlemen's Hardware, $39.95

Is your employee always on a hunt for their keys or digital files? Upgrade their life’s soundtrack from constant chaos to organised harmony with the Key Tidy and Flash Drive. A blend of sophistication and utility, this faux leather key tidy flaunts an antique brass finish and comes with a 16GB USB flash drive. Now, they can effortlessly keep their keys and essential documents in one place. This key tidy is a stylish solution to everyday problems and is the epitome of functional fashionwear.

Tech Travel Organiser, $19.95

For the tech-savvy dad who is always on the go, the Tech Travel Organiser is a lifesaver. This compact and handy case is like a mini wardrobe for their tech accessories, providing a dedicated space for everything. With its zippered mesh compartment for cables, an elastic strap section for power banks, and a pocket-studded divider for SD cards or earbuds, it promises a hassle-free travel experience. No more time wasted on detangling cables or hunting for lost gadgets; this organiser ensures everything’s always at their fingertips.

Brain Freeze Decanter By Final Touch, $49.95

Sometimes a gift isn’t just about usefulness; it’s about the vibe it brings. The Brain Freeze Decanter is a prime example. This decanter is a piece of art that steals the limelight in any room, thanks to the intricately crafted glass skull that appears to float within. It’s a conversation starter and an attention grabber, adding a unique twist to their bar collection. But it’s not all about aesthetics; the solid glass stopper ensures the spirit’s freshness and aroma stay locked in. This decanter is where functionality meets flamboyance.

Super Fast - Smartphone Wireless Charger, $34.95

Sick of seeing your employee juggle between a labyrinth of charging cables and a dying phone battery? Help them cut the cord with the Super Fast Smartphone Wireless Charger. As convenient as stylish, this charger offers a wireless charging experience as simple as setting down their phone. No more cable clutter or compatibility issues, just fast, hassle-free charging in an elegant petrol blue design. Now, that’s a thoughtful and tech-friendly gift.

Really Useful Mug By Ginger Fox, $22.95

Ever imagined a mug could do more than hold a hot brew? Meet the Really Useful Mug. It’s not just a coffee holder; it’s an information hub at their fingertips! This mug brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘coffee break’ – from tying knots to winning poker hands, it’s got a wealth of info. And the best part? It’s both microwave and dishwasher-safe. Give your employee a taste of knowledge with their morning coffee or afternoon tea.

The Big Mug – Double Walled Travel Manly Mug, $34.95

For those who enjoy a hearty beverage on the go, The Big Mug is a game-changer. With its robust beer mug design, it’s a perfect blend of function and masculinity. Crafted from durable stainless steel and featuring double-wall insulation, it’s ready to keep their drinks at the ideal temperature – whether ice-cold or steaming hot. The matte finish adds a stylish touch, while the generous 470ml capacity ensures they’ll never be short of their favourite drink. Give the gift of convenience, style, and satisfaction with The Big Mug.

Brogue Socks By Ginger Fox, $16.95

Bring a dash of novelty and class to any lazy day with the Brogue Socks by Ginger Fox. Embodying the charm of classic Italian leather brogues, these socks keep your feet cozy and do so with a stylish twist. The detailed design and tan colour give them the appearance of authentic shoes, promising a fun, fashionable experience for anyone with a touch of class.

Mens Top Dad 2pk Socks Gift Box By Bamboozld, $24.95

Give one of the fathers on your team this amazing gift pack of socks! It contains two pairs of crew socks with cheerful dad-themed designs. It’s perfect for the beer and barbie loving Aussie dad at work. More than just a fun fashion statement, these socks are crafted from sustainably sourced bamboo, making them a luxurious and eco-friendly choice. The bamboo fabric offers exceptional comfort, flexibility, and breathability, ensuring all-day comfort.

