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Aussie Man Hands - Hand Cream for Tradies

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You work bloody hard all day and your hands are sore, dry or even cracked. Tried heaps of different creams and ointments, but they either don’t work, smell disgusting, girly or just greasy?

Don’t worry, got you sorted. The fact is, you don’t want oily cream or girly lotion that leaves your hands feeling greasy. You want sweet relief from dryness, without the fuss.

This hand cream is naturally crafted to protect the hard-working hands of trades. Made for men. Used by men. And it's as Aussie as it comes.

Aussie Man Hands keeps your hands soft without the frilliness. Plus it comes in a tough, toolbox friendly tub.

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  • 100% Aussie made
  • Made from natural, vegan ingredients
  • Hydrating
  • Non-greasy
  • Quick absorbing
  • Manly cedarwood fragrance