The Truth About Cat People Hardbook - 1

    The Truth About Cat People Hardbook

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    This sweet and funny illustrated gift book uncovers the hairy truth about people who are really, really into their cats... despite the cold treatment and fur on basically everything. 

    This compact 44-page heartfelt hardcover gift book from Blue Mountain Arts is printed on high-quality textured paper, perfect bound, and fully illustrated; making it the perfect gift for any cat lover.

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    About the Author: Jo Renfro is a freelance writer and illustrator with a passion for mixing colour, pattern, and whimsy in her somewhat quirky, often amusing, and always upbeat work. She enjoys using her sense of humour developed from raising three kids, several dogs, numerous cats, and a potbellied pig named Matilda to create pieces that are light-heartedly inspirational. Her love of the outdoors, animals, and her amazing kids is often reflected in her work. A lifelong Kansan, she recently moved to Colorado to be close to the mountains, which still take her breath away every single day.