Beer Chiller Sticks - Set Of 2, $29.95

How about treating your employees to a refreshing cold beer after a long day? With the Beer Chiller Sticks, they can savour their beer how it’s meant to be enjoyed – ice-cold and full of flavour! Gone are the days of a warm beer. These stainless steel chillers are designed to keep the beer frosty for up to an hour. Put them in the freezer for a few hours, pop one in a beer bottle, and let the chills commence. The beauty of these sticks is that they won’t dilute the beer like ice cubes. So, why not let your employees enjoy every sip in its pure, unadulterated form.

Wallet Ninja, $19.95

Want to arm your employees with a tool that’s as versatile as they are? Check out the Wallet Ninja. It’s a small but mighty gadget packed with 16 different functions, ready to handle all sorts of tasks. It can pop open bottles, tighten loose screws, and even hold up their phone. This little powerhouse is crafted from robust 4x heat-treated steel, meaning it won’t chip, rust or bend. Plus, it’s TSA approved, ready to go wherever your employees go. It’s a tool that packs a punch, all tucked away in their wallet!

Call Key - Key Finder With LED Flashlight, $19.95

Is one of your team members frequently misplacing the office keys? Then they’ll need the Call Key. This clever little device responds to sound, beeping at a clap or a whistle to help locate those elusive keys. It also features a built-in LED flashlight, so they’ll find what they’re looking for even in the darkest corners. No more frantic searches and frustration, just quick and easy finding. Let’s give the gift of convenience and peace of mind with the Call Key.

Beard Grooming Kit, $39.95

A Beard Grooming Kit could be just the ticket for your bearded employees. This kit comes with sharp stainless steel scissors and a robust maple wood comb, all neatly packed in a case made of vegan leather that also works as a beard brush. It’s the ultimate grooming accessory that combines practicality with portability. Whether at home or travelling, your employees will always be ready to groom and impress with their neat and stylish beards. It’s like having a personal barber right in their pocket!

Stubby Cooler Secret Flask, $21.95

Have you caught your staff sneaking in alcohol and sipping while at work? If you’re sick of seeing this happen, then the Stubby Cooler Secret Flask will help them do it right under your nose! It’s a nifty stubby cooler posing as an ordinary water bottle, ensuring your hidden stash of joy goes unnoticed. Unscrew the bottom to fit your beer bottle inside, and use the cap to enjoy your sip without revealing its true contents. It’s an accessory for those who like a hint of stealth when they savour their drink.

Recipe Cocktail Shaker By Final Touch, $29.95

Say hello to the Recipe Cocktail Shaker, a mixing apparatus and a mixologist’s secret recipe book. It bears the secrets of seven popular cocktails on its surface, from Long Island to Cosmopolitan to Mojito. And it’s not just functional; it’s a showpiece, too, with its hefty glass bottom and brushed stainless steel lid. And guess what? Spills are a thing of the past with their water-tight seal. It’s a cocktail recipe guide and a mixer in one, always ready to spice up your social gatherings or add a touch of magic to a quiet evening.

Handheld Good Vibes Vibrating Massager, $19.95

Let the Handheld Good Vibes Vibrating Massager work its magic when stress levels rise. This portable relaxation device is lightweight and designed to suit the curves of your body, featuring three LED massage nodes. Regular usage helps soothe muscle stiffness, boosts blood flow, and keeps muscle fatigue at bay. It’s perfectly portable, making it a great travel companion or to destress at work. Indulge in a rejuvenating massage session with the Handheld Good Vibes Vibrating Massager, and let it wash your worries away.

Sausage Mate - Cook Sausages Perfectly - Set Of 2, $21.95

Grilling sausages just got easier with the Sausage Mate! This genius tool is designed to keep your links under control for a more even cooking experience. No more sausages playing a rolling game on the barbecue, not cooking uniformly. With the Sausage Mate, your grilling game will level up, and you’ll never look back. Suitable for all sorts of barbecues at any time and place, this tool guarantees perfectly placed sausages that cook to perfection every single time. Whatever your sausage preferences, Sausage Mate makes your grilling experience a breeze. Get set for deliciously grilled sausages with the Sausage Mate.

