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35 Unique Father’s Day Gifts for Grandpa 2024

Grandson Giving Grandad A Gift

Updated on June 3rd, 2024

If you’ve landed on this post and are looking for an excellent idea for your next Father’s Day gift for Grandpa, you’ve just hit the jackpot. Here’ at DadShop, we’ve curated a list of the top gift ideas that any grandad would love, especially during Father’s Day (origins). Now we’ve all hit a brick wall when trying to find ideas for gramps, so we also prepared a quick 7-step guide on getting the best ideas and eventually picking the perfect gift for Grandpa. Our list will help you honour and celebrate your Grandpa’s uniqueness, creating an experience he will remember or hopefully give him something he’ll love for years.

Cool Grandad

7 Tips For The Perfect Gift For Grandpa

  1. Consider His Interests: The best grandad gifts are often closely related to his hobbies and interests. Does your Grandpa enjoy gardening, fishing, golfing, or maybe cooking? Knowing what he loves can help you select a gift he’ll truly appreciate and use.
  2. Think About His Needs: Is there something your Grandpa needs that could make his life easier or more comfortable? Practical gifts that fulfil these needs can be very appreciated.
  3. Personalise It: These types of presents often carry an extra touch of care and thoughtfulness. Consider a present with his name or initials on it.
  4. Surprise Factor: While it’s great to consider his interests and needs, sometimes the best gifts are things he wouldn’t think to buy for himself. A unique gadget, a new type of gourmet treat, or a quirky book on a topic he likes could be a delightful surprise.
  5. Upgrading: Does your Grandpa have a favourite shirt that’s seen better days or a beloved mug that’s chipped? Consider giving him a ‘new version’ of his worn-out favourites. This thoughtful gesture shows how much you pay attention to his preferences.
  6. Make It a Group Gift: Feel like splurging out on your pop? Then grab a couple of family members to chip in on a high-ticket item. It can be anything from an exquisite hamper, a holiday or a TV.
  7. Invest in Experiences: Instead of material things, why not do something else, like go fishing or camping together? Or book a cooking class for both of you. You could also spend some time together at a museum. No matter what experiences you go with, these gifts often create special memories you can share and help strengthen your relationship too.

The List of Gift Ideas

Let’s not dive into the list of ideas stick around till the end for some additional experience based gift ideas that you can also give to grandad to make his day!

Super Soft Waffle Weave Men's Bath Robe, $89.95

Imagine Grandpa’s delight on Father’s Day when he unwraps this cosy, oversized robe. Perfect for those early mornings or relaxed evenings, its waffle weave fabric ensures ultimate comfort and warmth. He’ll love it so much, it might just become his favourite thing to wear!

Personalised This Awesome Grandpa T-Shirt, $29.95

While we’re on the personalised theme, this t-shirt is another great idea. The front of the tee proudly proclaims, “This Awesome GRANDPA BELONGS TO (Name(s) of the child(ren)”, making it clear just who he’s loved by. And you know what? This isn’t just another Father’s Day gift idea. It’s perfect for Christmas or birthdays.

Cheer Up Grumpy Old Man Hamper, $79.95

We all know that grumpy gramps could use a bit of cheering up by giving him this ultimate affordable hamper to brighten his day. It’s got a fun cap, a humorous book filled with cartoons, and some delicious salted caramel macadamias. And for the beer-loving Grandpa, there’s not one, not two, but three craft beers to savour. With this hamper, you’re bound to turn Grandpa’s frown upside down.

Dear Grandad From You To Me Timeless Collection Journal, $29.95

This timeless keepsake is something that’ll create new and fond memories. The beautiful journal prompts the Grandad to share his rich history and aspirations through 60 thoughtful questions. Whether he’s reliving the past, musing about the present, or pondering the future, his handwritten memories will come alive on these pages. Plus, space for photos and drawings makes this an interactive storytelling experience. It’s a treasure you and your family will hold onto for generations.

The Little Book Of Senior Moments New Edition, $17.95

Here’s a delightful gift for the Grandpa with a great sense of humour about aging. The Little Book Of Senior Moments is a collection of common mishaps, funny anecdotes, and sage quotes that will have Grandpa chuckling in agreement. It’s a light-hearted, comforting nod to the quirks of getting older. Also a great retirement gift.

