It's that time of the year and if you don't want to get caught in the Christmas rush we highly recommend shopping early! With our new Xmas gift guide, you'll be able to find that perfect gift quickly. With over 1800+ great gift ideas for men, women and kids we're sure you'll find the perfect gift this Christmas. If you want to see all our Christmas gifts then click here.

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It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Every year Australians spend so much time and money during the best season of the year, Christmas! It’s hot, crowded but full of love, family, great presents and especially yummy food. This year at DadShop we’ve put together a really fantastic list of Christmas gifts just for you. And created this wonderful Xmas gift guide to help you save time in finding the perfect present.

We’ve got presents for virtually everyone on your list and meet your budget including secret Santa gifts (KK). Below are some helpful tips we’ve put together to help you look for gifts via DadShop.

Why We Buy Christmas Gifts?

Besides being everyone’s favourite day of the year, Christmas is celebrated by everyone around the world in slightly different ways. However, everyone buys and receives presents on this day. The most popular history of why we buy Christmas presents is from the Wise Men who bought baby Jesus gifts on this day.

In today’s celebration is has become so much more than just a gift. It’s the gathering of family, the big feast (turkey for some), awesome Christmas tree decorations, hanging your Christmas stockings, Christmas lights, mistletoe, and the list will continue forever if we don’t end it there. Chrismas is just THE most important day for so many people of all ages, gender and religion.

What’s The Best Christmas Gift Idea For Men?

Before you run out and buy your male friend a Christmas gift ask yourself is that gift going to make him happy? Will he actually use it? How you determine if it’s a good gift is how many times they’ll use it. Unless you are getting a novelty gift, then it’s worth thinking about.

If you’re stuck and out of ideas for a guys Christmas present, then look no further as we have hundreds of Christmas gift ideas for men and we can accommodate to almost any budget. With so many categories, like shop by personality you can find gifts for your boyfriend or husband. We have cool presents just for grandad and some of Australia best Christmas gifts for dads.

How To Find The Perfect Christmas Gift For Her?

Women are a lot easier to shop for than guys because if all fails you always have chocolates and massage gift cards you can fall back to. But to find your female friend the perfect gift you should also think if this is something she might like or use.

To find hundreds of unique and awesome gifts this Christmas, then DadShop has you covered. Check out our sweet list of Christmas presents for grandmothers and begin your Christmas present hunt.

Christmas Present Ideas For Mum

All mums are important and deserve an awesome Christmas gift every year. Set aside your budget for mum before you partake in the annual Christmas shopping frenzy. We have a wide selection of categories which will help you find a gift no matter what your mum's personality is like. To start your search visit this page.

If you’re looking for a more than a pretty Christmas gift for mum then check out our exclusive range of Christmas hampers for men and women. But it doesn't stop there, we have a huge range of other gifts ideas from aprons, soaps and all the novelty gifts you can think of.

What Are Cool Christmas Gifts For Dad?

There are only a few things that most dads love receiving, here's a short list; Beer, BBQ, tools and lots of cool things for his man cave. These are the types of gifts that we have at DadShop. If you want to get your dad a cool Christmas gift, get a head start by looking through our Christmas gift guide above.

Should I Wrap My Christmas Present?

There’s not a lot of discussions on this topic but it should be discussed often. Some people like to save the planet and not use wrapping paper and some people feel that without the Christmas wrapping paper and bow it just wouldn’t feel the same. Either way, you should decide for yourself. You can always reuse old wrapping paper, reuse gift bags and boxes or simply don’t wrap your gifts at all.

There’s perfectly nothing wrong with not wrapping your Christmas present in fact reuse whatever you have at home because you’ll be amazed at how much stuff you have that you just forgot you had.

How To Shop Online For A Christmas Gift?

Shopping at DadShop is very simple. Shop using the categories in our menu above, and we’ve taken great care in putting them together or using our gift guide above. You can also shop by price range. Pick your gift and check the dispatch times. Most items will indicate how long it will take us to pack and send your gift(s).

Of course, buying gifts at least 2 weeks before Christmas day is advised but not everyone listens to good advice so here’s our general Christmas cut off times. Official cut off times will be released closer to Xmas day.