The 6-Pack Beer Belt, $21.95

Why go to your beer when it can come to you? Introducing The 6 Pack Beer Belt! It’s an intelligent belt with room for up to 6 cans of your top-pick brew and an adjustable waistband that fits up to 110cm. Save your energy on those trips to the fridge or cooler by strapping on the beer belt, and you’ll always have your drinks right where you need them. Plus, it comes with a zippered pocket for your must-have items like a phone, cash, lighter, or keys. Whether partying, BBQing, or chilling with pals, The 6 Pack Beer Belt ensures your favourite beverage is just a reach away. Here’s to effortless refreshment!

IBed Lap Desk By Kikkerland, $29.95

Does your employee love to use their tablet but needs help finding a comfortable position at work? The iBed Lap Desk is a game-changer. Designed to hold tablets securely, it’s perfect for use in bed, on a plane or even while eating dinner. And with a cozy micro-bead cushion underneath, say goodbye to the discomfort of extended tablet use. Let your employee unwind and enjoy their tablet anywhere and anytime, comfortably and conveniently. The iBed Lap Desk is truly a gift of comfort and convenience.

100 Dad Jokes, $12.95

Warning: this set of 100 Dad Jokes is a laughter bomb waiting to explode. Each joke is more hilariously cringe-worthy than the last. It’s perfect for family gatherings, parties or to lighten up the office environment. This dad joke set is not only a barrel of laughs but can also serve as a bridge between generations. So let your staff embrace the cheesiness and bring on the good vibes!

Here Comes Cool Dad Socks, $24.95

These socks are a tribute to all the dads who love to have fun and aren’t afraid to show it. With a vibrant design, they’re a fun way to say, “We appreciate you, cool dad!” So, let your staff enjoy the cool dad life with these playful socks.

Pen Pouch For Notebooks And Journals Black By Bookaroo, $19.95

Picture this – your employee is ready to jot down an important note, but they need help finding a pen. What a bummer! Say no more to this scenario with the Pen Pouch for Notebooks and Journals by Bookaroo. It ensures that your employees will always have their pens within reach. It’s a lifesaver during meetings, lectures, or travels. Plus, it’s a great way to stay organised and efficient. Give the gift of convenience with this stylish pen pouch.

The Little Book Of Dad, $14.95

Fatherhood is a unique and rewarding journey, and The Little Book of Dad celebrates it all. Packed with jokes, quotes, facts, and more, it’s a fun way to honour the dads in your office. As a lighthearted read, it’s an enjoyable break from the digital world. So let your employees embrace the lighter side of dadhood with this delightful book. It’s a token of appreciation for the dads in your office.

Dad Chocolate Freckles Word, $9.95

Sweeten up your employee’s day with the Dad Chocolate Freckles Word. This delightful chocolate treat, shaped into the word “DAD,” is a unique and tasty way to say “Happy Father’s Day.” With its generous size, it’s more than a simple snack; it’s an expression of appreciation. And it’s even made in Australia, so you know you’re giving a quality gift. This delicious chocolate treat lets your employees enjoy a sweet surprise this Father’s Day.

Forget The Corporate Gifts

As we count down the days to Father’s Day, we trust our curated list of 28 straightforward yet ideal Fathers Day gifts for employees has sparked some ideas for the perfect tribute to the father figures on your team. Be it a handy item to simplify their day-to-day lives or a delightful treat that lightens their day, these gifts are poised to make them feel acknowledged and treasured. Bear in mind it’s the sentiment accompanying the gift that truly matters. By selecting something distinctive and unexpected, you convey to your employees that their happiness matters. So, take the plunge and honour the fathers in your workplace with a gift that mirrors their passions, adds a touch of happiness, and affirms their significance. Have the best Father’s Day celebration for your employees’ this year!

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