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30 Amazing Father’s Day Golf Gift Ideas Dad Will Use 2024

Dad Playing Golf Driving

Updated on April 1st, 2024

Another year, another Father’s Day head-scratching session. Yes, every year, most of us get stuck with the same question, “What do I get, Dad?” We often get asked this question at DadShop, so we’ve compiled this quick Father’s Day gift guide to help all golfing dads receive the best gift ideas that’ll have them smiling from ear to ear.

The world of golf offers a veritable treasure trove of gift possibilities. But before you go nabbing the first golfing present you find, let’s quickly guide you through a few of our best picks and ideas on finding the perfect gift for Dad this Father’s Dad.

Understanding Your Golfer Dad

Not all dads are the same; his experience level in this game is vital in determining what you get him. Is he a golfing novice, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in between? Does he enjoy the game’s social aspect, or does he find solace in the solitary swing and stride? Does he enjoy a good golf-related chuckle, or does he prefer to keep things strictly professional on the green? Once you understand your dad, this will help you buy the perfect gift that he’ll appreciate and want to use.

5 Best Golf Gifts For Dad

  • Best Hamper: Golf And Whisky Hamper, $129.95
  • Good All Rounder: Golf Club Pen Set, $22.95
  • Best T-Shirt: Evolution Of Man Golfing T-Shirt, $18.95
  • Best Personalised Apparel: Personalised Man Golfing Apron, $34.95
  • Best For Experienced Dads: Golf Club And Shoe Cleaning Kit By Men’s Society, $39.95

Best Hampers

If you’re still trying to decide what to get him, but you know he’s a golfing nut, then here’s our most highly recommended hampers / gift basket that’ll have him in awe. These next-level Father’s Day hampers will impress him and be a present dad who will love opening.

Golf And White Wine Hamper

Golf And White Wine Hamper, $89.95

This hamper has it all for that special dad who loves golf and white wine! Featuring one of the best white wines, the Taylor Jaraman Chardonnay ’21 has won numerous Gold and Silver awards worldwide. This wine offers intense aromas of melon, lime, stone fruits, and tropical notes, with subtle undertones of flint, cedar, and spice, coupled with a palate featuring citrus, fig, and melon flavours, delicate texture, well-integrated oak, and a minerality that adds to its lingering finish. Accompanying this fine wine, he’ll get a set of Golf Socks by Blue Q and a light read with the hilarious ‘501 Excuses for a Bad Golf Shot’ book. And for the snack attack? Delicious Artisan Cheese Bites by Random Harvest complete the treat. It’s beautifully packaged in a black box with a sleeve; this hamper the best of golfing and a fine wine experience.

Golf And Whisky Hamper, $129.95

This gift basket is an exquisite mix of the finer things in life, designed specifically for the finer gentlemen. From the award-winning 23rd Street Hybrid Whisky to the practical and stylish Hip Flask & Divot Tool, this hamper screams sophistication. The comfortable men’s Tee Time Socks and the delightful Spiced Pear Paste and Wafer Crackers add a touch of indulgence to his palate. All elegantly presented in a black-sleeved gift box, a fantastic hamper for that amazing dad in your life.

Golf And Beer Hamper, $119.95

This hamper is the ultimate golfer’s gift package, combining golf essentials with relaxing treats. With a stainless steel golf multi-tool, a humorous golf book, golf socks, craft beers, and roasted peanuts, it’s a gift any golf-loving dad would appreciate.

Best In Clothing

Looking for a decent and funny t-shirt? How about a personalised golf gift? We’ve got them listed below so you and dad can get a good laugh when he puts them on. And in case you’re wondering yes we have all a lot more amazing golf gift ideas at DadShop.

Mens Tee Time And Golf 2pk Socks Gift Box, $29.95

This pair of golf socks features a gift box with golfing graphics. Not only are the two pairs of sock but it’s a great all in one gift without the need of wrapping paper. A quick grab for on the go dads.

Personalised Man Golfing Apron, $34.95

What could be better than gifting something uniquely tailored to your dad’s favourite sport? This personalised apron is a great choice; it features a mid-swing golfer with space to include his name, making it a memorable gift. Ideal for the kitchen, BBQ, or even crafting, it comes in two striking colour options – black with gold or white print or beige with black print.

I'm A Golf Guy, Big Golf Guy Socks, $24.95

Golf isn’t just a game; it’s a lifestyle, and this pair of socks is an excellent addition to your dad’s closet. Designed for men’s shoe sizes 7-12, they are as comfy as they are stylish, making them the perfect accessory for his next game or a casual day out.

Personalised Golf Father T-Shirt, $29.95

An awesome graphic tee made from 100% thick cotton, this comfortable and practical gift will surely bring a smile to his face. It’s a great marriage between golfing and movie puns!

