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Hang Over Pack

Hangover Pack


Everyone has their own special hangover cure but nothing beats this hang over pack in its simplicity. Its a waterproof ice pack that will have your throbbing head soothed in no time.

Makes a perfect gift for the hangover prone. A fun corporate gift for the workplace as it always gets a laugh!

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Besides curing your hangover, this awesome pack also help to ease a wicked injury, offering your body some natural pain relief.

This durable pack holds hot water, cold water and even ice.

Use a cold pack to relieve fevers, red eyes, headaches, toothaches and minor burns and a hot pack to relieve sinus problems, arthritic joints and muscle fatigue.

  • Fill the bag 2/3 full with ice, cold water or hot water
  • Apply directly to the desired area
  • After use drain and air-dry the bag thoroughly
  • Do not use water above 45°C
  • Do not expose the bag under the sun