It's that time of the year when we all go, "what am I going to get dad this year?" Well, look no further because we've got a huge selection of gifts for dad. Below are 27 carefully crafted categories of gifts that will help guide you through this year's picks. Go back to Father's Day Gifts page.

Father's Day (Australia) Is On Sunday, 4 September Father's Day 2022

Why It's Important To Show Dad You Care

Most dads will never admit it but they would love a little TLC sometimes, a little pampering and even the occasional I love you, dad. It might not seem like much to you, but it'll go a long way for dads. After all, he's changed your nappies, bathed you, seen you butt naked and seen you through some hard times.

So what are the best Father's Day Gifts?

Ask yourself what did I get dad over the past 2 - 3 years? If it's something like, a bottle of wine, cufflinks, shirt, tie, socks, wallet; then it's about time you got him something totally different. Check out our Top Father's Day Gifts section where we've handpicked some of our finest gift ideas. If you're on a budget check out father's day gifts under $10, $30, $50, $100

Every dad would be also thrilled to get gifts for his garage, golf gifts for dad, or fishing gifts for dad.

What If I Want To Do Something Special For Him?

If you really want to wow your father, you could go on an adventure or a short trip with him. You can go camping, set up an awesome picnic with all of his favourite foods, take a hike, or a road trip, or plan a cruise / holiday. If you really want to do something special and unique, try a gift of chores; mow the lawn, wash his car, and take out the garbage for a whole month!

You could also put together a hamper of gifts. Not just any hamper but a super hamper with foods, gadgets, I love dad gifts, DVDs and anything you can think of that he loves.

What's a Good Father's Day Gift For My Father-In-Law?

For this, it's hard to say so we highly suggest going to our shop by personality section and pick something that suits his personality. It is the best place to start.

What Do I Get My Grandad For Father's Day?

This one is a tricky subject, most grandad's are hard to shop for unless yours is super cool. But we suggest sticking to the usual mugs, chocolates and our best sellers grumpy old man gifts! You can also try these: everything pop, everything pa, or everything grandad. These are gifts that say pa, pop or grandad on them. Very cool and they usually do the trick.

Our Final Father's Day Words of Advice

Here's the best advice we can offer. Plan and buy ahead! Pick your gift and buy it at least 2-3 weeks before Father's Day so you'll have it in your hands ready to go. Getting it the week before is so hard because you'll keep thinking about what to get, looking all over the internet and retail outlets that you'll just get lost in the rush. Another great tip is never to get your dad what everyone else is getting because that's just the lazy approach, it's your dad come on. And finally, don't forget the CARD, put something nice and remember saying "I love you dad" on the day. Best of luck and happy hunting.