Evolution Of Man Golfing T-Shirt, $18.95

This fresh tee shows off your dad’s growth or evolution in his game. Made with 100% cotton, its features humorously illustrate humankind’s evolution leading up to the pinnacle of existence – a golfer. It’s a fun, cheeky gift that all dads will love and want to wear.

Take Your Iron, Live On Greens Golf T-Shirt, $18.95

Get your dad this fun and punny golf t-shirt. Featuring the quote, “My doctor says to take my iron every day and to live on greens, ” this shirt will give anyone who reads it a good laugh. Made from 100% cotton, it’s perfect even for casual wear.

Best For Drinking

Does your father enjoy a sip or two of his favourite drink? Or does he want an easier way to sneak in a few drinks between courses? No matter whether our recommendations are all tailored for dad’s love of the game and drinking.

Golf Gadget Mug With Golf Tool, $24.95

Here’s a game-changer, perfect for Dad! It’s more than a mug; it’s also a hidden Swiss Army knife. Tucked inside, you’ll find a club and ball cleaner, a scorecard pen, a handy little knife, pitch repair, and a ball marker – all the necessities you’ll need. It’s even charmingly designed in turf green and adorned with the words ‘tee shot’, accompanied by a neat ball, club, and flagpole illustration. Trust me, it’s a “hole-in-one” kind of gift!

Golfer's Hip Flask & Divot Tool By Gentlemen's Hardware, $49.95

After spending the day perfecting swings and putts, there’s nothing like unwinding with a sip of a favourite drink. The Golfer’s Hip Flask & Divot Tool set is a perfect companion for such moments. This elegant stainless steel hip flask comes encased in a stylish blue faux leather sleeve, offering a touch of class, while the sturdy divot tool comes in handy on the green.

Golf Ball Ice Ball Moulds - Set Of 2, $21.95

Why keep your love for golf confined to the green? You can bring a touch of the fairway to your drink with the ice moulds. These TPE-made moulds are designed to shape your ice into a beautiful-looking ball, adding a dash of golfing fun to your glasses. They make two large 5cm ice balls, and it’s the perfect size for cooling down your drinks while you relax after a round.

Putter Cup Golf Mug With Pen, $24.95

Bring the excitement of putting to Dad’s coffee breaks with the Putter Cup Golf Mug. This unique ceramic mug is accompanied by a mini golf club pen and a golf ball, turning every coffee break into a mini-putting session. Whether your dad’s in the office or home, he can keep his putting skills sharp while enjoying his favourite hot beverage.

Golf Drinking Game, $49.95

Turn a round of drinks into a fun and challenging game with this drinking game. This miniature putting green comes with player-flagged shot glasses, mini putters, and metal balls, promising an exciting and competitive evening with family and friends.

Best Golfing Games

Not every dad wants the best equipment and apparel. Maybe he prefers to buy his own golf pants and caddy. So what do you get him then? Well, how about these novelty games? It won’t elevate his game, but he’ll get a good laugh every time he plays with them.

100 Golf Jokes, $14.95

If your dad is up for some laughter to remind him of this his favourite pastime, these 100 Jokes will be a much-loved gift. This box brimming with chuckles and snickers is shaped like a little golf ball and contains a golf-themed joke to brighten your dad’s day. Perfect for sharing at the clubhouse or keeping him entertained during a rain delay. Made with eco-friendly FSC paper and soy inks, this box of joy is a fantastic and fun gift for a dad with a little sense of humour.

Golf Club Pen Set, $22.95

Let’s keep the golf-themed surprises coming with this ingenious Pen Set. It’s made to mimic the look and feel of real golf clubs – a putter, wood, and iron – these ballpoint pens aren’t just practical; they’re a conversation starter. Topped with rubber handles as pen lids, they write in smooth black ink, ensuring your dad can jot down his scores or notes while looking ridiculously cool.

Mini Desktop Golf, $14.95

When your dad experiences golfing fever, and the golf course feels too far away, the Mini Desktop Golf set is an ideal solution. Complete with two balls, two clubs, a green felt fairway, and a packet of sand, your dad can recreate a miniature version of his favourite pastime anywhere and anytime he wants. The enclosed mini-book of fun facts and rules of the game ensures hours of stress-free enjoyment.

Golf Trivia - 100 Golf Questions, $12.95

Test Dad’s knowledge of the game with this Trivia set. This trivia set has 100 unique and hilarious questions to entertain you and your family. It’s an excellent gift for enthusiasts, promising many hours of enjoyment and learning.

The Butt Putt Farting Golf Game, $39.95

We all know dads love farting, and there’s no better fart joke than this farting golf game! Each time he sinks a putt, the game will let one rip! This golf game even has six different fart noises. As an added bonus, it automatically returns the ball continuously for countless hours of farting fun.

