The Little Book of Golf - 1

    The Little Book of Golf

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    Words of advice from lifetimes spent on the fairways of the world - you might even improve your game. Whether you're a weekend warrior zig-zagging your way across the course or Jack Nicklaus leading the gallery down the 18th fairway at Augusta, golf is a game of wit and wisdom as much as wedges and woods.

    From the game's earliest beginnings at St Andrew's in the 15th century to the modern masters of The Masters to the page, the screen and even the White House, golf has been a source of inspiration, motivation, life lessons and laughter for people of all ages.

    ISBN: 9781911610441
    Format: Hardcover
    Publication date: 3rd November 2020
    Pages: 192
    Dimension: 137mm X 113mm

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