World's Greatest Pop Novelty Number Plate, $24.95

Show Pop he’s one of a kind with this World’s Greatest Pop Novelty Number Plate. This isn’t just a metal number plate; it’s a bold declaration that can proudly be displayed in his garage or workshop. It’s proudly Australian Made.

Sit Back And Relax Men Hamper, $99.95

There’s nothing quite like telling grandad to kick back and take a breather, and this Sit Back And Relax Men Hamper is the perfect way to do just that. Packed with thoughtful items like a Glass Tea Cup With Infuser and Lid, some delectable Byron Bay Tea Co Loose Leaf Sencha Green Tea, cozy Slouchy Slippers, and a tasty Bramble and Hedge Nougat Bar, it’s a mini-retreat in a box. Whether it’s for a special occasion or to say, “Take it easy, you deserve it,” this hamper will undoubtedly put a smile on his face.

Glasses Case For Notebooks And Journals Black By Bookaroo, $22.95

You may have noticed that sometimes Grandad needs to remember where he puts his glasses, and you’re often looking around the house for them. With the Glasses Case For Notebooks And Journals by Bookaroo, that won’t be a problem anymore. This nifty case attaches to his book, keeping his reading glasses right where he needs them. Just slide the glasses into the padded case, and voila! No more hunting around the house. The perfect Father’s Day gift for any bookworm.

Personalised World's Best Grandpas Apron, $34.95

We highly recommend this World’s Best Grandpa Apron if you’re set on a personalised gift. It’s not just any apron; it’s a badge of honour! It features the words World’s Best Grandpa and the year and name(s) of all the kids and grandkids. It’s excellent if Grandpa loves to cook or bake. With the statement World’s Best Grandpa Since (Year) According to Name/Names of Grandchild/Grandchildren”, it’s sure to make him wear it with pride every time he’s ruling the grill or creating magic in the kitchen.

Father’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate Grandpa’s culinary skills and his little helper. This matching apron set, personalised with “Head Chef” and “Sous Chef,” is ideal for those special kitchen moments together. They’ll create delicious memories, side by side.

Shoe Shine Cigar Box By Gentlemen's Hardware, $59.95

This unique and retro gift is designed to look like a classic cigar box; it holds all the tools you need to keep your shoes sharp. The set includes:

  • Soft and hard brushes.
  • Black and neutral polish for various types of shoes.
  • A cleaning cloth.
  • A dauber brush.

Plus, a handy guide on the perfect method to keep your shoes shiny. This stylish shoe shine kit is an excellent gift for Grandads who like to stay suave from head to toe.

Cool Ass Grandpa Socks, $24.95

Does your Grandpa have that damn I’m cool factor? Then he needs these Cool Ass Grandpa Socks. These comfy socks are as cozy as they are cool. Designed to fit men’s shoe sizes 7-12, they’re an ideal gift for a grandpa who’s the epitome of coolness.

Whisky Cigar Glass By Final Touch, $29.95

Have you ever seen Grandpa struggling to hold his whisky and cigar simultaneously? Well, a present may earn you the best gift ever award. This game-changing glass allows Grandpa to balance his favourite whisky and cigar in one hand. The adjustable cigar grip keeps his cigar aloft and away from the whisky, ensuring it stays dry and full of flavour. A bonus? Its silicone base acts as a coaster, providing Grandpa’s drink doesn’t slide off the table. How handy is that!

Gentleman's Vegan Leather Nightstand Tray, $49.95

Does your grandfather have a nightstand that looks like a storm hit it? Is it usually a mess of glasses, watches, coins, and whatnot? Well, that can all change thanks to this nifty nightstand tray. Grandpa can keep all his knick-knacks in one place because this classy tray is made from top-tier vegan leather and provides a designated spot for all his bedside essentials. Grandpa’s nightstand is about to go from chaos to clean, all thanks to this thoughtful gift.

Whisky And Socks Gift Set, $169.95

Why settle for just socks when you can have whisky and socks? With this hamper, Grandpa gets to enjoy the best of both worlds. This delightful combo offers a cosy pair of socks to keep Grandpa’s toes warm and a fine whisky to add a little warmth to his heart. Make sure you add a personal message to your order and make his day extra special.

