Featured Gifts

At DadShop we have over 1400+ gift ideas it can be hard to find gifts that are cool and unique. With our featured gifts page you'll be able to see all the cool gifts that made us go WOW!

Mini Arcade Machine
Darth Vader I am Your Father Men's or Kids T-shirt
Star Wars LIghtsaber Umbrella
Edwin The Smart Duck!
Build Your Own Bot!
DIY Invention Kits!
5-in-1 BBQ Tool Kit
Hand of The King Pin Replica
Affordable VR Headset
iLounge Huggable Tablet Holder
RC Wall Climbing Car
Coffee and Wine Glass
Wallet Ninja
Key Ninja
Retro Game Controller For TV
Old World Wine Boxes
Corkpops Ultimate Wine Bottle Opener
Coin Holder
Rock Roller Glasses
Giant Wall Colouring Roll
Tuxedo T-Shirt Collection
Wireless Boom Box Speaker
Ultimate Puzzle Game Sherlock
Oh Snap!
Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit
Hydraulic Robotic Arm
Liquid Sound Speakers
3D Wall Lights
Gigantic Beach Towels
Gigantic Pool Floats
Jellyfish Tank Lamp
Smart Puzzle Van Gogh
Lazy Arm
Space Kydro Kids Umbrella
Galileo Thermometers
Foucaluts Pendulums