101 Things To Do With A Retired Man - 1

101 Things To Do With A Retired Man

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Sunny days and heady nights await you in retirement, not just for two weeks each year, but forever! You have been looking forward to this and have an endless list of things to do, but only once you have sorted out your other half and got him out from under your feet. 101 Things to do with a Retired Man is designed to inspire and tease your retiree into having the time of his life and to fill his days (and yours) with sometimes silly, sometimes useful, but always interesting things to do.

This hilarious look at retirement is cheaper than marriage counselling and makes the perfect tongue-in-cheek gift for anyone facing their (and their husband’s) retirement with excitement but more than a little wariness.

ISBN: 9781846015564
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 128

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