Senior Mind Gym Book - Puzzles To Exercise The Brain, $24.95

Need help remembering where you left your keys? Forgot the name of that thingamajig again? It sounds like someone’s having a ‘senior moment’. But don’t worry; we’ve got just the thing for Grandpa. This brilliant book is packed full of puzzles and games designed to give the brain a proper workout. It’s the perfect mental fitness routine, from quizzes to crosswords, sudoku to mazes. Exercising the mind has never been this fun. This is not just a gift; it’s an entertaining way to boost Grandpa’s brainpower.

Bald And Beautiful Apron, $34.95

We all know Grandpa’s lost a bit of hair over the years. Who says bald can’t be beautiful? The Bald And Beautiful Apron is perfect for a pop who’s embraced his hair-free head. It’s a fun, cheeky gift he’ll wear while grilling, cooking, or just for fun. The apron has an adjustable neck strap and tie-up waist straps to ensure it fits Grandpa just right. Get ready for some laughs this Father’s Day.

Ceramic Golf Coaster - Set Of 4, $29.95

Here’s a fun and functional gift for the golf-loving Grandad. The Ceramic Golf Coaster set features four coasters with adorable, golf-inspired designs. Made of ceramic with a cork bottom, these coasters will protect the tabletop while adding a touch of golfing charm to his home. It’s the ideal gift for the man who loves to unwind with a drink after a long day on the green.

Gentleman's Watch Case Duo, $44.95

If Grandpa’s watches are his pride and joy why not give them the VIP treatment they deserve? This watch case duo is a convenient zip-up case that can store and protect two of Grandpa’s favourite timepieces. This case is made from vegan leather and is perfect for displaying while he travels.

Born To Golf Forced To Work Cap, $22.95

Here’s the perfect cap for the grandfathers who would rather be on the golf course than anywhere else. This hat is a fun way for Grandpa to share his love for golf. It comes with adjustable Velcro straps to ensure he can wear it on all his golf outings. And who knows, it might even help him shave a few strokes off his game!

Golf And Red Wine Hamper, $79.95

For the golfing grandpa with a taste for the finer things in life, this Golf And Red Wine Hamper is a hole-in-one! Packed with golfing essentials like a cap and a golfer’s accessory set, this hamper also treats Grandpa to an award-winning Taylors’ Jaraman Shiraz bottle. It’s the perfect combo of Grandpa’s two favourite pastimes – golf and savouring a good wine. A hamper that’s sure to make his day that much more special.

Golf Balls And Tees Pouch By Didgeridoonas, $37.95

No more rummaging around for your golf balls and tees. This pouch by Didgeridoonas keeps everything in one place, with a main compartment that can fit at least twenty golf balls and a smaller pocket for tees, keys, phones, and more. This pouch is made from tough, waterproof Australian oilskin and will keep your golf gear safe and sound. Plus, the sturdy metal clip lets you hang it on your golf bag, belt, or wherever you like!

Tippling Tumblers Whisky Glasses - Set Of 2, $29.95

Is your Grandpa a whisky enthusiast? These Tippling Tumblers Whisky Glasses could be the perfect gift. The set of two glasses is designed to gently rock without spilling a drop, aerating the drink and releasing its aromas. Made from sturdy Borosilicate glass, these tumblers are beautiful, durable, and designed to keep whisky at the perfect temperature. This is the ideal accessory for Grandpa’s evening dram.

Fisherman's Friend Fishing Multi-Tool In Titanium Finish, $49.95

This multi-tool is a trusty companion every man should bring along on their fishing trips. It features everything you need, from needlenose pliers, a line cutter, and hook remover, to a knife, fish scaler, and even a bottle & can opener for that much need beer o’clock. Coated in scratch-resistant titanium, these tools all fit within one compact gadget, making it the perfect gift for the practical fisherman.

Retired Gone Fishing Novelty Number Plate, $24.95

If Pop’s favourite pastime since retiring is fishing, this Retired Gone Fishing Novelty Number Plate is the perfect way to celebrate it. It’s a fun and cheeky way for him to share his love for fishing with the world. It’s a fun gift for the Grandads who have all the time in the world to chase the big one.

100 Fish To Catch Scratch Off Bucket List Poster, $34.95

Does Pop love a good challenge and has a passion for fishing? Then this Scratch-Off Poster is sure to reel him in. This poster showcases 100 of the best fish for him to catch. It’s the ultimate bucket list for any dedicated angler, promising loads of fun as he scratches off each fish he catches.

