"Presso" ROK Mobile Espresso Maker

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Indoors and outdoors, functional and easy to clean, the ROK manual espresso maker makes espresso effortlessly.

Pour in hot water, lift the handles, push down gently and watch as pure espresso with crema pours out.

The perfect coffee maker for outdoors, you don't need power or gas - just boiled water.

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    ROK includes:

    • ROK espresso maker
    • Portafilter
    • Reusable storage tin
    • Stainless steel milk frother
    • Combined coffee scoop and tamper
    • Instructions
    • 10 years warranty with manufacturer

    The ROK hand-powered, espresso maker requires no power and no cords. It has no internal parts and it’s incredibly easy to clean. As a result it makes coffee that tastes pure after 1000 uses, with none of the bitterness introduced by many stove and bench top devices.  

    It can’t tip or spill during use. It’s robust (it comes with a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty) and it’s a breeze to clean.

    In terms of energy, the ROK uses less than .002 cents a pour, needing only a small amount of boiled water to operate.   

    Coffee lovers adore the simplicity of its design. “It’s a very hands-on experience,” says Greg Cromwell, director of Espresso Unplugged, a company devoted to cordless coffee making. “The ROK takes away all the unnecessary variables. Ground beans, hot water and pressure. That’s all you need to make a perfect coffee.”

    The ROK, formerly the “Presso” was designed in 2004 by Patrick Hunt, creative director of UK product design company, Therefore design. The chrome, neo industrial aesthetics look good indoors and outdoors. Late last year, the ROK coffee maker was retooled with stronger, engine grade, aluminium, and has now been made available in Australia.

    It is entirely recyclable, needs no fossil fuels to operate and it’s made to last.  This is sustainable, delicious and travelling espresso. Be the envy of the camping park or open a café in the wilderness!

    *Your ROK is covered by a 10 year warranty on defects. For all warranty issues please contact manufacturer

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