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A Good Lie Golf Board Game

A Good Lie Golf Board Game is the perfect mind game for the golfers. 

Highly challenging and addictive at the same time.

Suitable for 2 - 4 players 

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    A Good Lie combines the cunning and strategy of poker, the irreverence of liar's dice and the game of golf.

    The object of A Good Lie is to create the lowest possible nine hole or eighteen hole score.

    This is done by:

    Declaring a low score and fooling your opponents to let you keep that score Or, by fooling your opponents to obtain LIES handicap strokes.
    Guessing correctly whether your opponents are lying or telling the truth in order to collect Lie Detector Cards, which can be used to lower your score.
    Using certain Lie Detector Cards to give yourself a second chance Being lucky on the die roll.

    Each turn, player #1 rolls a 30-sided die, concealing the result behind the Liar's Wall screen. He then decides to either tell the truth about the results of the die roll, or lie to improve the result obtained. The other players now decide for themselves whether player #1 has told the truth or lied. Each simultaneously reveals his choice, using the provided truth/lie coin. Player #1 now reveals his actual die roll. Results for the hole are now calculated based on how many, if any, other players were fooled.

    Opponents who guessed correctly are rewarded with a Lie Detector Card. Play then passes to the right, and that player rolls to determine their score for the hole in the same manner.

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