Experiences As Gifts

If you want to surpass traditional gifts, consider giving your grandad an unforgettable experience. These aren’t mere presents but precious memories he’ll treasure for many years. Give your Grandpa more than just a gift; give him an unforgettable adventure.
Camping With Grandad And Grandaughter

Camping In The Great Outdoors

Expand your Grandpa’s festivities into the heart of nature with the perfect camping trip. Amidst crackling campfires and a dazzling canopy of stars, you’ll strengthen your bond and create beautiful memories. Whether he’s an experienced outdoorsman or a beginner, he’ll cherish this immersive journey into the wilderness. It’s a great idea and an invitation to share stories, laughter, and perhaps a toasted marshmallow.
Fishing With Grandad And Grandson

Fishing Trip

There’s something incredibly therapeutic and rewarding about fishing. Show Grandpa how much fun he can have with a day out by the lake or sea. Regardless of whether you reel in a big one, the tranquil sounds of water and engaging conversations will make it a priceless experience. It’s more than a hobby—it’s a chance to slow down, savour the moment, and catch up on life while waiting for that rod to twitch. You could also pair this with the 100 Fish To Catch poster.

Mona Lisa At Museum

An Exhibition

If your Grandpa is fond of the arts, an art exhibition could be the perfect experience. Be it a traditional museum or a contemporary art show, it’s an opportunity to stimulate his intellect and trigger profound conversations. Wandering together through the halls of creativity, you’ll gain insight into his perspective and hear his perspective on the artworks you discover together. This experience offers an enriching journey through culture and creativity.
Cirque Du Soleil Aug 2023

The Circus

Give Grandpa a gift of awe and delight with tickets to a spectacular circus performance like Cirque du Soleil. Together, witness the sublime acrobatics, mesmerising acts, and stunning visual spectacles, leaving you both on the edge of your seats. It’s not just about the eye-catching show but also the precious moments of shared excitement and wonderment that will linger long after the curtain falls.
Whisky Tasting Session

Whisky Tasting Session

For those grandpas with a taste for the finer things in life, a whisky-tasting session makes an excellent gift. Immerse yourselves in the intricate whisky world, exploring its rich flavours, diverse origins, and storied history. It’s an educational and delightful sensory journey, with each sip unfolding new nuances. Raise a glass to Grandpa with this unique experience.
Cooking With Grandad

Cooking Class

Engage in a fun and enriching cooking class. It’s an opportunity to learn new recipes, master culinary techniques, and enjoy the fruits of your labour together. Cooking classes aren’t just about the dishes you’ll prepare but also about the camaraderie and laughter in the kitchen. Whether he’s a seasoned chef or a novice cook, this experience promises shared joy and a tasty meal at the end—a gift that’s as heartwarming as delicious.
Road Trip With Grandad

Road Trip

Fuel your celebrations with wanderlust by embarking on a memorable road trip. Whether it’s driving to a special event, exploring a famous landmark, or simply cruising through scenic routes, a road trip is a beautiful way to spend quality time. The journey, filled with deep conversations, favourite tunes, and unexpected pit stops, is as rewarding as the destination.
Hiking With Grandad

A Day Hiking Trip

For active grandpas who enjoy the great outdoors, a day hiking trip offers a mix of adventure and bonding. As you traverse verdant trails, climb gentle slopes, and take in breathtaking views, the shared experience becomes a cherished memory. Besides the physical activity, the serene moments amidst nature and the sense of accomplishment at the end of the trek make this a remarkable idea. Read our outdoors adventure guide for more amazing destinations.
Adventure With Grandad

Historical Trip

With its rich tapestry of history, Australia offers a vast array of experiences for the history-loving Grandpa. Beyond its bustling cities, it’s dotted with heritage sites, each telling intriguing tales of the past. The historical richness is vast and diverse, from remnants of the gold rush era to significant Aboriginal sites. A trip to these captivating destinations lets you step back in time, providing a unique, immersive, and educational experience. Take Grandpa on a journey through Australia’s past, offering a gift and a slice of history explored and shared.
Beer Tasting Pulling

Craft Beer Tasting

If your Grandpa appreciates a good brew, a craft beer tasting might be perfect for the beer lover gramps. Explore the diverse world of craft beers, savouring various flavours, aromas, and textures. Not only will you get to taste a variety of unique brews, but you will also learn about their creative process. It’s an immersive and enjoyable experience that combines fun, learning, and, of course, great beer.

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