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30 Father’s Day Gifts For A Beer Loving Dad

Drinking A Beer With Dad And Son

Updated on September 20th, 2023

Is your dad a beer connoisseur? Or does he love kicking back and having a cold one? No matter what type of dad you’ve got, this list of awesome gift ideas for Father’s Day that’ll make Dad love his beer even more. Because we understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect Father’s Day beer gift you’ll never see a boring book or sock ever again! We hope this carefully curated list can encourage and inspire you. Please note that we only encourage drinking in moderation. Now, grab a brew, and kick back while we go through the ultimate beer lovers’ gift ideas for fathers.

Dad Jokes Cards

1. 100 Un-Beer-Able Dad Jokes, $14.95

Picture this, a family gathering is in full swing. The BBQ is sizzling, everyone is laughing, and he pulls out his secret weapon, the “Un-Beer-Able Dad Jokes”, and puts on his cheesiest grin. Suddenly, the atmosphere is filled with LOLs at the beautifully corny jokes printed on these awesome quirky beer-shaped cards. This unique box of humour, shaped like a beer bottle, becomes the party’s life, making it the perfect Father’s Day gift for anyone who like dad jokes!

2. The 6 Pack Beer Belt, $21.95

Imagine your dad, the beer enthusiast, walking around in The 6 Pack Beer Belt snugly wrapped around his waist, then walking up to you and saying, Fancy a cold one? It’s not just about the convenient beer access but the added bonus of safely keeping his essentials like phone, cash, and keys tucked away. This is more than just a gift; it’s an upgrade to his party gear and looks radically funny.

3. Craft Beer & Fun Socks Hamper, $89.95

We’ve put together this fun craft beer gift pack consisting of two things that all dads love, socks and beer! Picture him lounging on a Sunday afternoon, a crisp craft beer in his hand, donning a pair of eye-catching socks from Bamboozld, an amused smile across his face. It’s just a fantastic practical present with a pinch of fun and a whole lot of love when opened.

4. Best Dad Ever Wooden Bottle Opener, $14.95

Every time he reaches for a cold one, let him be reminded of his status as the “Best Dad Ever”. This beechwood bottle opener, etched with a heartwarming quote, isn’t just a handy tool; it’s a statement of love. Quality beechwood and metal construction ensure it’s a sentimental gesture and a lasting one.


5. Oh No I Bought Beer Reusable Shopping Bag, $16.95

Got an environmentally friendly father trying to save the world one day at a time? Then this lightweight, reusable “Oh No I Bought Beer Instead of Milk” shopping bag is his new crown. Since it’s reusable, he won’t have any issue using it daily, and it can hold up to 20kg, making it almost as tough as him.

6. Beer Man T-Shirt, $18.95

Celebrate your father’s love for the golden brew with an iconic T-Shirt (the icon on the T-shirt is contently shaped like someone who lives in a bat cave). He’s the hero behind every bottle opened and every impossible task tackled, plus it is made from extra comfy cotton. Imagine the gleam in his eyes as he literally wears his love for beer on his sleeve!

7. Greatest Dad In The World Premium Stein, $29.95

Nothing says appreciation like a toast to your father with the “Greatest Dad In The World” Stein. Picture him, beer stein in hand, the words reflecting his proud smile as he savours his favourite brew. With this thoughtful gift, every sip he takes will remind him of you!

8. G-Clamp Bottle Opener, $21.95

This nifty little gadget is a heavy-duty clamp and an awesome novelty bottle opener made from cast iron. It has a significant wow factor when opened! And you can affix it to any surface, making it extremely convent for him whenever he feels like a crafty brew. This gift is perfect for any man who appreciates functionality and creativity equally.

9. 6 Pack Cooler Bag By Didgeridoonas, $99.95

Is he always bringing a 6 pack out to picnics or your hosted BBQs? He no longer has to carry it while heating up in the hot summer air when he has this cooler by Didgeridoonas. It’s the perfect bag made from sheep skin and well insulated to keep all your favourite drinks perfectly chilled.

10. Ritzenhoff Crytalline Designer Beer Glass Set Of 2, $49.95

These Ritzenhoff Crytalline Designer Beer Glasses aren’t just drinkware but a statement piece. From the first glance at their modern decor to the feeling of quality and craftsmanship they give off, these glasses will make every sip of beer feel like an indulgence. With this luxurious glass set, he can sit back in his favourite chair and look like a million bucks. Note: These can hold any liquid, even wine.

11. 100 Ways To Open A Beer Cards, $19.95

If there’s one thing as satisfying as a cold beer, it’s opening one in style. This card set transforms the simple act of cracking open a brew into an art form. It’s a fantastic conversation starter and a surefire way to impress. He can now impress everyone with his bottle-opening skills and teach them to everyone.

12. Batman Vs Superman Superman Bottle Opener, $24.95

For the father who loves his DC Comics, this bottle opener will undoubtedly give him fond memories of the movie or comic. This gift will be in his man cave or bar area.

13. Beer Chiller - Set Of 2, $29.95

Perfectly chilled beer without the ice? Yes, please! These stainless steel beer chillers are not only incredibly efficient, but they also preserve the original flavour of the beer, providing him with a first-rate drinking experience. Imagine him relaxing in the backyard on a hot summer day, his beer cooled to perfection. A practical yet thoughtful present to add to his collection or man cave.

14. If You Can Read This T-Shirt, $22.95

Suppose your dad wears this tee at the next bbq or party. In that case, he will never be empty-handed because this t-shirt will get him a new pint each time someone walks past him! Made with 100% combed cotton for a soft, comfortable feel, it’s not just a funny message; it’s a great conversation starter and a great way to ensure his beer is always topped up. DadShop hope that everyone will drink responsibly while wearing this shirt.

