Waterproof Phone Sleeve by Gentleman's Hardware - 1

    Waterproof Phone Sleeve by Gentlemen's Hardware

    Processing Time: 1 - 2 Days

    Keep your phone safe from spills, sprays, showers and everything in between with this Waterproof Phone Sleeve by Gentleman's Hardware.

    Swimming, diving, rafting, fishing, exploring - wherever life takes you, this waterproof case will make sure your mobile phone can go too!

    Comes with a neck cord and clip-on carabiner. Triple secure fastening keeps the phone dry.

    Note: Maximum immersion for less than 30 mins and at depths less than 1 meter.

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    This amazing waterproof iPhone and iPod case will keep your device dry without affecting its use. This Waterproof case allows full use of your phone’s screen and controls so even in water you can play games, send emails, watch movies, and do all the other things you love to do with your phone 

    Best of all, this waterproof case also comes with a pair of 100% waterproof earphones for you to enjoy music in water. 


    • 100% sealed and waterproof protection
    • Allows use of touchscreen devices while still in the pouch
    • Perfect case for your iPhone, iPod and oter devices that fits
    • Waterproof earphones for you to enjoy music underwater
    • Comes with the strap to hang case on your neck
    • Waterproof Rating: IPx8, complete immersion in water
    • Dimensions: Can fit devices up to 12.8cm (L) x 8.3cm (W)