Tee Off - Golf Globe Game, $24.95

This novelty game is a great gift that does not improve his golf game but provides entertainment and a few laughs. The aim is to manoeuvre the ball and place it on the tee, which is much easier said than done. This game is an excellent game that will test your patience.

Potty Putter - Toilet Golf, $29.95

Let’s check. Does your dad spend hours on the can? Yes! Does he enjoy good toilet humour? Yes! Well, this toilet golf set is the perfect present he’ll want to have. Complete with a putting green, a cup with a flag, two balls, a putter, and a cheeky do not disturb door sign, it’s a hilarious gift that will most likely keep in the toilet for even longer than before.

Best Accessories & Novelty

When you’re dumbstruck with ideas, you’ll be glad to see this list of unique and rare golf gift ideas that dad will appreciate. They are practical and valuable to help him with his game.

Golf Selfie Clip By Kikkerland, $21.95

Imagine the day Dad scores his first hole-in-one, but there’s no one to share the excitement? What’s worse is that no one saw it happen. With this selfie clip, he can record all his shots and always capture and perfect his swings. This ingenious invention attaches to your club (which you will have in your caddy), transforming it into an instant tripod for your phone. It’s not just for recording your best shots; it’s also a fantastic training aid, letting you capture your swings for deeper post-game analysis. It’s a handy companion, no matter your experience level.

Golf Balls And Tees Pouch By Didgeridoonas, $37.95

Keep your golf balls and tees in check with this sturdy pouch. This bag’s main compartment, crafted from tough, weatherproof oilskin, can hold at least twenty balls, while the smaller zippered pocket is perfect for keys or a phone. Plus, with its sturdy metal clip, it’s easy to attach it to a golf bag or belt for convenient access on the green. It’s made by Didgeridoonas, 100% Australian-made and known for high-quality materials.

Golfer's Buddy Golf Multi-Tool By Gentlemen's Hardware, $29.95

This compact gadget includes six tools: a divot tool, T spike and groove cleaner, spike tool, screwdriver, and bottle opener, all finished in a sleek orange titanium case and printed in speckled paint. It’s the perfect addition to any golf bag, ensuring your dad is ready for whatever the game throws.

Golf Club And Shoe Cleaning Kit By Men's Society, $39.95

Keep your equipment pristine with this convenient Club And Shoe Cleaning Kit. It includes a cleaning fluid for shoes and clubs, a microfibre cleaning cloth for polishing, and a shoe cleaning brush for removing grass from shoe treads. All these essentials come in a handy pouch, making it easy for your dad to maintain his gear in top condition. An ideal present if you need help deciding what to get him, especially if he already has everything.

100 Golf Courses Scratch Off Bucket List Poster, $34.95

The perfect present for the adventurous golfer, this interactive bucket list poster features 100 of the world’s most iconic courses. Each time your dad visits, plays, or even watches a tournament on one of these courses, he can scratch off the corresponding section on the poster to reveal a beautiful illustration. It looks gorgeous and is very rewarding to scratch off.

Golf Ball Finder Glasses, $16.95

Help top your dad from losing all his golf balls each round with this unique lens. The special blue lenses illuminate white objects, making it easier to spot lost golf balls. Compact and convenient, they fold up to fit into the provided drawstring pouch, ready for his next round.

Tricky Camouflage Golf Balls, $16.95

These camouflage golf balls add a fun twist to any round of golf. Perfect for challenging your dad’s golf ball-finding skills, they’re a playful item he can enjoy just for laughs with you and some mates.

Men's Golfer Hankies By Rosdale, $34.95

Give your dad a touch of elegance and class; he’ll instantly become the perfect gentleman with these 100% cotton hankies from Rosdale. Presented in a stylish tin box, they’re a classic gift for any golf enthusiast for any occasion.

Eat Sleep Golf Novelty Number Plate, $24.95

This novelty number plate is the perfect wall décor for any golfing enthusiast. Australian-made, it’s an excellent present for your dad to hang in his garage or man cave to announce his love for the game. A unique novelty gift that you won’t easily find anywhere in Australia.

Time To Hit The Greens

You can’t always hit a hole-in-one, but you can quickly get the perfect Father’s Day golf gift for Dad every year if you invest your time looking around. With our vast range of recommendations, we hope you’ve gotten some inspiration to find the best presents for dad, whether he’s a seasoned pro or just starting out with some light putting at home. We hope you and your father have a fantastic day and that one of our recommendations can help improve his game. And remember that the best part about gift giving is that the thought always counts more than the price tag. And you usually know what’s best for your dad, as who else will know him better than you!

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