How AftePay Works

Why Use Afterpay?

Ever needed to buy a gift but your wallet is saying no? With Afterpay you can easily spend and make your payments over time allowing you to break up your payments into four equal instalments.

No Interest, No Fees, No Worries*

How To Shop

Spend up to $2,000 with your Afterpay account. Or just add what you need to your shopping cart

How Do I Use Afterpay

Once you've added all the items you want to purchase, simple go to the checkout page and checkout with Afterpay. Just follow the prompts and you'll have an Afterpay account in a matter of seconds

How Do I Pay Later?

Once its approved you get to enjoy your purchase. and then pay over 4 equal payments.

What Do I Need?

An Australian billing address.
You must be 18 years and over.
Need to be currently living in Australia

Additional Payment Details

*If you fail to make a payment a late fee of $10 will incur. An additional $7 fee will be added 7 days later if payment is still outstanding.

For full terms and conditions please visit Afterpay