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The Top Water Surface Lure Fishing Gift Pack

This Gift pack includes a range of 8 Hard Body Lures oriented to Top Water fishing. Suitable for species ranging from Bass, Flathead to Barra.

Drawing from the Finesse ‘Toppu Mizzu’ Top water range of lures and BSTC’s own hard body lures, this selection is ideal for targeting those species that will readily strike a lure presented on the surface.  Whether targeting Trevally, Flathead or Bass these lures will provide that adrenalin rush when hit on the surface.

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    The selection includes -

    Bent Minnow

    • The amazingly versatile 95mm (6gm) Toppu Mizzu 'Sidewinder' Bent Minnow lures are deadly on many species including bream, bass, flathead, trevally, whiting and more. The bend in the body gives a very different action to that of traditional bibbed and lipless hard plastic lures.  They can be worked in multiple ways - from twitching on the surface to simulate a baitfish, to combining wind & stop and twitching techniques that will make the lure dart around like a fleeing baitfish or pop out of the water like prawn. Dead sticking also works well because it mimics a dead or dying bait fish – just cast the lure and leave it motionless for a minute or two, then give it a couple of twitches and see what happens!

    Walking Dog

    • Most effective in warm to cool water the Finesse163 is a ‘walk the dog’ type, top water lure. At 100mm long, they feature a tail weighted design with a body weight of 8.5 grams (excluding hooks and split ring).  The 163P10 can be cast long distances to work over the tops of weed beds, structure, submerged points or bait schools, and with the noise generated by the cup face and internal rattles they imitate a panicked baitfish.  The lure is always working to stimulate predatory reactions from fish, even when it’s sitting absolutely still on the surface.


    • The Toppu Mizzu ‘Wakebait ‘lures have a body length of 55mm and weigh 4.5grams. They come equipped with size 10 corrosion resistant perma steel trebles and an internal rattle made of tungsten ball bearings. The use of tungsten for the rattle provides the rolling action that contributes to a nice tight wobble, improved sound levels to that of softer materials, and a better weight to size ratio than stainless steel ball bearings can provide, contributing to improved distance casting.  The lure is a floating/shallow diving type and is an excellent lure for targeting species that will take a top water lure.


    • The BSTC MK 13 series lures can be used as either a topwater, surface type lure, or as a shallow diving crankbait. The 'Grasshopper' is a tremendous lure when twitched along the surface in a similar fashion to a Popper, but can also be retrieved in a straight retrieve as with a Crankbait.  Suitable for fresh and saltwater species with its awesome profile that accurately mimics a real grasshopper use them for Trout, Bass or Bream. These critters are 35mm in length and weigh in at only 3gm.
    • The Toppu Mizzu 'Jitterbug' lures are 40mm long and weighing 3gr. Strikes come hard and fast with this lure, so you have to be ready to do battle from the moment you let it hit the surface.  The object of bass fishing is to catch bass, and that’s exactly what this lure does very well. It may be neither the fanciest, nor the highest tech lure out there, but the Jitterbug can more than hold its own against anything the modern world has to offer, without reservation. As with most topwater lures a slow jerky retrieve will get your lure the attention it deserves.

    Poppers and Bloopers

    • The BSTC MK22 Blooper is a lightweight 7g, 55mm long, hard body, surface lure with a pronounced flat face. With a gravity focus towards the rear of the lure, this head-up attitude enables the perfect floating angle for achieving a lot of splash and vibration, attracting the attention of hungry fish. It features two size 8 perma steel trebles.
    • Weighing 7.2gr, the 65mm BSTC MK38 series Poppers have size 8 trebles, a tungsten ball bearing rattle, and concave mouth designed to push a surge of water ahead of its head on retrieval. These surface lures are great for bream, bass and barra.  Due to the lure being retrieved across the surface of the water you are often likely to see the fish chase, and strike, the lure.  This results in an explosion of activity on the surface of the water, or if the fish is aggressive enough you will see an airborne fish with your lure hanging out of its mouth.
    • The Finesse 160 Popper range have a body length of 55mm and two size #6 trebles.  A walking bait, these poppers have a tight wobble, large concave mouth, and great noise characteristics generated by the two laterally aligned ball bearing rattles that will attract the attention of any hungry predator as they are drawn across the surface.  Designed to leave a clear bubble trail & built for tough conditions these lures are particularly suited to species like Bass and Whiting that take surface lures, and with many other species also prepared to have a go.

    Please Note: While the hard body and soft plastic lure models specified will not normally change, the colours featured in the selection are subject to change based on stock levels.  Accessories featured in images are not included.

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