15. Ring For Beer Bell, $9.95

This quirky little bell with the most amusing text is the perfect choice for any father who wants a chilled pint brought to them. This is an ideal birthday or fathers Day gift, or just because you want to spoil him. It’s as simple as ringing the bell and waiting for your drink.

16. Cooling Beer Mug, $19.95

This ingeniously designed mug is perfect for any pint-loving father. Featuring a cheeky message, “Beer is always a good idea”, this mug will keep your icy beverage cold, thanks to a wall of ice created by freezing the cup beforehand. With a 440ml capacity, it is perfect for holding a can or stubby of beer.

17. Personalised Man Needs A Beer Apron, $34.95

This custom apron is an excellent choice for a man who loves beer and cooking. Add his name, and you have the perfect fathers Day beer gift. It is a fantastic gift that combines fun and functionality.

18. Drinktionary Beer Stein, $24.95

This cleverly designed beer glass comes with four amusing definitions of various states of drunkenness, making it the perfect gag gift. Not only does it hold his favourite beverage, but it also brings a smile to his face every time he takes a sip.

19. Beer Trivia, $21.95

This Trivia game is perfect for challenging friends and family with fun and foamy trivia questions. With 140 multiple-choice questions covering a wide range of beer-related topics, this game promises to be a hit at any party.

20. Beer-Tastic Hamper, $69.95

We’ve assembled this fantastic beer selection that’ll knock dads socks off! Imagine sinking into your favourite chair, your feet snug in Bamboo Beer Socks, sipping on one of the hand-picked craft beers like the zesty Citrus Hazy Pale or the robust Hope XPA. As you savour the hop-infused delight, indulge in a round of Beer Trivia, testing your ale acumen. It’ll arrive in a beautifully presented black box, all neatly packed. The icing on the cake? A thoughtful message inside that shows you care.

21. Beer The Solution To All Life's Problems Socks, $12.95

These socks offer a humorous statement that any pint lover will appreciate. The colourful socks are made from 80% combed cotton, and they make a unique gift that will bring a smile to his face.

22. Beer Bath Bombs, $19.95

Imagine immersing in a bathtub, the frothy bubbles caressing your skin, the soothing scent of beer wafting up to greet your senses. It’s like sipping a pint at the end of a hard day, but you’re soaking in it. These novelty bath bombs are the perfect way to enjoy a cold one without the calories. Just remember, they’re not for drinking, and it’s nice and hot!


23. Bring Me A Cold Beer Socks, $12.95

A cheeky, playful appeal to the beer gods (or the nearest obliging human), all the while keeping your feet cozy and warm. The one-size-fits-all makes it a perfect gag gift for any lover of the pint.

24. Bass Fish Bottle Opener, $9.95

This Bass Fish Bottle Opener is a catch for anglers with a huge thirst. With its realistic details, this bass-shaped charm is ready to tackle your toughest beer caps. Imagine the tales you’ll tell over your beers, opened with the might of a bass.

25. Beer Lovers 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle, $29.95

Got someone who loves doing jigsaw puzzles and enjoys a cold pint every now and then? They’ll love this intricately designed puzzle. It contains hours of entertainment and fun facts about your favourite beverage!

26. Beer And Pamper Gift Set, $139.95

Why choose between a cold pint and a rejuvenating spa session when you can have both with a hamper? Sip on a brew like Mountain Goat Organic Steam Ale while lathering up with the irresistible scent of Sandalwood wash and shave cream. Once done, your skin feels invigorated, and your spirits lifted. All these delights come in the Gourmet Basket Signature Gift Box, a reminder of the indulgence within.

27. Double Wall Bottoms Up Beer Glass By Final Touch, $29.95

Add a touch of elegance to your beer-sipping sessions with your old man. With its unique double-wall design, the handblown borosilicate glass ensures your beer stays chilled, regardless of how warm your hands might be. Its sleek appearance adds to the enjoyment of every sip.

28. Luckies Beer Socks, $19.95

This cool and fancy sock set is practical and aesthetically pleasing as he remembers his favourite alcohol drink. Packaged in a cool can design, these socks are perfect for keeping feet cozy while showing off a love of the brew. This one size fits most pair will keep his feet warm and comfortable during winter and help remind him of you every now and then.

29. Best Dad Ever Beer Stein, $24.95

This premium quality stein is perfect for the best father out there. It features a pleasing font design with bold block lettering declaring the statement that he’s the best. It will make him feel special every time he takes a sip. It’s great no matter the occasion and will remind him how much he is appreciated.

30. Beard Survival And Craft Beer Hamper, $89.95

Now we’ve saved the best beer hamper for last because its a great combination of crafty beers with a beard survival kit. It’s going to be one of the best things he’s ever gonna get! This beard care kit will take care of his grooming while he downs a cold one.

Cheers To Dad!

So there you have it – our list of the 30 best gift ideas for the beer-loving dad! We’ve done the legwork so you don’t have to, curating a selection that’s as diverse as it is delightful. Whether he’s a craft beer fan, a homebrew hobbyist, or simply someone who loves to crack open a cold one after a long day, there’s something here that will put a smile on his face no matter the occasion.

Remember, it’s not just about the beer but the shared memories, laughs, and stories you will share. After all, a good brew is always better when shared with the ones we love. So raise a pint to your dad, and give him something that reflects his love for all things beer. Here’s to making his day as unforgettable as the man you’re celebrating. Cheers to fathers all around the world!

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